Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Capturing the female class

「Aaaaa, it came…!」

Hironobu inserted on doggy style. He thought that she’s surely a virgin, although he tried to be a bit gentle but.

「Please put it in, Please put it in, Please put it iiiin!」

Since she’s asking like a child that wants a toy, Hironobu inserted without hesitation.

He doesn’t know whether it’s the arousal from paizuri or the effect of aphrodisiac, since it’s able to enter quickly, Hironobu began to shake his waist.

(No matter how many times I do it, sex feels good…)

His partner is a high handed ojou-sama.
That Ayaka is being crazy from Hironobu’s body.

She’s moaning like a monster, her body writhes in agony.

「Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah! Aga, Nuu, Nnnnn, Aaaaaaaaahn~!」

「Does it feel good?」

「Master, it feels good!」

「Say what feels good」

「Your penis!」

The elegant ojou-sama shouts vulgar words. This is the effect of the aphrodisiac, Ayaka’s true nature that had been sleeping inside her is now revealed.

Matching Hironobu shaking his waist, she’s moving her own ass back and forth by herself.,

「Hey hey, aren’t you a virgin?」

「Aaahn~ If I know something like this feels this good, I…become to want it more!」

「You told me that I’m vulgar, aren’t you the same?」

「Nnn, That’s…nu, n, ah, don’t say it…I want this…Anu!」
「Then, are you accepting that you’re vulgar?」

「If I’m called that by master, then I can do nothing but admit it!」

She gasps like a fool while swinging her hair left and right.

Her vagina has tightened quite well too it strongly squeezes Hironobu’s penis.

He’s doing his best to endure ejaculation.

「Okay, swine」

「What is it, Master?」

「Show how vulgar you are」


I will make sure of Ayaka’s loyalty with this.

I’m expecting what she would do.

「Please take a look, Master」

She spread her ass using both of her hands and displayed her anus.

「My…vulgar hole. Please appreciate it」

「As expected of a shit woman」

「Ahn~! Master, are you imagining this hole letting out? That’s cruel! But if you want to see then I can let you see it~」

「I decline1

Unfortunately, I have no such hobby.

(But I’m curious about what’s inside)

My partner who’s the ojou-sama that’s far more distant from being elegant.

As her one side is the idol of the school, it’s not strange for men to be excited on the gap.

(I’m good with normal sex…)

He can already see Ayaka in this state so Hironobu speed up his piston2

「Aaaaaaayaaaa! Don’t do it fast so suddenlyyyyyyyyyy!」

「I’ll end it quickly because I’m already tired」

「Ahn~! You’re ignoring me and only satisfying your own desire. It’s the best!」


「I am Master’s sex slave…! My duty is to be used as sex tool at anytime you want!」

「No, you’re a precious war potential so fight」

Was the aphrodisiac too effective? Ayaka is completely broken.

(Well it’s only when having sex though)

Ayaka that has a high status, she’s a girl with the most war potential.

He’d be troubled if she turned odd and turned useless.

「You can go crazy when we’re having sex but if it’s the usual, be normal. If not, I won’t cum inside」

「Understood, master!」


Hironobu held Ayaka’s ass and pulled it to himself.

Doing that, the penis had come into a quite a deep place.

Ayaka seems she’s feeling it too, she started trembling.

As expected, she lost composure when her ass had been spread.

「No good! I’m cumiiiiiiinggg!」

「I’m letting it out inside」

「Ahn~ Amazing! A hard thing is stirring me up!」

「Tighten more」

「If I tighten more than this…I’ll be tasting living helll」

「Then become mad」
「Noooooooo~ Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m flying!」


Poking deeper, Ayaka bent her body and became a fool.

「Nnnn…Ooooooo~…It’s hitting!」

The beautiful voice has changed into a deep voice.

Ayaka has gone mad like a ero-heroine being raped.

「Nnhoo!? Ahii, Nununu, nnnfuaaaaaaa, nee!」


There’s no way you won’t be surprised by the sudden change.
(Kuu, I’m about to…!)

Hironobu can’t endure it anymore


「Let it out!Let it out!Let it out!Let it out!Let it out!Let it out!Let it out!」

「Accept it!」

「Please give me your sperm!」

Hironobu ejaculated in her womb.

A large amount of semen is injected that white thing drips down from Ayaka’s vagina.

「Ahii…You came. I am being creampied」

「Fuu…I let out a lot」

Hironobu pulled out his penis.

「Ahn, Master」

Ayaka started clean up fellatio without saying anything.

(That Ojou-sama…!)

Making her submissive here is quite promising.

If he uses his ability, the status can be raised.

If the status is raised, they can oppose the demon king.

(I’m not interested in saving this world though…)

He can’t refuse since he’s been requested by Firana.

The fights were severe 1000 years ago according to the document so he must train them well so that the aftertaste won’t be bad.

(My…《Sex Reward》ability would be used)

When he thought about indulging in sex, Hironobu’s smile overflowed.

He can have sex to death with the otherworlders, the female class.

The variety of sexual frustration Hironobu had accumulated up until now makes this the best situation.

「This is my harem…!」
He stared at the star that shine outside the window while thinking so.


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  2.  このままだとAyakaの方から見てと言いかねないので、Hironobuはピストンを素早くしていった。
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