Dragged into class transfer Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The otherworlder from 1000 years ago.

It’s about 1000 years ago.

When the light and darkness are clearly separated, it’s an age where they are fighting for power.

The king at time, raised an army to defeat the darkness emperor the Maou.

But, no matter how much forces they gather, even they had the cooperation from the elves, they never had the power to defeat the forces of darkness completely.

At that time, a person has advised the king.

「King, we should call a hero from the otherworld」

「Hero…you say?」

「Yes. If we summon someone with a great ability, we’ll surely defeat the Maou」

「I see」

The king accepted that advice and he decided to summon a hero from the otherworld.

Then, thirty girls had appeared.

Their age is around 16 year old.

They’re wearing strange clothes but they don’t appear to be strong at all.

There are those who panic and those who burst into tears.

The King sigh as he had failed.

But, there’s one person who calmed down the chaos.

「Everyone, calm down!」

There’s only one who’s calm and she lent a hand on the disordered friends.

That child seems to be the leader existence that one phrase made them calm down.

The king saw the possibility.

The girl opened her status.


The status is so high that you’d instinctively raise your voice.

That girl is incomparable but the other girls took pride in their high status too.

The king was convinced when he saw this.

「These are the heroes…!」

And then, the girls who were called heroes trained and raised their status.

Though there are girls who lost their lives while fighting the forces of darkness, they successfully cornered the demon king.

But, the Maou was so powerful that they can’t defeat it.

Somehow, the leader of the girls threw her own life and was able to seal the demon King.

Eventually, there’s only one who survived.

After sealing the Maou, the time flows for hundreds of years and the human let out their desires.

War against elves started and the diplomatic relations has broken.

◆     ◆

「…And that’s the history」

Explained Firana who read the document.

「It’s like the present situation」

「That’s right. Most people from the previous summoning seems to have died already」

Elf forest. Three people are talking inside Valeria’s house

「Is this the only information?」

「I’m sorry. It’s impossible to decipher since it’s an ancient elf language」

「What about Valeria?」

「Sorry. Though I’m an elf, ancient language has died already. Even if I could read it, it would be only as much as Firana」

「I see」

Though I’d like some more information but it would be difficult.

「Anyway, it’s a fact that the Maou is strong」


「Where is the Maou?」

「The clear whereabouts are unknown. He’s probably hiding himself somewhere」

「The best thing we can do right now is to stop the invasion of the enemy」

「It seems so」

Hironobu drank the tea that was given.

「What happened to the last person?」

「She returned to her former world…Is what I think but there’s nothing written, so there’s a possibility that she remained in this world」

「Certainly. It won’t be strange if it was written that she had return to her former world」

The remaining Hero. It won’t be strange if she’s treated as a Hero1

「It’s not written clearly but how many years since the Maou was sealed?」

「…Is Hironobu-sama anxious?」

「I…I’m having fun in this world after all. It’s too late to think about returning. But…」

「It’s different from the other children」

「Yeah, their motivation is going back so they’re doing their best. We should not say something imprudent」


「Also, it’s also possible to say that they’re historically extinct」2


「Well, it’s history and document in the end. We would never know what’s true from what’s written」

「I think so too. Anyway, it was impossible to defeat it but it’s possible to seal the Maou. I think that we can defeat it this time!」


Even if we only got negative information, it’s okay.

It’s important to think positive from the information.

「Then, should we go now?」

「Let’s do」

「Valeria, I’m indebt with you. We’re going now」

「Could you take me with you?」

Hironobu had a surprised look because off an unexpected proposal.

「Are you really saying that?>」

「Elves and humans are hostile to each other. But, when it’s about taking on the Maou, I think that we should start helping each other out」

「Well, it’s said that they cooperated on the old times」

「I’ll be the pioneer」

Valeria’s face looks that she had made her decision.

「Got it. I don’t know about those guys in this world but otherworlders don’t have bad impression about the elves. Even if Valeria comes with us, it’ll be fine」

「I think Youko-sama and Fairy-sama will accept her」

「Thanks. I’ll be in your care」

「Don’t say that. It’s also reassuring for me because Valeria is with me」

Even if she’s not strong, she’s an elf.

Also, it’s possible to train as they have Hironobu’s ability, it’s better to think that it’s an increase in war potential.

「Okay…! Should we return to the castle?」

「I agree. It’s about time the for capture ends too」

「Actual combat?…I hope there’s some good results coming out」

Hironobu stared towards the castle from the window.



  1. The former line is Yuusha, the line here is Eiyuu, Yuusha means brave man, Eiyuu means hero
  2. 「あとは、歴史的にはほとんど絶滅してしまったということもな」