Dragged into the class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Kisaragi Fairy 2

Feeling the slippery feeling of her meat, Hironobu had his body tremble.

「W-what is it this time?」

「I thought of making my pussy feel good after Fairy’s fellatio. It’s tightness is amazing you know?」


「Yeah, seriously」

Hironobu straightened up and it has inserted while having a hugging posture.

「Aaahn~ It’s coming in~」


He thought that she’s lose just because she was a slut but, it is quite a clamp just like she said it.

It’s already wet with love nectar and Hironobu’s whole penis is swallowed.

「It’s in… Ahn~ It might be my first time taking a penis this big~♪」

「How many men have you done till now?」

「Dont know~ But, Ozawa’s penis might be the best!」

「How many men have heard that words from you?」


Fairy laughed while sticking out her tongue.

(There must’ve been a lot of men who fell for this smile)

Hironobu seemed to be included too.

Though she’s a bitch but she looks really cute, just seeing her smile makes you aroused already

「Then, I’m moving」

Fairy began to move her waist while remaining in lotus position1

「Ahn, n, ah, Kuhan~, Anu, ahn, ah!」

The penis is being squeezed as she grind her waist.

The vaginal pressure is much more than the vacuum fellatio earlier that Hironobu can feel ejaculating already.

「Ozawa’s quite skilled in sex too」


「Ee~Aren’t you so intense when you fucked the princess! Fairy wants to be pierced in such manner too!」

「Then, why are you riding on top?」

「I feel like it today」

「Is that so?」

「Because I’m frustrated after all」

「Yeah, since you haven’t done it since you came in this world」

‘Seriously, this slutty bitch’, he thought but Fairy was.

「No. The men in this world are small」

「Haa? You did it already?」

「Yeah! Don’t tell anyone okay?」

Fairy says it with a smile.

(Well, she’s cute and her breast is big, there’s no man who could resist the temptation of this charming woman…)

Though he’s surprised of Fairy’s speed, Hironobu thought that even if the world changed, men are still men.

(Still, what an amazing movement…)

Her waist moves smoothly back and forth.

Her big breasts hitting his body feels good that he really might just ejaculate.

「Ahn, n, ah, Kuhaan, anu, ahn, ah!」

「S-shit…it feels good」

「Aha. How does it feel having sex with a girl that you go to the same school with?」

「Not bad」

「Right. Fairy also hadn’t thought of a day where she would fuck Ozawa」

「Are you making fool of me?」

「There’s no man I’m making fool with♪」

Fairy doesn’t stick out her tongue as she smile darkly.

She probably enjoys her life by being eaten by pleasure.

Fairy’s way of life is also enviable.

「Ah, but, if I knew that your penis is this big, I should’ve fucked Ozawa earlier」

「If I invited you, would you do it?」

「Seriously~! Does Ozawa have experience with another?」

There’s two right now.

Youko and Firana.

But, Hironobu didn’t answer.

(If I talked about the two of them, it would be troublesome…)

Also, the well experienced Fairy isn’t bad either.

「Then, it’s okay if I move my waist a bit faster right?」


「Here we go~! Take this! That! Here! Here! That!~!」2


The grind accelerates further.3

The skin that’s been touching and creating friction turns hotter.

Does Fairy feel it too? She’s breathing in her nose, she’s sweating a lot as she shake her waist.

「Ah~ Seriously this penis, I might love this! It’s big, hard, fat and long~!」

「Ugu…It tightened again…」

「It’s amazing that you can still endure the movement of Fairy’s waist」4

「I’m at my limit though」

「That’s amazing! If Ozawa was a bit well, you could’ve been a bit more popular~」

「The hell?」

「Eh~Since Fairy says it, then there’s no doubt」

「…I’m feeling uneasy when you say that」

He won’t be popular with the girls on the female class this late, honestly, he hadn’t thought of asking them either.

「Ahn, Ahn, Aaaa, aaaaa! Fairy might be done already」


「Fairy might cum before you! I’m weak being…Aaaahn~ grinded deep」

「Aren’t you the one grinding it deep!?」

It feels like he’s a dildo.

It feels like he’s just accompanying Fairy masturbate.

(But…I don’t hate it)

Even he feels like he’s using Fairy like an onahole5

Since their interests match, Hironobu doesn’t mind.

(Anyway, it feels good…)

Attacking is nice but being attacked is also nice.

Having a different from the time with Youko, Hironobu’s penis grows thicker.6

「Aaaaa! It’s huge! Ozawa, you’re getting bigger again?」

「It’s because you’re moving your waist amazingly」

「Yan~ With this, Fairy might cum before…aaaahn~ Ozawa cums!」

「Kuh…you tighten again…」

「Ahn~ No mooore~! Fairy…Fairyyy…Cummiiiiiing!」

Fairy climax as she curved her back.

Still, she didn’t stop moving her waist.

「Cummmiiiing! Cumcumcumcumcumming! I’m cumming again!」

「Shit…Me too…」

「Ahn~ Ozawa! Let it out!」

「haahaahaa…! C-coming out…!」

He wants to make Fairy cum a bit more but Hironobu can’t endure it anymore.

He can feel it as his penis has a lot of pre-cum coming out.

「Aaaaaa, aaaaaa, nnnnn, nnnnn!」


「Ahn~! You called out…Fairy by her name~」

「You’re glad?」

「Yes…I’m so glad that I’m cumming!!」

「M-Me too…!」

Unable to endure anymore, Hironobu ejaculated.

Cloudy liquid was released like a pulse.

Fairy’s body extends, then she stopped moving.

「A-amazing…! It might be the first time I felt this good」

「Haahaahaa…I let out a lot」
But, Hironobu’s penis hadn’t settled down yet.

「Ozawaa…you’re still hard?」

「Sorry, let’s switch」
This time, Hironobu is the one attacking


  1. Ask google
  2. Raw is just her speaking ‘Sore’ repeatedly
  3. It’s already in speedlight
  4. This isn’t Fairy’s final form!
  5. Visit J-list if you want to learn more, also this is not a paid advertisement
  6. Stop it you orc dick