Dragged into class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Firana 1


To think that Firana invited him, Hironobu was pleased inside.

(Well, since it’s been so long since we’ve met…I think she want it again…)

He’s really glad that Firana invited him

She seemed to be determined that she led and took him to the bed just like before.

「Speaking of, who’s room is this?」

「It’s mine. Since no one will come, we can take it slowly」

「Slowly…you mean we can do it a lot?」

Hironobu said it jokingly but she nodded bashfully.

(Isn’t that too cute?!)

Is it as expected of the princess from the otherworld?

Though of course her style and appearance are good, her behavior is so innocent that it’s lovely.

(Okay! Let’s bang!)

Firana has turned her arms on Hironobu that’s filled with passion.

Then, the two of them kissed.


He felt the same pleasure just like that time.

(I’ve acquired experience, I’ll enjoy this without worrying…!)

It was his first experience before but now he has an idea of what to do.

Firana is the same too, she’s quite aggressive with the kissing compared to last time.

「Ahn…n, Hironobu-sama…」

「Firana, you’re really cute」

「Please stop it, if Hironobu-sama tells me that, I…won’t be able to endure it」

The caress continues as they wet each other’s lips while kissing.

Holding Firana’s huge tits, they glued together more.

HIronobu supported her easily, he sat down in the bed while holding Firana.


Firana doesn’t stop her kiss.

「You’re quite aggressive」

「After that dream…I studied a lot」


Hironobu had an unpleasant imagination

「T-That’s not it! I didn’t do it with other men…! I studied using books!」

「W-what?… Is that so?」

Firana’s reaction doesn’t seem to be a lie.

HIronobu had a relieved expression.

(I’m glad. Still, there’s an ero book in this world)

Even if the world changed the humans won’t, Hironopbu thought.

While thinking of such a thing, Firana stretched out her tongue.

「Nuu, Jurubu…!」

The sticky tongue has entered the mouth and it moved lewdly.

Moving much more aggressive than before, Hironobu feels her behavior.

(Shit…it feels super good…!)

Being aggressively attacked by a beauty is the extremely pleasant.

(Ah…it might be bad…!)

Because he’s being attacked by a too erotic style, Hironobu’s crotch has awaken. 1

The swelling tent asserts itself.

Firana has noticed it already.

「It looks in pain」

「Ah, ahaha…」

Hironobu smiles wryly as he glance sideways, she took of his pants.

「It’s banging in pain. I’ll let it out then」


The erect penis is exposed.

He’s embarrassed that it’s hard but it’s trembling matching to his pulse.

「Hironobu-sama’s thing is big as usual」

「I-I wonder」

「I look up into it but it’s several times more than an average man」


He thought that it won’t be but this is the otherworld.

Perhaps the average size of men is small in this world.

(It’s an average size in my world though)

Although he hadn’t compared it directly, he think that the size isn’t strange.

(But, if Firana is pleased then it’s fine…)

He’s glad that she thinks it’s a big penis.

「I’m going to play with it then」

「O, Oo…!」

The thin long finger climbs over the penis.

Just like that, she moved her hand up and down.

「How’s it? Does it feel good?」

「I-It feels good」

Making a circle with her fingers, she attacked the place where the glans is placed.

The grasp has a strange power as it’s not weak but definitely not strong.

He realized that using his own hand to masturbate is absurd, Firana’s handjob feels good.

「Ufufu, Hironobu-sama’s here…feels so good that he’s shedding tears」

The pre-cum is overflowing and it twines with Firana’s finger.

It’s making a wet sound and she had a lewd smile.

(Her expression is also erotic…!)

He haven’t even dreamed of being handjob-ed by a princess.

Hironobu seems to be ready to fire away soon.

「If you want to cum then you can let it out anytime」

「Got it. But, I want to endure a bit more…because」

「Enduring it is no good. I’ll do it with you anytime you want」

If he’s with Firana, he’d be erect as many times as possible.

Does she enjoy it too? Her movement has become faster.

「Ah…wait, no…if you do it that intensely…!」

「It’s fine. Now, Hironobu-sama, please let out your pleasured voice」

「I told you…Aaaaaa, it’s no good…」

「I’ll make you feel better then」

He’s biting his molars to endure his ejaculation.

(I don’t want to cum this fast…)

I want to enjoy this pleasure more.

But, Firana was.


While leaking out a sweet sigh, they kissed again.

And it’s quite a deep one.

It’s force scatters the saliva and Firana further stirs the mouth.

「N, n!」

Firana seems to feel it too that her nasal breathing turned rougher.

(When it comes to this then I…!)

He massaged Firana’s breasts using both hands.

Her body jumped and bounced but she returned to the French kiss immediately.

Hironobu is receiving a handjob while massaging the big boobs.

(S-shit…just massaging her breast…I’m already…!)

He thought of attacking Firana but it had an opposite effect.

The softness of the chest and Firana’s too cute reaction increase his ejaculation sense in a blink of an eye.

「Firana…I’m already about to…!」

「Yes, you can let it out anytime」


He did his best enduring but he no longer has room to do so.

The penis has increased in hardness, the pre-cum overflowed.


「Please let out a lot, Hironobu-sama!」


As soon as he had a flash in his brain, a cloudy liquid was launched towards Firana.

「Aaa, nuuu~! I-It’s coming out…!」

「Haahaahaa…I-It’s still coming…!」

「Kyaa! What an amazing force…!」

Semen jumped out that it made her dress syrupy.

Satisfied, she licked the semen that’s on her finger.


「S-sorry…your dress got stained」

「Please don’t mind it. I just have to take it off…」

Saying that, she undressed.


Though he just ejaculated but his penis made a reaction.

Firana noticed it too.

「Fufu, it seems that it’s still energetic. Then…next would be…」


「I’m going to service you using my breast」

She said it with a cute smile, then, Hironobu’s penis got completely erect.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUhVCoTsBaM