Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Lady General’s visit.

The King who’s the origin of Hironobu spending his lewd daily life called him.

No matter how high his position go, he can’t just go and ignore the King’s words.
So, Hironobo had Youko and Firana led him to the designated location.

「Just what on bread1 would it be?」

Hironobu asked Youko.

「I saw a convoy of carriage arriving this morning. There maybe a guest perhaps」

「And we would be introduced to the guest?」

「Rumors about Hironobu-sama spreads all over the country and it seems that it’s being transmitted to other counties already」

「That much!? I don’t think it’d be good for me to become too famous…」

There are various benefits to fame but it lets you shoulder risk at the same time.
(I just hope that it’s not someone troublesome)

Hironobu felt especially uneasy after this.

「But, I don’t think that the king would introduce someone who’d cause harm to Ozawa-kun. It should be okay」

Hironobu nodded at Youko.

He was near confirming it.

For the king, Hironobu who has the ability and raised the military gains is an important existence so he’s quite suited for the convenience.

He does as he likes on the confined Firana now also, he agrees with what Hironobu wishes for.,

Furthermore, there’s the aim for using him as an advertisement that the royal family is fighting with the otherworlder as well.

There are various speculations but the King’s and Hironobu’s relation isn’t bad.

You can say that there’s no possibility for the king to introduce some person he dislike.12

「Well, all of it is on the other side」

They rushed to the specified room when Hironobu finished speaking.

Arriving at the room after walking in the wide castle, there were two armed guards escorting there.

「Somehow, it’s heavily guarded. Is it a VIP?」

「The knight’s armor is of the neighboring country. It might be a general or a minister」

Firana answered Hironobu’s question.

Just as she said, numerous knights wearing unknown armor are included in the guards.

(Then, would it be about the alliance?)

The three people had advanced in front of the door while making a guess inside his head.

「I’ve taken Hironobu-sama as per His Majesty’s order. Please let us in」

When Firana said that, the knight who’s blocking ahead moved backward and opened the door.

There’re two people there when they entered inside.

The king with his usual dignified atmosphere and the other is a woman.

Her age is the same as youko and her features look neat with her burning red hair.

(I can’t see her as a minister. Then, she’s a general?)

The same time Hironobu looked at her, the other also stared at him as if appraising him.

「Well done, sit down the three of you」

The king interrupts with his words and they sat down.

「General, let me introduce to you. He’s the one who unified the summoned heroes, Ozawa Hironobu」

Since the king had introduced Hironobu, he showed a bowing appearance.

「This is General Margrit She came from the neighboring country to talk about the alliance」
「Margrit, best regards」

When she’s introduced, Hironobu’s vigilance was lifted.

Though Hironobu is the younger, she greeted him politely.

「Same here, best regards」

He greeted again and bowed.

「The rumors had reached our country too. After all, it’s the 20 man force that exterminates demons」

「That’s not my work however, I’m mostly a subordinate」

He didn’t tell about using slaves as he doesn’t know how she sees slaves in her country.

Hironobu doesn’t want to make her angry and lead the alliance into something not good.

He’s trying to save the King’s face in his own way.

「But, isn’t it you who raised their war potential? The method is extremely unique though」

Margrit says while laughing.

However, it’s not scorn but feeling of interest rather.

It seems that she knows how Hironobu strengthen their status.

(I can see it from her attitude earlier but her appearance looks like a soldier)

「Yeah well. It’s necessary to defeat the demons」

「Un, the power won’t matter as long as those are defeated. I want you to help our efforts to fight by all means」

Though Hironobu humbles himself, Margrit quickly affirmed his power.

He’s surprised by her words.

「Does the general think that us using a special ability is unfair?」

Hironobu thought that she’s a person with hot blood from her atmosphere.

「If we do the same as always, we won’t be able to invade. I don’t mind heresy as long as the enemy can be pushed back」

Unlike her appearance, her way of thinking seems flexible. You might say that her bosom is wide

「General Margrit is a famous commander who’s holding of demon invasions for several years, she same into this country having hopes this time」

「Then that means meeting us?」

He asked Margrit from the King’s words, she nodded.

「I thought that a hero is just an existence in legends but my interest gushed forth when the information was gathered. Then, I came her thinking of wanting to meet you」

Then, she continued to look at Hironobu’s face.

「If I can cooperate with you I feel that we can march to the Maou’s castle immediately」

「I’m honored」

「Being told by a legendary general makes me feel proud」2

The king seems to be in a good mood towards Hironobu who feels grateful without understanding it well.

「Father, is General Margrit that amazing?」

Firana asked from the side.

「The army general commands is said to hold a myriad of demons, The person herself had cut tens of demons into pieces without any wound taken」

(M-Myriad of demons…)

He became speechless.

Though the female class also had a myriad number of demons killed but that’s not an all at once fight.

For her to command usual soldiers and hold that much military results isn’t something done easily.

Also, she’s surpassing an average knight for cutting down dozens of demons.

「Could it be that the General has a special ability too?」

HIronobu instinctively asked.

It’s established in this world that the number of humans with special abilities are low.

「No, I don’t have any. It’s because I have my allies’ cooperation that I can fight demons」

She said while shaking her head.

「This is also one of the General’s popularity. She’s admired by humans as she doesn’t have any special ability」

「Is that so?…」

Hironobu became interested in the historical great person appearing in front of him.

「However, your majesty, thank you for listening to my selfishness today」

「No, I’m able to demonstrate the war potential of both countries that would cooperate」

(As expected, he’s determined)

If both persons talked about and showed the people that they go along well, the alliance’s conclusion will be certain.

「Excuse me for being shameless but I have another request」

Margrit cuts it down.

「What would that be? I’ll cooperate as much as possible」

「I want to talk with him alone」


The clever king hesitated here.

They can emphasize the depth of the relationship of the two if they talked but overdoing it would be a poison.

There may be complaints from the neighboring country.

「Understood, we will leave then」

However, he accepted after thinking for a while.

(Is he thinking of something again?)

Though Hironobu has some doubts with the king, he decided to follow his instructions obediently.

The king rose from his seat, Youko and Firana followed him.

Then, Hironobu and Margrit are the only ones left in the room.

「Now then, we’re the only ones here. I’ll be direct, I have a favor to ask」

「W-What would that be?」

Hironobu pulled back a bit from her who cut in lively.

「Your power is to raise the status by having sex right?」

「Yes, that’s right」

Her eyes shut momentarily as she determine something from hearing Hironobu’s answer then, she asked again.
「I want you to have sex with me」


Hironobu was surprised after a moment of delay as he didn’t understand what came out from the mouth of the soldier woman.


  1. Since it’s not earth
  2. That’s still Hironobu talking