Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: First combat

The time when Hironobu had arrived in the elf forest.

Ayaka and the female class finally arrived at the fort which is their aim.

There are knights around too.

「Ayaka-dono, are you not nervous even this is your first combat?」

「Fun, There’s no way I’d be nervous」

Ayaka’s status went up thanks to her training for the past few days.

Power: 112

Defensive power: 110

Speed: 111

Mana: 105

With this status, she’s considerably stronger among the knights.

Such confidence made her heart calm down.

(I have to be firm…)

It’s something like a duty for Ayaka.

She is standing at the center as a leader existence for the female class.

The other girls have different reasons but they follow Ayaka.

「That’s promising. But, please be at ease. It’s an insufficient level against Ayaka-dono」

「Weak? Then why did they not leave the fort?」

「There are two reasons. First, that place is left for the otherworlders who came here to train.」

「The other?」

「If it’s taken down immediately, the enemy would send reinforcement at once. We have to consider the balance in capturing」

「Then, we can knock them down?」

「It’s fine. Today, after we recapture this fort, we can consider an even more bold operation. When you do, the Maou may be defeated sooner」

「…Got it」

Though they’re getting used to the otherworld life bit by bit, the want to return to their former world is still strong.

Though Ayaka is an Ojou-sama, she’s being pampered more in this world in order to have better life.1

It’s not strange that she’d choose a better living environment than here.

It’s said that there’s someone among the girls who want to remain in this world.

The reason is that they’re treated like a state guest.

The training is certainly tough but they can still eat meals properly, they can study, there are children who think that this is comfortable.

(I can feel them slacking around…)

Carelessness is created through only lukewarm training.

The actual combat this time is just perfect to brace their minds in a meaning.

「Here they come, the enemy!」

A voice was heard from the front

Looking at it, it was the wolf-like demons that had attacked them right after they were summoned have gathered and face them.

「Don’t destroy your line! Engage!」

The girls easily defeated the enemy as it’s the outcome of their training.

「You monster! How dare you…!」

Though they can’t fight when they were summoned, they can fight now somehow.

They found their appropriate arms respectively, they fought back with sword, bow and even spear.

Ayaka’s weapon is a sword.

「Ayaka-san, over there!」

There’s one student who shouted.

Ayaka saw though the wolf’s movement and she swung her sword.


The wolf was split to two while moaning.

「You ran out of luck when you had me as your opponent」

If this continues, they’d regain the fort without difficulties.

Ayaka fought hard.

「Golem! A golem has come out!」

A stone made of mana far larger than the wolf came out walking.

「That opponent is strong…form a rank!」

When the knight shouted, one student was,

「Leave it to me」

She went and dashed by herself

「Ah, wait!」

She ran towards the golem, ignoring the restraint of the knight.


She attacked with a sword.

Did it take a damage? The golem kneeled.

「We’ll definitely come back to our former world, aaaaa!」

Slashing the head of the golem, it was defeated.

(Though it’s said that it’s made of stone, it’s problem is it’s appearance to the last. If you have high status then you can cut the stone with an iron sword…)

Ayaka understood the reason of this world.

「If the golem is defeated, then the fort is done!」


The girls raised their voice and knocked down the remaining golems.

「Fuu…easy victory!」

When the girl said that,

「Oh?…That’s quite from a human」

There’s a black shadow that came on the top of the fort.

「C-Could he be…!」

One of the knights knows it and he was frightened.

「Dark Satan! O-Our power can’t win against that…!」

「You know it well. I’ll let you go now. Disappear immediately」

Dark Satan said it and the knights began to withdraw.

「Withdraw! Retreat! Hurry up!」

「I can defeat it!」

The girl who knocked down the golem pointed her sword on Dark Satan.

But, the next moment.

「You hasten your death, Human」

Just when he disappeared from top of the fort, she stood behind the girl.


Turning around, the girl’s head was grabbed.


Her whole body was burned in an instant.

「Gyaaaaa! Hot Hot hot Hot Hooooot!」

The girl who writhes was seen by the other students too.

ーーThey’ll be killed if this continues.

Bursting out, the girls had began to run towards the castle.


One of the student stumbled and fell down.

Dark Satan who saw it approached her and stretched his arm.


Her foot trembles, the student can’t move.

Meanwhile, Dark Satan’s arm spreads.

「Get ready」

One girl came swinging her sword.


Hironobu’s child hood friend, Amano Miyuki. She doesn’t look so frightened and blocked in front of Dark Satan.

「I’ll stall him here so you should run away」


Being told by Miyuki, the student began to run.

「That’s a nice stance, you’re making a nice expression. You might be worth」

「It doesn’t matter. I…I’ll survive no matter what!」

Miyuki swung her sword and attacked it.

But, she wasn’t able to hit because Dark Satan was flying over the Sky.

She thought of what to do, then a Scream was heard again. The girl who ran away a while ago is now being attacked by another demon.


Miyuki began to ran ignoring Dark Satan

The girl has run to the cliff.

「W-wait! T-That’s dangerous…!」

Because she’s panicking due to fear, she ran towards the cliff. Miyuki stretched her hand as she thinks she’d fall if this continues, she saved the girl on the edge.


「Hurry up and run!」
Miyuki saved the girl that’s about to fall. But, since her stance was bad, her balance was destroyed.

「That’s regrettable」

The moment she tries to straighten herself, there was an impact on her abdomen.

Looking at it, it was dyed red, it was penetrated by Dark Satan’s arm.


When Dark Satan pulled his arm out, Miyuki had fell down the cliff2

There’s a running river under the cliff.

「Kukuku, that’s because you helped your friend」

The girls tries to escape.

「Run, Run. Let’s play a game of tag until you reach the castle」

Spreading his wings, Dark Satan has run after the girls.

(I must do something…!)

Ayaka stood up in front of Dark Satan while having such thoughts.

「What are you doing…?」

「I’m your opponent!」

Saying that, Ayaka made a slash.

「gu…you’ve done it now」

For Ayaka that has a high status, she damaged the arm of Dark satan when she saw the chance.

(If I continue this…!)

She can win somehow.

He’s flying at high speed but the speed can still be followed with eyes.

If the opponent gave another opportunity, she can make a fatal wound.

Thinking that, Ayaka jumped.


The blade hits Dark Satan. The enemy was cut horizontally.


But, there’s no feeling of cutting at all.

「That’s a shame. That’s a double」

Hearing a voice from her back, Ayaka was surprised.

When she tried to get distance to attack,

「It’s useless」3

It gripped the wrist that’s holding the sword.

「N-No way…」

「You’re certainly strong. But, you still have long ways to go」

She thought that she’s the best.

Even coming into this world.

Her status was at the top

It was natural for Ayaka.

(I should’ve become a hero…)

She thought of continuing her current life like a protagonist.

But, that fantasy ended.

Dark Satan put power on the hand that’s holding her.


The dull sound of her wrist broken can be heard.

Pain runs through her body and Ayaka writhed in tears.

(I’m dying…I’m dying…I’m dying…!)

She’ll turn just like the girl that died with fire on her whole body.

(I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die!)

She can’t resist at all, all her allies have run away.

Ayaka went mad from the fear of death.

「Very nice, that face…that scream…I like all of it」



Thinking that her crotch has become wet, she had peed herself.

Her legs trembled and she felt hard to stand.

(Is this fear?…Is this death?)

She who doesn’t feel fear had her back attacked with death for the first time.

Ayaka shed tears and closed her eyes.

「Die! Curse your birth as you burn…!」


When Ayaka screamed.


Dark Satan released her wrist.


「Hey~! Could you stop bullying Ayaka-chan!」

Kisaragi Fairy was there.


  1.  お嬢様であるAyakaは、もっといい生活をしているため、この世界以上にちやほやされているのだ。
  2. It’s either she’s dead or she’s the other irregular