Dragged into class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Kisaragi Fairy 3

「Fue? You can still do it, Ozawa?」

「It seems that it got hard again」

Thanks to the prolonged sex, he can ejaculate continuously.

(Thinking about my ability, it should increase my stamina)

Anyway, your status must be strong in order to live in this world.

You have no choice but to have strong status to be their companions.

Hironobu’s ability can raise status so he can chose the later choice.

(I might be needed to defeat the Maou…)

It can be left for the members of the female class right now but what will happen in the future is unknown.

Because the daily life in the otherworld is liked, they might have feelings of not wanting to go back.

(Status might be lost once they left the otherworld)

If they lost status, the ability would lose it’s meaning too.


He better train it well before it’s too late.

Fortunately, his partner is Fairy who has a lot of sexual experience.

Even if it’s done forcefully, she’d be satisfied.

「Okay…here we go」

「Eh? Eee? You’ll do it without pulling out?」

「Isn’t it fine like this?」

「Wait, I told you no! Pull out…aaaaaaa!」

He thought that Fairy is trying to say something but Hironobu moved his waist ignoring her.

He grabbed her plump waist and pushed the waist up and down.

「Aaaa, aaaaau! It’s hitting! My womb is being crushed!」

「I guess you like it because it feels good? Then, should I be more violent?」

「Aaahn~ Such a strong penis, I never knew! Sex is amazhiiiiiiiiing!」

Fairy is shouting so loud that the room next to them might hear her.

Usually, that girl has composure but she lost it now.

She’s sweating a lot, her twintails are swinging left and right as she feels his penis.

Though it’s imagined if she feels like this when she has sex with other men, the piston continues without minding it.

「Ah, nnn, ahhhn, Amaziiiing! This is amazing…!」

「Does it feel good?」

「It feels good!」

「Speak honestly. How do you rank the pleasure?」

「I-Isn’t that obvious?」

Fairy firmly gripped Hironobu’s back.

「Sex with Ozawa feels the best! What I did before can’t be called sex! 」

「Then, what did you do before?」

「It’s just masturbation! Even for Ozawa, doesn’t having sex feels better than masturbating? That’s how it is!」


Having sex with other men was just masturbation.

Even if she was such a slutty woman, just having sex with him would change her this much.

Perhaps this is the effect of the aphrodisiac ability but he’s enjoying the change in her appearance.

(If I can just control my ejaculation…!)

Women until now have considerable tightness.

He thought of enduring it for a bit but there’s a part where he can’t endure.

(Well, it can’t be helped)

Though he wants to attack like a beast but Hironobu is just a high school boy

Considering that he’s a virgin till recently, a sudden change is difficult.

「Aaa, nnnn! Amazing…Ozawaaa…! Ozawaaa…!」

「Breathe harder!」

「My throat is burning! That’s how much my voice is leaking」

「It’s the best」

「Ahn, I should’ve met Ozawa earlier…」

「Don’t say that」

Hironobu gripped Fairy’s ass strongly.

「Aaaaan~ My ass…」

「It’s surprisingly big」

「Nnn, Don’t say it because I’m conscious about it」

「I love big ass」

「If Ozawa loves it then I’ll make it bigger」1

「I’m going to shake my waist more as I grab your ass! Ora!」2


Fairy looked above as her she cry some incomprehensive words.

She’s sticking out her tongue sloppily, saliva began to drool from her mouth.

There’s tears floating in her eyes, and her nose seems to be spreading like crazy.

「Ah…hiku…a-amazhing…good, my stomach is being penetrated…」

「Haahaahaa…You’re quite tight」

If he didn’t bite his molars, he could’ve ejaculated already

Her womb sucks so hard as it doesn’t want to separate, moving up and down has become difficult.


「How many times?」

「I-I don’t knooow…! Just being touched by Ozawa makes me cum already」

「Is that so?」

He put power in his fingers maliciously.

「Aaaahn~! I’m feeling it from my ass!」

「Enduring it has become hard for me too. Can I cum inside again?」

「Go on, let out a lot! Dye Fairy with white stuff!」

‘If you say that much then I can’t do anything but release a lot’

He had endured up until now so there’s quite an amount of semen piled up.

「Here we go」

Hironobu did his last spurt

「aaaaaa, nnnn! Aaaaa, aaaaaa! Aaaaaa!」

The high scream resonates in the room.

The aphrodisiac effect is taking action as she naturally shake her waist.

(Ku, it’s still tightening…)

It’s originally a quite a narrow hole, when it receives pleasure, it shrinks further.

The vagina that doesn’t let even a single finger in, the penis was being squeezed to the root.

(With this taste, I get why this girl is madly in love…)

The tightness is a good technician3

He’s able to understand why Fairy has become a slut.

「Aaaaa, aaaaa! Fairy’s cummiiiing!」

「M-Me too…!」

「Aaaaaaaa! A thick thing! This thick thing is tearing up my pussyyyyyyy!」


「Nooo~! Cumming again!」


「CreampieCreampieCreampieCreampieCreampie! Cum insiiiiiddeeeeeeee!」


Hironobu has reached the limit to pleasure, he ejaculated in a flash.

Fairy’s abdomen has swollen as a result of him launching a lot, the connecting part was dyed white.

「Aaaa…aaaaa…aaaa…You let out a lot…」

「Ah…it felt too good…!」

He never got tired no matter how many times he creampied.

‘Why does a woman’s body feel this good?’

Hironobu thought of that while hugging Fairy.

「Ozawaa…you let out all of it?」

「Fufu, I’m glad. It felt super good, thanks~♪」

Saying that, Fairy kissed Hironobu.

(Shit, I might fall in love…!)

His cheeks felt a bit hot.


Fairy spoke an a bit serious tone.

「What are you going to do after this?」
Those words went to his core.


  1. How?
  2. Star platinum!
  3.  締りがよくてテクニシャン。