Dragged into class transfer Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Valeria 3

Valeria has approached between his groins, she began to lick Hironobu’s penis.



Putting out her tongue a bit, Valeria has licked it like a kitten.

(Why do you know clean up fellatio!?)

His partner was an elf that was virgin a while ago. She might be have some knowledge about it but even though she stops her movement.

「How’s it…?」

「Let’s see…It’s a bit painful」

「ーー!? I’m sorry about that…!」

「No, it’s fine. But, since men are sensitive after they cum, don’t lick it so much because it would hurt」

「I-Is that so…?」

This reaction.

It seems she really don’t know.

(Is it the effect of the aphrodisiac or instinct…?)

Either way, the lewdness sleeping inside Valeria has woke up.

She kept licking it gently with her cheeks dyed red.

「Is the tip no good?」


「Then…what about the root?」

「Go on…It feels good…」

Using her lips, Valeria made her lips and tongue crawl on the foundation.

The semen was cloggy and stuck there, she began to lick it like it’s delicious.


「Yeah, keep it up. You can go stronger on the foundation」

「I’m glad… Since the semen is stuck it should take a bit stronger to take it」


「Here we go…reroooon!」


Taking out the under, Valeria began to lick it with big movements like she’s eating ice cream.

When the tongue wet with saliva hit him, Hironobu raised his waist.

When the semen is placed in her mouth, she started chewing to taste.

「Kuchukuch…so this is the taste of semen」

「How’s it?」

「Though it’s the first time I tasted it…Un, I don’t hate it」

Gokun, the sound of throat gupling down, then she.


She showed off the inside of her mouth.

(It’s natural to open it but…it’s lewd)

She looks as lewd as Fairy that Hironobu’s crotch made a reaction again.

「Hironobu…it got hard again?」
「I got an erection because Valeria is too lewd」

「M-Me…? I’m glad」


「I made the man who let out aroused again? Why would I not be?」

「Is that so? Then, would you make me cum with your mouth this time?」

「Yeah of course. Like this…what do you call this?」


「Oh! What a lewd name. I will try it」


「Then, here we go」

Valeria opened her mouth wide,

and swallowed the penis.

(Ugu…so sudden!?)

Although he thought that she’d attack the tip little by little, Valeria had swallowed it to the foundation.

Even she says that it’s embarrassing she still do it, she really expose the lewdness of her.


Though she’s not used to it, she’s waving her face up and down.

「Jururururu…! In short, you make your mouth act like a vagina?」


「If I move my face just like my waist a while ago…chururururururu!」


Tightening her lips, she hold the glans.

She pulled it out like that and the penis feels like it’s being uprooted.

「What’s strange?」

「Although I had no room to spare a while ago, seeing Hironobu like this is fun too」


「Seeing someone I like feels good makes me aroused… Show it to me more…jubububu!」

Did she notice the pleasure of fellatio? Valeria had further increased the intensity.

She moved her face up and down quickly while sprinkling her saliva.

Since the lip sticks to the root, her nose stretch under, furthermore she looks with that face.

(Like hell I can stand that…!)

Great looks, blonde hair.
She’s making an extremely lewd appearance.

Hironobu’s groin began to scream to that gap.

「Nnnn!? Hironobu’s thing got even bigger!?」1

「It feels so good that I might cum immediately」

「I see…You’re going to release the white thing again?」

「Pull out when I’m going to cum」

Since Valeria seems to not understand, Hironobu explained.

「You don’t want it to be released inside your mouth, do you?」

「I licked it a lot. There’s no way I’d hate it. Rather, I’d be angry if you don’t release it inside my mouth」

「Ah…but if you like to splash it in my face just tell me. Since there’s a river nearby, we can clean up immediately. Please make a mess of me without reserve」

Hironobu suddenly thought of something.

(If this is an eroge…the choices will come out)2

・Cum inside her mouth

・Cum in her face.

Hironobu choose on the usual choices.

(Isn’t that obvious that it would be cum inside mouth…!?)

The appearance of a beautiful girl containing semen in her mouth is great.

「Then, inside your mouth」

「Got it」

「Valeria, do it violently」

「Leave it to me」

Valeria quickly moves her face as she tighten her lips

「Gobu, jubu, gyuuupu! Nbo, nbu, bobobo, gopyu!!」

The rhythmic sound echoes.

(Though she’s transcending beauty, she’d do that far for me~!)

The gap made Hironobu reach his limit.

「ngu!? The taste of semen inside my mouth…」

「Ah, Yeah…I can’t endure it anymore…!」

「Go on, let it out!」

「Aaaaa, no good…! C-coming!」

Hironobu raised his waist instinctively because of pleasure and he ejaculated inside Valeria’s mouth.

The power penetrates the throat, he released semen again and again and her mouth was smeared with semen.

「Nguu! I-It’s coming in…!」
「If it hurts then you can spit it out…」

「Like bread…gulp, I’ll do that!」3

Valeria let out the penis from inside her mouth to make drinking easier.

「I let out a lot…」

「What an amazing amount…look at it」

Valeria’s natural airheadedness explodes again.

She collected the semen inside her mouth using her tongue and showed it off to Hironobu.

(I’m getting erect again!)

Hironobu didn’t mind his worries and she began to swallow the semen.

「Gulp, gulp, gulp…!」

While chewing with her jaw, Valeria’s throat sounded.

She drank all of it after a while.

「Fuu…Thanks for the meal」

「It felt super good…!」

「Fufu, let’s take a rest for a while」

Hironobu decided to lie down
「When you recovered, let’s go to Firana. She should be finishing researching the documents soon.」


  1. No, I’m not going to keep track of the size of his dick anymore
  3. Bread