Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Valeria 2

「Why?…Having my front seen…is embarrassing」


Though the though of her ass being seen is much more shameful, Valeria has no experience.

She doesn’t get it at all.

(YES! I like reverse cowgirl position after all~)

Speaking about trivial things, there’s no position that he hate, the feeling of her waist shaking while he looks at the ass and her back is the best.

But, Valeria’s skin is beautiful, it’s narrow and tight that he might ejaculate by just seeing it.1

「Hironobu…Take out your thing」


He took off his pants and the erect penis appeared

「I-It’s this big. Isn’t it the same as a tree on this forest?」2

「It won’t be that much」

「Blood vessels are popping up, it’s colored redbrown…It’s a bit scary」

「Hey hey, You’re an elf aren’t you? Compared to demons it’s not that much」3

「Ah, Yeah… But, just looking at it…Haahaaahaa…it makes me aroused」

「As expected, the genital of other sex is great」

It doesn’t change on men nor women.

Valeria spread her legs and she lowered her waist to make the meat spear go in.

「Ah…Uu, Nn!」

「If it hurts then don’t overwork yourself」

「There’s no pain…! It feels pleasant instead…aaaaaa!」

Hironobu feels the entrance as it’s narrow.

The love nectar drips, the meat spear was entangled lewdly, the curved ass is lewd above anything.

Valeria’s body is shining as she has skin whiter than human’s

(Elf body is sexy as expected…)

He saw it in games and manga but the real thing is charming that it takes his breath away.

Valeria has put in the completely erect penis.

「Aaa…! aaaaaanu! N…It went in…!」

「Uo…It’s fucking clamping」

「I don’t intend to tighten it…! Rather, Hironobu is too big inside」

「I wonder. Well, shake your waist instead」

「Ku…it still feels good even now…making me feel even better…~!」

「You like more pleasure don’t you?」

「T-That’s true but…」

Valeria has began to move her ass up and down.

Moving it deeper bit by bit, She’s moving slowly.

Since the tightening of the entrance is amazing, Hironobu bit his molar.
(Elf’s pussy…is the best!

Though the women he have done up until now have the best bodies, this one is can’t be out leveled.

The appearance of the shy elf working hard is arousing enough.

「Aaaa, It feels good…! It feels really good…!」

「Me too」

「Amazing…! This is a man’s…! If you take a taste of this you can’t do anything but be corrupted…!」

「Then the two of us should fall then」

「A, Aaa…! If I’m with Hironobu, I’ll go with you even in hell…!」

Valeria has swallowed to the root.

「Aaaaau! I-It got in even deeper」

「Fuu, I almost came…」

「Nfuu…I’m glad if you came though…」

「Did Valeria cum?」

「Ah, aaa… The fat hard thing strikes my sensitive parts…! There’s no way I won’t cum…!」



「You’re still suppressing it?」


Valeria turned around with her cheeks dyed red.

「There’s only the two of us here. You can go crazy」



「You won’t tell anyone?」

「Like hell I will」

「G-got it…! I can’t endure it anymore…!」

Valeria threw down her upper body and matched both her knees.

It has become easier for her to swing her waist and the condition of the penis glued to her improves too.

(The view is also the best…!)

By matching both her knees, the shape of her ass is emphasized

It’s tight, and being able to see the constricted curve shape from someone fidgeting, Hironobu’s penis thickened.

「Au…Hironobu’s growing bigger again?」

「I feel aroused because Valeria’s body is so lewd」

「If you praise me that way…I’ll be led astray」

「I wonder. …Now, don’t endure it. Feel pleasure to your heart’s content」

「G-Got it」

Valeria floated her ass and slammed it violently.


The glans bumps into the womb with intense power.

But, Valeria seems to have taken the pleasure.

「More…More…! Moooooore!」

The elf shouted out loud and shook her waist that you might question if the bed would break.


From Hironobu’s perspective, he could see nothing but her ass shaking at high speed.

While she moves her waist skillfully, Valeria shook her ass like crazy.

「Aaaaanu! Aaaaaa! Aaaaaaaa!」

She shouts a panting voice.
Her blonde hair is disheveled every time she move her waist, Valeria has curved.
「I-I can’t! Hironobuuuuuuu! I…!」


「I can’t endure it anymore! Scold me who’s going to cum aloneeeee! aaaaaaaaoooo!?」

She trembled soon enough and her vagina has shrunk.

(She came…)
Though she came, she never stopped.

The creaking sound from the bed grows along with the pounding sound.

Hironobu’s waist is being slapped like it’s being hit by a whip as it makes a ‘Bechin Bechin’ sound.

But, it doesn’t hurt, instead, he endures ejaculating with all his best.

(As I thought…Having her waist shake instead of mine is great…)

Originally a herbivore, a late bloomer is wonderful for Hironobu.
Valeria seems to be exhausted.

「Cumcumcumcum! Cumming Cumming Cumming Cummiiiiing!」

She looks so disordered that you won’t think of her as a cool elf, she shakes her waist like a fool.

「Noooo~! Cummiiing! I’m cumiiiing agaiiiiin!」

「You’re too intense…!」

Hironobu’s limit is approaching.

「Valeria, cumming」

「Aaaahn~! Let it ouuuuut!」


Gripping her ass, he pushed it down and Hironobu has ejaculated.

Releasing his semen, Valeria seems to have cum too.

「Cumiiiiiingg!? I’m, cummiiiiing!?」

「It feels too good…!」

「Nnnaa, It’s coming off…!」

Hironobu pulled out his penis after he ejaculated.

The penis has turned muddy with love nectar and semen.

「Haahaahaa…It felt good, Hironobu」

「Same here」

「I got stained so much…」


The elf on all fours gripped the penis covered in semen.

「I’m…going to clean it…!」


  1. Reminds me of MonMusu quest where they ejaculate when they saw Alice
  2. Goddammit, Orc dick evolved to Tree Dick
  3. Shut up Tree dick
  4. If you’re reading this from a site other than MachineSlicedBread, then it’s a rip off