Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Paizuri Fellatio humiliation.

ーーSlave contract

I asked Firana about it on our way back from the elf forest.

You can make a slave contract as long both party agrees. But, there’s a compelling force using magic.

The slave contract is often used to make a poor house’s child to be bound to『Agree』

(But, it’s different for us…)

When the night deepened, Hironobu’s door was hit and it made a knocking sound.

(They came…)

Since he expected her to come, he invited her inside.

Ayaka with a carved slave crest appeared.

Though it’s said to be a slave crest, it has no distinct form, it’s a magic like contract in the end.

Though the tattoo can be left on the skin, he stopped thinking as he thought of the girls so he chose a transparent slave crest.

Due to the slave contract, it’s completely impossible for Ayaka to defy Hironobu anymore.

「Hey hey, don’t scowl at me」

She bit her lips and glared at Hironobu with face wanting to kill him at the moment.

You can expect the humiliation she feels from her expression.

「I came because you called for me」

「Good girl」

In the end, he tied all the girls with the slave contract. He called them one by one and had sex with each.

(It feels good to make every one in the female class obey me…!)

Those girls earlier had foolishly spoke ‘HiiHii’, the physical pleasure has increased. 1

He already had sex with almost 10 girls but he can still do it.

「H-How many before me…?」


「How many students from the female class have you embraced already?」

「Dunno. I think you’re the 10th」

「You’re really a trash」

「Did you say something?」


The slave crest gives pain when you defy the master.

The foolish women had defied him at one pint but the could do nothing but surrender in front of Hironobu in the end.

「There’s a merit when you have sex with me, right?」

「I-I know that…!」

「You seem to be dissatisfied」

「I just can’t agree as you just suddenly bound us by slave contract」

He simply wants to bang her.

The female class that’s being envied by male students.

Gathering such women together, he made a harem.

It’s not strange if his desire makes a move.

But, Hironobu has another reason.

(I want to use the aphrodisiac as soon as possible)

If they make love with Hironobu, they’d fall madly in love with him in a flash. Doing so will make them much more obedient servants than the slave crest.

Ayaka seems to be in doubt.

「Though everyone didn’t like it before they enter your room, they spoke highly of you when they came back」

「My technique is amazing you know. I’ll also make you feel good」

「…What a vulgar man」

「That’s why don’t make me angry. Your character may be the worst but your body is great」

Hironobu beckoned her and Ayaka went to the bed.

Does she understand that disobeying would only bring pain? Ayaka followed what Hironobu said while glaring at him.

「Take off your clothes」


「Hurry up」

「I-I get it」

She removed the ribbon and took off her uniform.

Her cheeks dyed a bit red from the curious gaze of Hironobu, Ayaka took off her blouse.

A bra with a cute floral print is seen, she removed it and covered her chest.

「Take off the bottom」

She raised one foot to remove the panties and she unhooked the skirt.

With the sound of the skirt falling on the floor, Ayaka became stark naked.

「Don’t cover it」


She’s covering her chest and groin with her hand but when Hironobu told her, Ayaka stopped hiding it.

The big bust has the form and shape, her pubic hair that’s thin and the plump thighs are seen.

Ayaka who’s the center figure of the female class, is showing her naked skin to the man she made a fool and called Eronobu.

Hironobu can’t hide his excitement in such a situation.

「Even though I ejaculated multiple times, this happened as soon as I saw your naked body」

Showing off his erect penis, Ayaka averted her gaze bashfully.

「Lie down」


Ayaka who nodded obediently lied down on her back.

Hironobu straddled over and approached between Ayaka’s groin and upper body.

「Wait…what are you doing!?」

「Stroke your big tits. Of course, don’t forget to service me with your mouth」

「Like I can do that…Ahn~!」

The penis was put on the cleavage and was forced to sandwich it.

「Na, ahn, That’s…nn!」

「It’s fucking soft」

「How can a man…my breasts…Aaaa~!」

「Just how many men used this body as fap material?」

「Kuun, Y-You’re saying something…vulgar again!」

「How do you feel now? You’ll become an idiot and turn into my sex slave」

「It feels the worst」

「Haha. I like you being obstinate…Hey, service me with your mouth properly」

I hit Ayaka’s mouth with my glans while shaking my waist in sleeping paizuri posture.

Though Ayaka resisted at first, she put it in her mouth little by little.

「Don’t bite it」

「I feel like I want to …njubu, tear it off…jububu…!」

「Open your mouth properly. Or you’ll feel something painful again」


Ayaka opened her mouth as she dont want pain.

Hironobu thrust in deeper just like that.


「It feels like an onahole」

I stroke in her mouth as I place my penis between her chest.

Ayaka who has tears floating in her eye sucks the penis while looking vexed.

Just seeing her sucking face makes him aroused, Hironobu increased the speed of the movement of his hips.

「Shit…it feels super good…」

「Nbyun jubu, baby, jubu,…nbubu!? Ah, ahaa,…it feels bad…aaaaan!」

「Haahaaahaa…I’m about to cum」


「You know it right? I’m going to cum just like this」

「Wait, stop…that’s…!」


The penis that reached it’s limit had released a large amount of semen.

Ayaka’s mouth, face and breast is soiled in white, she’s covered in muddy liquid.,

「Ah…u… Dirtied…I’m now polluted…」

「It’s a present from your master. Accept it」


Ayaka’s eyes are intoxicated.

(It seems that the aphrodisiac has worked)

Even if the semen wasn’t done inside and it just stick on her, it’ll still take effect Her status would rise too of course.

「It’s still not enough What about you?」

「If it’s what master wants…I will do my best no matter what」

「Then, get on all fours」

Ayaka faced her ass towards Hironobu.


  1.  つい最近までバカにしていた奴らをひぃひぃ言わせるのは、肉体的な快感を高くさせた。