Dragged into the class transfer Prologue 3

Prologue 3: First experience

(Dream world is the beeest!)

Hironobu’s tension rises up as he’s going to have sex with a super cute girl right now.

If he’s going to associate with the girl, there are a lot of various points to take care about, the partner is a product of delusion after all.

Instead, it would be a waste if you don’t recognize the joy of sex firmly here.

Looking at it, Firana’s pussy is already dripping wet that sweet nectar is hanging down.

Since he only saw 2D nude skin, there’s no hair growing on her mound of Venus.

The white skin is so smooth that it seems to be shining.

「Here we go…」

His upright erect hit her intimate place.

Moving the penis along the muscle, the girl writhes in agony, her cheeks blushed.

Tears floated in her eyes and she stares at what she wanted.

Looking at that kind of eye, Hironobu can’t help but put it in.

「Hironobu-sama…please put it in already. I can’t endure it anymore」

「I know」

When he moved down his waist, the penis is applied in the hole.

Slowly pushing the body, the glans was wrapped along the way.

(Seriously…this feels so good…!)

It’s to the extent that doing it by hand now seems so foolish, Firana’s pussy is tightening strongly.

Thinking about how her place tightens so much in the entrance, he’d probably finish in a blink of an eye.

Hironobu invaded further inside while gritting his teeth.

「Ah, Hyuu…! It’s coming in…! Hironobu, sama’s…Ah, Ah, Ah!」

Firana’s high pitched voice is echoing in the brain.

Just hearing her gasping voice makes him about to ejaculate, what more when he heard her sexy voice.

「I…even though it’s my first time…Ahn, Nnn, I, can, feel it…!」

「You’re sensitive aren’t you, Firana?」

「T-That’s right…」

「Same here」

After all, such an innocent reaction is only of a virgin’s.

He thought that losing his virginity to a well experienced onee-san is the best but a virgin1 and virgin2 first experience is also good.

「Firana, it doesn’t hurt?」

Hironobu wants to say that line at least once.

Showing anxiety to a virgin woman is an scene that often show up in an eroge.

He thought of doing the same thing, Hironobu was unable to suppress his arousal.

「Hironobu-sama, if this continues, if this continues…deep, ahn, ah, ah, ah, come deeper…!」

「Got it」

Love nectar has leaked out considerably, her vagina is slimy.

Since her hole is quite small, going deeper instantly is difficult but, he steadily advanced further.

He moved his waist, repeatedly putting it in and out, aiming for Firana’s deepest place.

「It’s really, hard, ahnu, Nn, n, ah, hot…!」

「FIrana’s insides are wet, it feels good」

「I…feel good too…Ah, n! This…I love this, Ahn~!」

「I’m going deeper then」

「Aaaaaa, Aaaaaa, aaaa, it’s coming…!」


Enduring even he’s about to cum, Hironobu inserted to the root.

While making a *mechi* sound, his glans was able to reach the deepest portion.

(Shit…I’m about to cum…!)

The slimy feeling and the strong tightening is something never tasted before.

Thinking that the pre-cum has some semen leaking out, but he wants to enjoy the feeling since this is a dreamland.

「I’m moving」


While gripping Firana’s waist, Hironobu began to move.

「Ahn, it’s hitting…Hironobu-sama’s…Aaaaa!」

「Haahaa…Firana’s insides, feels good」

「Me too. Hironobu-sama’s thick thing is stabbing my stomach」

「Like this?」

Hironobu hits her womb strongly.


Firana raised her waist and strongly gripped the sheets.

(That’s quite an erotic woman…)

It’s already the world of anime and manga.

A girl with a nice looking body, being stabbed by his own body.

Hironobu crazily moved his waist.

「Ahn, amazing, It’s amazing! Ahn, noo, I’m going crazy, ahn, nkun!」

「Firana…don’t scream so much. I’m going to cum immediately」

「Even if you say that…Aaaaaaanuu! For this to be so robust, I…nn! I’m going crazy, N!」

Has power entered her body? Firana put her hands on her own chest.

It created a shape of big deep valley in her chest.

Her areola and nipples are small, it’s cute like Firana.

The breast shook back and forth.

Seeing the lewd fruit get squashed, the sperm welled up.


「Hironobu-sama’s thing is…getting bigger…Naaau!」

「I want to endure a bit more but It might be impossible already」

The waist is twitching, power can’t enter the body anymore.

The pleasure of Firana’s vagina is making him melt that Hironobu reached his limit.

「Hironobu-sama…please release it…inside me」


「Y-Yes…You don’t need to restrain yourself…!」


This is a dream.

There’s no need for contraception originally, if he continues at this state, it would be good to cum inside.

「Hironobu-sama, please…inside…inside…! Making me feel this good, releasing other than inside is no good…!」


If she requested like that, Hironobu can’t endure it anymore.

Furthermore, Firana doesn’t want it to be taken out, her vagina has tightened considerably.

In a situation where it’s difficult to move back and forth, it’s impossible to let it out outside.

「Then…I’ll let it out inside」

「Release it, a lot of it…! Please pour it inside me!」

「Yeah, I can’t endure it anymore…I, Cumming…!」

「I’m cumming too…! Inshide pleash! Aaaaaa, nooooo!! Cummiing!」


「Cummingcumming…! I’m cummiiiiiiiiiinnngggggg!!」

The moment his eyes had a flash, Hironobu released all the semen he accumulated.

He released the cloudy liquid as if it was a water canon.

While an electric shock pleasure runs through his body, Hironobu ejaculated.

「Aaaaa, nnnn, Au, ah, aaa, it’s coming out…it’s leaking out, I can feel it…」

「Kuu…It’s still coming out…!」

「Higu! It’s hitting my womb directly…I can feel it… I never thought that lewd things feels this good…」

「Haahaa…! A-amazing…I let out a lot」

I released an unbelievable amount of semen.

When I pulled out my penis, semen mixed with love nectar is overflowing.

(I-It’s the best dream…!)

He thought that he was able to feel this good. It’s definitely a wet dream.

But, that doesn’t matter, he thought, Hironobu was happy that he did such a thing.

「Haahaa…with this I’m one with Hironobu-sama…」

Firana said that while breathing roughly.

「Firana, what do you mean by that…?」

「I’ve said this earlier but I’m sure that Hironobu-sama is my destined person」

「Destined person…?」

Just what the hell is that?

He can’t arrive to an answer even with a calm mind.

「That’s… I’ll teach Hironobu-sama. The meaning of this dream」

Firana had a satisfied smile.


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