Dragged into the class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Introduction

「Iyaaa…I’m troubled」

It means two things.

First is, Fairy has slept in Hironobu’s room. They don’t know what to do as if she go out of the room she’d be found out as a result.

Fairy was left out by the group but, it’s pictured that if he laid down his hand on a girl, other girls would be angry.1

There’s another trouble, Fairy said something before she slept.

「From now on…huh」

It was a speech that came out unnatural from her slightly air-headed attitude so he was surprised unintentionally.

(For now I should let everyone meet)

HIronobu called them on a courtyard where no one is.

「Ozawa-kun, what do you want to talk about?」

The one that appeared was Youko.

「Yeah, Sensei. Please wait a while. They should be coming soon…Ah, here’s Fairy」

「Ozawaa~ Why did you call Fairy? We’re doing it outside today?」

「Just shut up for a while」


Fairy puffed her cheeks in displeasure.

(Last one…)

HIronobu looked around and,

「Thank you for waiting, Hironobu-sama. Oh…These people are?」

When Firana appeared, Hironobu introduce each of them. Sharing information.

「Youko-sama and Fairy it is? Pleasure to meet you」

「Best regards, Firana-san」

「Firana-chan, best regards~」2

Hironobu stands in front of them.

「Ozawa, why did you call us?」

「You’re my only allies…that’s why」

At least they don’t hold disgust.

This members cooperating with him is important for Hironobu to live in this otherworld.

「I had some thoughts」

「About what?」

「About my way of living in this world」

「Way of living…Ozawa-kun, what did you decide to do?」

「That’s right, sensei」

「Eh~ What What?」

「I’m going to explain it so please be quiet」

Hironobu breathed deeply.

「As expected…I think that I should consider defeating the Maou」

Everyone seemed to be a bit surprised.

「HIronobu-sama…is that your decision!?」

「That Ozawa-kun…」

「You got motivated!?」

「You see, even I think seriously you know」

Though he feels lost because everyone in the female class would do whatever Ayaka says, as expected he can’t just live carefreely in this world.

「Setting aside if I can do it or not, I thought of making an effort to defeat the Maou」

「You’re right. If not, we can’t go back to our former world」

「However, I’ll stop living decently」

「Eh…What do you mean?」

「Unfortunately, their center is that Ojou-sama. They already obtained the trust of the knights so they’d just laugh it off if I want to lend them my power」

「Right. Fairy is already left out after all」

Hironobu raised his finger.

「I have heard it from Firana. Before, there were people summoned from the other world just like us」

「It was an old document but a thousand years ago, the Maou was sealed by those people」

「Huh? The other summoned people~?」

「It was written in the document that they were basically wiped out」

「Uge. Then, Fairy and the others will die?」

「To prevent it, we looked up what happened 1000 years ago」

「You said that it was a document but, there’s none?」

「Youko-sama, sadly the ones holding it are…elves」


Youko and Fairy is surprised.

It’s no wonder. Elves are only in the storyworld.

But, they surely exist in this world.

Hironobu also heard this from Firana, though it made his heart flutter, reality isn’t that sweet.

「Firana, tell us a bit more」

「Yes. …It seems that the document remains, so I thought of visiting it」

「Isn’t that fine! Fairy also wants to go~!」

「But…Elves are on war against humans for hundreds of years and the diplomatic relations are severed」

「Fue!? Isn’t that extremely risky!?」

「Fairy, it seems that the diplomatic relations with elves and human are just unofficial in the end」

「You mean we’re going there!?」

「Well yeah」

Hearing Firana’s talk, it seems that the elves forest is far away.

If it goes smoothly, it would take two to three days.

「Yaaay~! Fairy want to meet elves!」

Seeing the frolic Fairy, Youko put her hand on her shoulders.

「Kisaragi-san, it seems that Ozawa-kun wants to say something else」

「As expected of Sensei」

「You want us to observe the state of Ashibi-san and her friends?」

「That’s right」

He feels that it’s dangerous for Ayaka and the girls to move as they please.

Before it turns disadvantageous, he wants the two to stop them.

「Got it. I’ll contact you when something happened to Ashibi-san and the girls」

「Thanks, Sensei. Then, though I want to make it safer…」

「Could it be that you want to fuck again!~?」

It seems that Fairy noticed this one.

A good bitch that reacts when it comes to sex.

「Since it’s safer if your status is raised a bit more」

「There’s also the operation going to the fort in several days so it’s possible to raise our status meanwhile」

「Fairy wants to fuck Ozawa even if the status don’t go up!」

「U-Uhm…I-I’m in too…!」

Firana raised her hand while blushing.

The first girl and the slut.

Comparing the two of them is very interesting.

「HIronobu-sama is for everyone」

「Un! Since he only has one dick, let’s get along well and share」

「That’s right. Let’s get along!」

For some reason, there seems to be a female team formed.

「Since Fairy did it yesterday…who’d he do today?」

Fairy sees Firana’s glance.

It seems that she won’t say about herself peeping. She’s quite a smart bitch.

「S-sorry…Me too…」

「Then, starting from Sensei? I do feel bad for leaving out the younger ones so…how about the three of us today?」

「Are you sure? Sensei」

「We can raise status better this way!」

「Yes! Since we talked about sharing a while ago, let’s do that!」

It seems that it’s decided.

(Fuu…It helps that they didn’t fight)

Surely, the personality of the three is good.

(Still, elves…?)
Hironobu is thinking about elves3


  1.  Fairyもハブりの対象にはなっていたが、女の子に手を出したと他の女子たちが怒ってきそうなのは目に浮かぶ。
  2. Fairy used ‘Yoro’ instead of ‘Yoroshiku’
  3. When he’s about to have foursome, what a harem master