Dragged into the Class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Firana 4

「Aaaaaaaaa! I’m cumming while touching my own clitoris!」

Firana shouted.

While thrusting her from behind, she seem to climax from her clit.

Firana’s arms got loose as she’s exhausted from cumming vigorously.

「That’s not the end」

It’s interesting for Hironobu to see Firana’s aroused appearance, he put it in instantly after she came and kept moving his waist.

「You can’t! Hironobu-sama! I just came! Aaaaaaaaa! I’m still cumming!」

Unlike men, women climax takes longer.

Furthermore, the pleasure increases in between the time.

The docile and well behaved Firana shook her head in agony.

「You can’t do thaaaat! That’s…impossible! aaaaaaaaaa! Cummmiiiiiiiing! Cumiiiiiing!」

She’s gripping the sheets stronger, it can be seen as she puts power on her shoulder.

Her anus shuts tight, and the wrinkles became deep.

And her vagina got tighter above all.

Hironobu feels his penis fit perfectly, it’s trying to wring out his semen.

(It’s fucking tightening!)

It’s so strong that it might be torn off.

But, it doesn’t feel painful at all, rather, it was the best pleasure.

「Nnaaaaaa~! Nooooo~! Haaaaaaaan~!」

It’s unknown whether she’s breathing hard or screaming as she climax.

Not thinking whether someone is listening, Firana cried out.

(I’m glad that she made a good reaction)

His body makes a woman feel it.

That superiority complex makes Hironobu feel extremely aroused.

「Hironobu-sama got even bigger!」1

「Again…your penis…Ahn~! It got harder, got even longer…Aaaaaa~!」

Though he doesn’t notice the change himself, but the one he’s putting it in says so then it might be.

Certainly, it reaches deeper than before.

(In that case…)

Thinking that he can reach even a deeper place, Hironobu dragged in Firana’s ass closer.
「Ngiii!? Hii…! Ah…nuoo…! Ku, hoaaa!」

Firana’s eyes looks upward as she sticks out her tongue.

Her breathing turned rough and her lips raised.


「Does it feel good?」

「It feels good…it’s beyond…my head…is going blank」

「T-that much?」

「My eyes are flickering…I think…I’m glad being born as a woman…!」

She’s must be really glad if she says that.

Firana feels happy as a man turns the woman in her into disarray.

(I want it a bit more but…)

He thought of not ejaculating yet but the pre-cum is overflowing.

Hironobu is about to reach his limit.

「Firana…I’m going to cum」

「Yesh…please let out lots. Inside me…pour lots」


He wants to cum inside but the vagina sticks so hard that it’s hard to pull it out.

He understood that Firana’s vagina shaped like his.

「The last…I’m, moving」


Firana doesn’t have the composure anymore

Her speech turned worse, sometimes you can’t understand what she’s trying to say.


Hironobu made his piston violent.

He’s piercing it strongly that the princess’ body might break.

The sound of the ass like it’s being stricken by hand echoes in the room, the room only with two people.

「Aaaaaaaaa! Ahn~ Ahn~ aaaa! Aaaaa! A-amazhingssuuu!」

「Haahaahaa… It feels good…」

Hironobu and Firana both bent backwards.

The penis was paralyzed in pleasure, it’s unknown whether it’s connected or not.

「Nnnnnfuaaaa! Nfuaaan~ Nauu, aa, aauuu! Hironobu-sama…I’m cumming!」

「I’m about to cum soon too」

「I-It’s impossible…I can’t endure it anymore…cumming!!」

Gyun, her vagina tightens as she climax.

Hironobu didn’t mind it and he just kept his piston.

「Aaaa! Cumming again! Naaaaaaaaaaa! Uuuuu!?」

「Did Firana cum?」

「Every time you pierce me…Cumming! I cum…cumming!? I’m cumming…cumming!?」

Hironobu who does it like a beast can’t endure it anymore.

(Violating her from the back, having her fall in disorder like this…)

He thought that the lewd videos he watched until now are just bullshit.

If you make them feel it, ladies can change this far.

Hironobu learns such a pleasure.

「Please stop it, Hironobu-sama! If this continues…I, my consciousness…!」

「It’s fine…I’m about to cum already!」

He wants to endure it for longer but it’s already impossible.

The penis became big and made a launch.

「Firana…I’m pouring it out!」

「Cum insideeee! That long and fat thing…Please release inside my woooomb!」

「N-no good…! coming out!」


Drawing her ass, he ejaculated on the deepest place.

Since he accumulated it, a large amount of semen flowed inside Firana’s uterus in a dash.

「Haa…haa…a-amazhing…I’m, getting creampied…」

「Kuh, It’s still coming out」

「Au!? Semen is hitting me…」


Hironobu pulled out his penis when he finished ejaculating.

Firana who has her ass in accepting position had white liquid overflowing from her vagina.

Even he himself is surprised by the amount he released.

「Hironobu-sama…thank you very much」

「Let’s rest for a while」

「S-sorry… My body feels weak…」

「It’s fine. Lie down on the bed」

Saying that, she lied down.

Firana has whispered while feeling dizzy.

「Hironobu-sama…actually, I have something…to tell you」
Saying that, she fell asleep.


  1. Like, how? Is it an orc’s dick now?