Dragged into class Transfer Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Firana 2

「It was mentioned while I was studying」

Going down from the bed, Firana sat down.

She held the penis ahead between her chest.

(I-It’s a paizuri…? Seriously!?)

It’s one of the plays he want to do. There’s only few women who can do paizuri, just the thought of him being able to experience it already makes him want to ejaculate.

「Hironobu-sama…isn’t it bigger than a while ago?」1

「It’s natural after imagining Firana doing it」
「Are you happy?」

「There’s nothing much more joyous than this!」

「I’m glad that you’re pleased」

Firana held her chest in relief.


「I haven’t considered doing something this shameless before」

「Ah…it’s that kind of culture?」

「The one I saw in the book is a prostitute. So I don’t know whether it’s appropriate or not」

Firana is a princess.

She should be informed about courtesy and manners to some degree.
It’s expected that she won’t be taught about sexual stuff, just doing it makes her understand that this is too erotic.
But, Hironobu doesn’t dislike that.

「I love lewd things! I’m glad that Firana is doing her best!」

「Really!? It was worth studying」

「Okay, let’s test it immediately?」

She gripped her own breasts and brought it slowly to his penis.

「Hironobu-sama’s thing is big…so I might not be able to do it well…」

「It’s fine. Just try it」


Saying that, Firana sandwiched the penis in her breasts.

The penis is wrapped in a soft feeling and it would like to ejaculate immediately.

(T-this is paizuri…it feels good…!)

Sandwiched between the breasts, the glans peeps out.

White liquid is dripping from the tip and a string was made in the valley.

「Does it feel good?」

「It’s the best」
「Fufu, Hironobu-sama’s entranced face…I love it」

「I love Firana too!」


He said it instinctively, Hironobu was ‘Shit’, and he closed his mouth.

「Ah, no…that’s bothering you I guess」

Even she would be confused if she got confessed so suddenly.

Her eyes are wide open as she looks surprised.

「Sorry, sorry. Don’t mind it」

When Hironobu tried to gloss it over,

「Me too…I love HIronobu-sama」

An unexpected reply.

This time Hironobu is confused.

「Eh…Y-You’re joking?」

「If I’m lying then I won’t be doing this」


The confession of the princess raised Hironobu’s tension.

(Really? Alright!!)

A cute child like Firana confessed her love to someone like him.

He could never be so happy.

But, Hironobu noticed one thing.

(I…had a dream of making a harem…)

Hironobu’s dream is to have beauties serve him.

It’s something that is likely to come true in this otherworld.

「What’s wrong, Hironobu-sama?」

「Ah, no…」

Hironobu thought that he can’t lie to her so he decided to speak honestly.

「You see, I want to make a harem」

「Isn’t that nice?」


「…? What are you getting surprised for?」

「You’re fine with other women?」

「It’s not strange for a man with lots of women」


It’s an otherworld so polygamy is normal.


「Hironobu-sama’s charm is healthy with desires. Please do as you like」


Saying that with a smile, perhaps those words were from the bottom of her heart.

Hironobu did a guts pose in his mind.

「Then, let’s continue. It’s my first time so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it well」

「It’s fine. Just sandwiching it already feels good」

「Fufu, then…I’m going to move」

She raised the pressure on her breast and raised her body just like that.

The tip to the root is sandwiched firmly that his waist trembles from the soft meat.

「N, Nu…ha, ah…doing it like this…make me feel good too…」

「Firana’s nipples are standing」

「Ahn~ Please don’t say that…It’s embarrassing」

She looked upwards with a blushing cheek.

Just by looking at that appearance had increased his arousal further.

「Ah…That’s sexy, Firana」

「Hironobu-sama likes lewd women?」

「I love them」

「Then, I’ll become a lewd woman to be liked by Hironobu-sama」

He’s already glad that she’s doing paizuri and it seems that she’s going to do even more.

The chest between the groins got hot too that Hironobu feels great satisfaction.

「Ahn~…Hironobu-sama’s hard thing…got even thicker」

「It’s because Firana’s making me feel good」

「If so…I’m going to sandwich it further」

「Wait, go on…Aaaa!」

The breasts from her beautiful body gets lewdly squashed, Firana holds it strongly.

Sandwiching it strongly, she speed up moving her body and it stimulated the glans strongly.

(Ah…this…might be bad…)

The pre-cum is getting thicker, he’s going to ejaculate soon.

「Hironobu-sama is really lewd isn’t he?…」

「I-I wonder」

「I can also feel it by just looking」

「I’m glad that I’m able to make Firana feel good」

「I feel it too. Being able to serve Hironobu-sama is a pleasure above all」

For a day a princess to say those things,

The pleasure grows stronger that Hironobu is about to cum soon.

「I’m going to work harder… Ei, Ei, Ei~!」

「Firana…if you do it that violently…!」


「Aaaaa, it’s going to come out…!」

「Go on…! Release it on Firana’s face…!」


「Please release your lust. Hironobu-sama is the one who can do that」

「G-Got it」

Feeling his limit, Hironobu pushed up his waist.

「Sorry…I’m releasing it!」


A sticky liquid flew into Firana’s face vigorously.

Her beautiful face has been defiled.

「Haahaahaa…You let out a lot」

「I-It felt good…」

「It’s hot…also…*Lick*」

She began to lick the semen that’s stuck on her face.


「It’s a waste if I don’t eat it. I love Hironobu-sama’s semen」


As he look at her, she licked all of the semen.

「Did it feel good?」

「It’s the best」


Firana figets again.

(Firana can’t say it…)

Hironobu patter her head.

「This time, I’ll be the one making Firana feel it」
Saying that, her expression turned glazed.


  1. I’m curious on how can they tell that