Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Kisaragi Fairy 1

「Wait, eh~!?」

Hironobu who doesn’t get what’s going on is confused of what to do.

「You, what the hell are you doing!?」

「Not ‘You’, call me Fairy」

「That’s not the problem!」

If the situation is to be described, it’s like this.

ーーHe’s asleep, the bitch woman did night crawling and she did fellatio.

(What the hell is going on!?)

He heard about the rumor of Fairy being a slut numerous times.

Even Hironobu also had a scum thoughts of wanting to bang her at least once.

But, not anymore. It’s absolutely different.

「Well well…Ozawa should just be sucked in silence. Fairy is skilled when it comes to blowjobs you know」


She holds the root inside her mouth while looking upwards.

Looking at her appearance where she stretch out her tongue lewdly, it’s impossible to suppress the arousal.

Though she’s not moving her face, the tip of her tongue inside the moves finely and the rod’s muscle is being stimulated.

Given that she’s aiming at pinpoint, she sure knows a man’s weak spots.

(D-dammit~ I don’t get what’s going on but it feels good…!)

Despite him doing it with Firana during the day, his penis is erect frozen solid.

「Jubo…Ozawa’s penis is quite huge」

「I-is that so…?」

「Fairy loves big penises you know」

「Eh, hee」

Having her speak jargons without shame is the evidence that she’s a complete bitch.

But, Hironobu doesn’t hate that.

(I was yearning for a woman that has good techniques…)

Feeling pleasure while lying down is the best.

Fairy repeats her fellatio.

「Jubo, jububu, nbubou, jhubooo…!」

Her face moves up and down matching with the low tone sound.

Since she’s pulling the glans with her lips, the momentum is likely to make him cum at once.

「Hey! Why the hell are you doing this!?」

「Because Faiirryyy is frustrated」

「For that reason.」

「Fairy actually thought of riding you immediately without doing a fellatio but I thought of giving Ozawa a reward from being cool earlier」

「W-what do you mean?」

「You worried about Fairy and went away」


Worrying about her isn’t a lie.

But, he didn’t expect up to this.

「Uun~ I love this big dick~♪」

Fairy rubs her cheeks on it happily.

「I will give lots of love on this penis」


He remembered something from Fairy’s expression.

Noticing that Hironobu wants to say something, Fairy smiled.

「You fucked the princess earlier this day right? Fairy saw that」


Hironobu sat up straight because of surprise.

「Okay okay, lie down~ Jubobobo…!」


The strong pleasure runs again so Hironobu faced upwards again.

「You saw…?」

「Uun? I somehow found ‘Ozawa…and it happened~♪」

「You were peeping?… Since when?」

「Since start!」


Hironobu slumped.

(Hey, hey, Seriously?!)

This girl is likely to spread it inside the castle.

(I think it’s okay since it’s mutual agreement but…)

She’s a princess.

If he did it poorly, it would be a crime.

「If you want me to be silent, let Fairy suck」

「You really won’t tell anyone?」

「Un! Ah, but…should I say about the matter about raising status?」

Fairy asked while tilting her head.

「…No, even if you tell them, no one would believe it」

「Right. Well, it’s fine as long as it goes up by training」

「yeah. It seems that those people won’t listen to me, isn’t the next operation safe too?」

「Yeah. It seems that we will attack a fort with only weak demons」

「Then it’s fine」

「That’s right. That’s why let Fairy suck you out~…Gubobobobobobo!」


Fairy’s fellatio has a power that can pull out the penis.

She’s doing a handjob with one hand and massaging the testicles with the other.

It seems that she’s completely used to it if you looked at her movements.

「Ozawa, you can…jubo, nbururu…let it out anytime」

「Haahaahaa…I-It feels good…」

「Melt away more~」



She rolled her tongue on the glans.

(R-rolling fellatio?!)1

The penis is caressed smoothly while moving.

「Does it feel good here?」

「Agu. Tip!?」

The glans having the tip of the tongue crawl into it feels intense.

Hironobu had his waist floated because of too much pleasure.

「Ngu!? Ozawa’s penis…it’s so long that it hits my throat」

「Stop…! I’m really letting it out」

「I told you that it’s fine! Hey, hey…hurry up, faster!」

「Uwa, wait…!」

Hironobu tries to stop her but Fairy took it in deeper.

Her eyebrows frown as she’s in pain but she has no intention of stopping.

「Gobu, nbu, jibo, churururu, rerubu, anbuu~!」


「Go on, let it out…! I’m going to suck it out」


When Hironobu asked, She narrowed her cheek.


She sucked it up at supersonic speeds.2

(I-I can’t endure…!)

The semen rose up and Hironobu ejaculated in a flash.


It was launched inside Fairy’s mouth.

She began to drink the semen in a familiar manner.

「Gokugokugoku…It’s so thick, and sticky…it might be the first. It’s super delicious!」

「Haahaahaa…You did suck everything out」

「Fairy’s fellatio is really skillful isn’t it?」


Hironobu nodded lightly.

「But you see, I’m also good at swinging my waist」

She took off her underwear and Fairy straddle over Hironobu’s top.


  2. The literal is “Roaring sound”