Dragged into the class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Night


Since he ended having intense sex with Firana, Hironobu was much more tired than usual.

The sun has completely set the area has become dark.

There are fire torches lighting the corridor of the castle as he walked towards the restroom.

He has to pass through the courtyard to go to the restroom. When Hironobu headed there, he discovered people gathering.



「Very well! Then, that’s the last!」


It was the girls swinging down the sword.

When he looked around, the knights aren’t there, it seems that they practiced voluntarily.

(Oh, isn’t that great?…)

Normally, it’s even strange to participate in training.

But, since the girls have used absurd remarks on him, Hironobu felt ashamed.

(It would be troublesome if they found me…)

It’s likely to be trouble when Ayaka, who’s acting as the leader, found him.

Hironobu passed through the courtyard directly.

That time.

「Huh? It seems that the useless small fry is having so much free time!」

The high pitch ojou-sama voice was heard.

(Oh, They saw me…)

While turning around sighing in his mind, Ayaka was there standing with her hands on her waist.


Hironobu asked.

「We’re training. …Can you disappear?」

「I’m going back to my room after I go to the toilet」

「I’m not telling you that. This castle…No, I’m telling you to disappear from this world」


It’s a strong tone as ever.

Hironobu felt irritated.

「Training, isn’t that great? …You want to be praised?」

「Shut up. We’re desperate to return to our former world」
「Then, shouldn’t we cooperate even a bit?」

「Oh? You’re willing to cooperate? …Then, disappear. It’s related to everyone’s morale」


When he thought of being docile, it’s troubling that she’ taking that attitude.

He want to hit her once but the opponent are greater in number.

It’s seen that they’d avenge.

「You can’t fight…you’re just living and being an eyesore…What’s your role?!」

「You, if you keep saying those thoughtless words, I won’t help you even if you want it」

「Pupupu…! You!? Helping us!?」

「That’s right」



Hironobu’s power is to raise status by having sex.

It’s increase rate is higher than when you train normally.

If they want to return to their former worlds, then it’s better for them to borrow this ability.

But, Hironobu can’t say it.

(Even if I explain my ability, no one would believe me…)

On the contrary, he’d be judged as he only wants to have sex and he might be killed.

「See? You can’t say anything」

「Shut up」

「I’m not going to shut up …Disappear, trash」

「I told you to shut up!」


The moment Ayaka was about to slap Hironobu’s cheek.


There was someone who divided the two people.

「Ayaka-chan…Ozawa too…shouldn’t you stop fighting?」

What’s in front of them is,

(Kisaragi Fairy…? If I recall correctly, she’s…)

She’s the bitch that stands out in the class.

She’s basically a good child that looks serious and good looking but she’s a gyaru.

That girl tried to stop Ayaka.

「Ayaka-chan, even if you fight nothing’s going to happen…right?」

She tries to brighten the atmosphere but Ayaka’s anger can’t calm down.

「Kisaragi-san…are you supporting this man…?」


「I told you before but it doesn’t suit you」

The female class is Ayaka’s class for better or for worse.

They’re united thanks to her but on the contrary, those who defy her would be eliminated.

「You skipped the training and you should disappear too」

「W-wait~ You’re joking aren’t you? Ayaka-chan?」

「Now, everyone! Let’s rest for today! Also, let’s treat that this two people doesn’t exist from now on!」

Saying that, the girls disbanded.

「Ayaka-chan…too cruel!」

Hironobu and Fairy was left in that place.

(Tsk, her heart is fucking horrible…)

When Hironobu is about to leave.

「Ozawa, wait~!」


「Since we’re alone, let’s talk~♪」

In this bad situation, he shouldn’t be with a woman with high tension like Fairy.

「You should stop being with me. If you apologize that ojou-sama might forgive you?」

「E, Eh~! Where are you going!?」


Saying that, Hironobu disappeared in the dark.

◆     ◆

(Fuck, it turned from the best day to the worst…!)

The reunion with Firana was a joyous thing but afterwards, the flow with Ayaka was the worst.

(Let’s sleep since I feel bad…)

Since he’s tired, Hironobu fell asleep immediately.

Time passed while he’s sound asleep, and then there’s a sound heard from the door.


He want to confirm as he’s awake but he can’t because he’s sleepy.

Hironobu started sleeping again.

At that time.


HIs lower half…there’s a sense of discomfort near between his groins.

It seems that it’s being touched.

(Am I lucid dreaming…?)

It’s impossible to be half-asleep and have a normal judgement.

But, it certainly feels strange.

(Because, my penis is…?!)

When he took off his blanket.

Hironobu’s penis is being held inside Kisaragi Fairy’s mouth.