Dragged into the class transfer Prologue 2

Prologue 2: Firana1


She shouted abruptly.

(What do you mean by embrace!? …Hug? or is it…)

The answer can’t come up mo matter how hard I think.

That said, He’s troubled as he can’t ask the girl to confirm.

Hironobu is at loss of what to reply, then the girl tilts her head.


She asked cutely.

(This cuteness is a crime…! I don’t know what she means but let’s hug heeeeer!)

Hironobu shouted in his mind then he answered with a small voice.

「W-well…go on」

He pretended to be calm to the last…the completely virgin boy with no experience with women gave a reply.

If it’s a normal woman then they’d suspect and feel slightly disgusted for a moment.

But, the girl in front of him.

「Thank you very much!」

She nodded with a smile.

That smile is completely innocent.

If that smile had a malicious intent, Hironobu wouldn’t be able to believe anything anymore.

While thinking that, the girl gripped Hironobu’s hand.

「Please come here」


It’s the first time a girl held his hand.

It’s softness is too great that he’s so happy, his heart is beating so hard.

(T-This is a girl’s hand…I-I have to grasp it lightly…)

It would be a lie if he said that he never touched one before but the girl easily held his hands.

Hironobu is a bit thankful in this dream world.

While they’re advancing, there’s something seen over the fog.

「What’s that?」



‘Hey, hey, no way’…he thought but it was really a bed when he went ahead.

It’s a big luxurious than a usual bed but it’s definitely a bed.

(Then this means?)

‘No way’ーHironobu thought so he decided to ask the girl.

「Y-You said that you want to be embraced but…in what meaning?」

「Isn’t that obvious…I…that, I want to do lewd things」


As expected of one’s dream. It’s possible to do various lewd things.

「Lewd things…you mean sex?」


「A-are you really sure?」


If this is the real world he’d think that this is a badger game2 and it wouldn’t be possible to reveal the desire.

But, it’s natural in a dream, it’s convenient for me too.

It’s a dream with reality.

I think it’s good to lose virginity inside the dream.

While thinking that,

「Please tell me your name. My destined person」

She embraced Hironobu.

Since she’s clinging firmly, her big breasts hits him.

His erect penis pokes a part of her stomach, joy and embarrassment, the emotions becomes complex.
「My name is Ozawa Hironobu. What about you?」

「I am…Firana・El・Seindora. Please call me Firana」

It’s a dramatically fantasy name.

As expected it’s an influence of the game, she’s like a girl from a fantasy world.


Hironobu strongly embraced her.

Though it’s in a dream world, she smells nice and her skin is soft.

If he didn’t enjoy this feeling without reserve, it would become a waste.


「Firana…I don’t know what I should do after this.」


「Actually…I don’t have experience」

Seriously not knowing what to do, Hironobu speak it out honestly.

(It’s a dream anyway…)

Her expression was a bit surprised but she smiled gently after.

「I’m the same」

She said.

「But…this kind of things…is something not learned from someone else. How about Hironobu-sama does what he wants to do?」

「What I want to do…」

「Ah, are you troubled? I’m sorry」

「D-Don’t apologize」

She’s worried about me that much. She’s really a good girl, Hironobu thought.

「Then, should we do how I want it?」

「Firana want’s to do?」

「I…want to…kiss with Hironobu-sama」

Firana turned her arms on Hironobu’s neck and she stretched herself.

Then, a soft feeling was transmitted to the lips.

When he finally noticed Firana’s mouth on him, several seconds had already passed.


Furthermore, it’s an amazingly cute girl.

The soft feeling and the sweet taste spreads, Hironobu’s desire explodes too.


Somewhat forceful, Hironobu hugged Firana and he kissed her repeatedly like a beast.



「Hironobu-sama…I also can’t endure it…please entwine your tongue…」

Hironobu creeped his tongue in as Firana says ‘more, more’.

Hironobu also accepts her tongue and entangle them.


A lewd sound echoes from the two people.

(Her tongue is so soft…if she does this I might release it already…)

The French kiss is so powerful that he might cum already.

He thought that his penis already reached the limit in erection a while ago but his penis is still growing bigger.

It’s momentum is going to break through his pants, it has swelled greatly.

「Hironobu-sama…It’s hitting my stomach…」


「N-No…I don’t want you to apologize, but since it’s been swelling, I just thought that it might be in pain…」

「T-that’s right…It’s quite painful」


Firana led Hironobu to the bed.

「I’m going to take off your pants」

She crawled on all fours on the bed and stretched her hand on the belt.

The belt was unfastened along with the sound of metal clanking.

「I’m putting it down」

When the pants was let down, the erect penis jumped out vigorously.

It’s already reddish brown erect, the tip already has a cowper’s fluid leaking out.

(This cute child…is looking at it)

As she watch it twitch and pulsate, Hironobu’s embarrassment increased.

But, the girl silently stared at the penis without the look of displeasure.

「This…! It’s strong and big」

「I-I wonder…」

「Making me see something this manly…I…au」

Firana bashfully placed her hand between her groin.

「I-It makes me want it…」

「M-Me too, I want to put it inside Firana…!」

「Now…! Please come!」

Firana can’t take it any longer, she took off her own underwear and lied down face up.

Then, she raised her legs.

「Hironobu-sama…please put it inside me」
Hironobu can’t endure it any longer.


  1. フィラナ
  2. Google the phrase