Dragged into class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Fate1

「You really came into this world」

She said it while smiling.

That smile is exactly the same as what he has seen in the dream. That dream that time wasn’t a dream but probably a reality.

Hironobu wasn’t able to hide his surprise.

「As expected…aren’t you the one who called me?」

「I’m merely an opportunity」


「Don’t you remember that time?」

She’s probably talking about sex if it’s about that time. Hironobu thought that it’s the reason why he came in this world but it seems different for her.

「I thought that according to them, I wasn’t originally planned to be summoned in this world」

The knights said. For that reason, it’s true that he feels slightly unpleasant.

「You’re an irregular. You were tied together because of me」

「It seems that it became a complicated story. Oh well…we’re able to meet again this way」」

「It’s fateーーthat you came into this world. And, being able to meet me again is fate too」


Hironobu is confused by the philosophical talk.

(That said, I’m really glad that I was able to meet this beauty again!)

Firana said that, but this really 2 feels fate3

「I’m glad I met you again」

「Same here」

Saying that, Firana grasped Hironobu’s hand.

The feeling is exactly the same as when they met in the dream.

Remembering that they had sex there, he got erect, it would be rude for a man to endure it somehow.

「Speaking of…I heard about the Maou. Were we summoned to defeat him?」


「Also, I understood my special ability」


Firana took the bait.

「Didn’t Firana tell me that? Is that something to be surprised about?」

「Sorry…I was also skeptical」

「Right. …I’m interested in it but is it your ability that made us meet in the dream?」

「You get it. That’s right」

Special ability is basically Hironobu and the otherworlder has.

But, there’s a small number who’s blessed with such an ability too.4

Firana is there as an example

「My ability is 《Inou5 Investigation》 Simply put, I can find out the special abilities」

「Oh. Isn’t that amazing?」

「For that reason…I’m confined」

「Could it be that Firana is the one that chose all the female class?」

「It’s that kind of thing according to results」

「According to results?」

「In the end, I can’t point what I found. I think there’s a lot of talent in this area, like that」

「Do you mean that there’s also an otherworlder among us that has a waste of special ability?」

「Something like that, but everyone basically has it. That said, the number of people that’s been summoned is to some degree, and those with ability that makes them able to fight would be restricted, something like that」

「Restrictions on the number of people?」

「There is. The main point would be a limit」
Perhaps the summoning has a limited number and scope.

The people in the classroom fits the conditions.

「Women in their teens tends to have higher capability」

「That’s why they aimed at a female class」

「Rather than aiming, the image of the location was over there」

Firana didn’t pinpoint it, but this means that the place was detected by chance was the female class.

Since it’s a place where the excellent students are gathered, it fitted to the conditions.

Hironobu was caught up with it, it was really unfortunate.

「Firana didn’t do the summon?」

「I move and stay as told」

「Thus, confined…」

He thought of her as pitiful.

To the people living in this world, the threat of the Maou is severe.

「By the way…」

Hironobu remembered it too late.

That’s the name of this country.

(I forgot because I wasn’t listening but this country is…Seindora)

A part of Firana’s name

「Could it be that Firana’s …a princess?」

「That’s right」


Certainly, she’s elegant, and the atmosphere of her dress is princess-like.

But, it’s surprising that’s she’s a real princess.

But, Firana’s expression gradually turned clouded.

「Though I’m a princess…I’m the fifth princess, It’s meaningless because my chances of succession is low」

「I-Is that so?」

The succession of the throne doesn’t ring Hironobu’s bell.

「I might be married of to another country, since my political value is low , I’m not that important. That’s why, I spent my time alone since childhood」

「But, you have a special ability don’t you?」

「I’m just like other people with special ability. In the end I’m only handled to increase the probability」

「But, can’t you move selfishly?」

「I can because the summoning is a big event. It’s true that I was free during the summon」

「Then, nothing changed when we were summoned?」

「Yes. For the time being, there’s no problem of acting freely. If I suddenly disappear, my parents and siblings won’t even care」


Hironobu understood Firana’s feelings a bit.

「I’m the same at home and school. Since my brother is excellent, they’re not expecting anything from me」

「That’s sad」

「I felt a bit down but now I can do as I like and spend time without permission」

「That’s amazing, Hironobu-sama. I wish I could live like that too…」

「Then, live as you like」


Firana had a confused expression from Hironobu’s words.

「You’re free aren’t you? Then just do what you want」

「S-such a thing…」

「I’m already a free existence in this world. It’s been a bit boring」


「Since we’re able to meet again, let’s have some fun」


He thought of showing off a bit, since Firana is smiling, it’s good.

Looking at her,

「N…what’s wrong?」


For some reason, her body is squirming.

「I have something to request Hironobu-sama as we met again」


「Please embrace me!」


  1. Destiny, whatever you call it
  2. Heavens
  3. Stay/night
  4. Special Ability
  5. Unusual power/superpoer/ability beyond humans, if you know Inou battle anime, then you know what this means