Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Talk with Firana


After taking a nap, Hironobu is sitting on the bed as he recovered his strength.

「Sorry…I got crazy about it」

「If Firana felt good then it’s fine. Then?」

「That’s…It’s about Hironobu-sama’s ability」


「Could you tell me about your ability?」

「Yeah, okay」

Hironobu opened his status screen

《Sex reward》
Sexual partner’s status can be increased.

「Ah! The description changed!」


Since Firana doesn’t know the circumstances, Hironobu explained.

「…Is that so?」

「Is this rare in this world?」

「Let’s see…in the first place, those who have abilities are rare, there’s also few that can be named as an example」

「You know anything?」

「It’s likely」


Having his status suit his ability, Hironobu’s anxious as he doesn’t know what to do.

But, it’s not strange according to Firana so he felt relieved.

「Basically, when the description change, the ability had a big change, this time it changed because you understood it’s form」

「I see… I get it」

Certainly, when he had sex with Youko, he understood this ability,

That’s how it is.

「But, the ability to raise the status of the partner… This is certainly convenient」

「Firana thinks so?」

「Usually, the ability is magic but on Hironobu-sama’s case it’s different. Since status makes big changes in the battle efficiency in this world, this is quite special. Strangely, with Hironobu-sama alone.
You can make the strongest army」

If you see the ability objectively, it can be analyzed that way.

「That’s why…I made contact with Hironobu-sama」

「You mean…?」

「Yes, it’s about the dream. I explained my ability a while ago, it’s to find special abilities. And, I have another ability」


Hironobu leaned forward asking.

「That’sーー《Hero Investigation》 It’s to search special among the special persons. The main point of that ability is making a huge role in our world so I’m called out.


「It can’t be used frequently, the accuracy is an unknown number so…It’s not that useful in strategies」

Firana laughed at herself.

Hironobu shook his head.

「That’s not true. Sometime, Firana’s ability would be proven correct」

「T-thank you very much」

「You didn’t say it a while ago because you’re not so confident?」

「Yes. I thought that I mustn’t confuse my on words」

「I see」

What Firana said is justifiable.

But they’re calm now so it can be heard properly, depending on the situation he might be restless.

「Also…I have something in my mind…」

Hironobu recalled that he has something to confirm with Firana.

「You called me an irregular but…」

「Hironobu-sama actually shouldn’t have come in this world」

「Why do you know?」

「What I was able to see were 31 women」

「Un. Being a man, I would be an irregular」

That’s what the knights said too.

「Also, there’s another one… Before we separated in the dream, there’s another irregular」

「…I don’t know the specifics. But, when I searched, I felt another strange one」

「Who…you don’t know right?」


「It’s fine」

「No, I’m the one who told you to be careful」

「For example, can you find who we met in the otherworld?」

「It’s perhaps impossible… Since you came in this world, it turned to a flat situation」

「I see…」

He thought that if he can find some clues, he could do something about it .

「Well, we don’t know who should be the subject of attention」

「Y-yes…it might feel uneasy」

「Well, whatever happens will happen」

Suppose that it’s a bad thing, Hironobu with a low status would be aimed at first.

He can’t do as he please as there’s the possibility of him being aimed at.

(In the first place, the chances of nothing happening is high…)

This is an otherworld

Even if there’s anything, it won’t be strange, it’s not good to distrust others either.

Right now, there’s no internal discord happening so there’s no need to worry that much.

「Ah, that’s right…!」

Hironobu noticed.

「Did Firana’s status also raise?」

「Let’s see. Should we confirm it?」

Power: 24

Defense: 23

Speed: 21

Mana: 25

「How’s it?」

When Hironobu asked, Firana seemed to be a bit surprised.

「Ah, it went up…!」

「I see! It seems that the ability is also effective on people in this world」

「It was nice that we checked it」

「Okay! We’re going to have sex from now on!」

Firana giggled as he made a strange yell.

◆     ◆

There’s a person secretly peeping at Hironobu and Firana’s conversation.

(Ushishi…Fairy heard a good story♪)

Kisaragi Fairy said it with a smile.

Several days after they were summoned in the otherworld. She tried to have sex with men in this world several times but she’s not satisfied.

Just like what the vice commander said, that size was already big.

‘Anyway, the size of the penis is important’, Fairy thought that this world is the worst.

Maybe because she can’t get good sex, she can’t put any enthusiasm into her training

She complains about their bad shape and ending as fast as possible.

(I though of masturbating but I found him…)

‘If I’m not mistaken, his name was Ozawa Hironobu’

She’s not interested in dull men but any man will do as she’s frustrated.

Fairy followed him without him knowing.


(Who would’ve thought that he’s fucking a princess?)

She opened the door silently and peeped inside.

Hironobu and Firana’s sex was exactly the beastly sex she’s wishing for.

(His dick is also big…!)

He has a surprisingly nice thing, Fairy’s interest come out.

(If it’s that man, I don’t need to attack him roundabout…ushishi…!)

She left the spot while having a dark smile.