Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Margrit 2

「Should I be moving first or Margit-san?…」

「Please let me do it. I’ll feel bad to rely on you at all times」

「Then I’ll lie down.」

Hironobu said that and lied down.

Perhaps it’s the charm of the country but the sofa in this room is quite big.

Thanks to that, it won’t be too tight even if he lied down.

(That high ranking Margrit-san moving? I’m looking forward to it)

Hironobu imagined the spectacle of her moving her waist, his penis got hard again.

Then, he suppressed his smile.

「Then, I’ll begin」

Margtit took off her panties and straddle on top of him, she turned her body back.

「Doing it from the back?」

Hironobu called out due to the unexpected movement.

「Yeah, there’s no way I can show something dirty」

She might mean her big breasts.

It’s a size that stands out from the top of the clothes.

「Is that so? okay」

(I don’t hate big breasts, rather I love them)

Though Hironobu feels regret, he can’t question the hope of the person.

(The soldier character Margrit-san probably think that her big breast is just an obstruction)

He suppressed his feelings of wanting to see it.

It’s already the long awaited insertion so he can’t let his feelings kill the time pointlessly.

In addition, Margrit’s body from the back is charming enough.

The refreshing backbone is firm and narrow.

Then, the lower half that has such a sensual ass and thighs.

Hironobu who had embraced a lot of beauties feels aroused enough.

「Something hard is going in…」

Margrit advances while Hironobu is having such thoughts.

She hold his penis and made it meet her vagina.

「Fuu, nnn!! Aa, it’s coming in…」

She lowered her waist and the penis went in.

Margrit who’s a famous general seems to be puzzled on her first sex.

「Are you okay? If it hurts then you can go slowly…」

「No, I’ll do this in one go…Naaaaaa!!」

She refused Hironobu’s words and had both of her hands support her body.

Then her waist finally had dropped down and the penis was in.

「Haahaa…u, fuu…」

She remained in that state for a while but she raised her body after taking a breath.

「How’s it? Is everything in?」

「Yes, Margrit-san’s insides feels so good」

When her vagina had received his penis, it twined with it instantly.

Having her trained overall, the shutting is quite something.

「I can also feel that I’m connected deep with you.」 Something this big went easily inside me」

「That’s probably because of the fellatio a while ago」

「What? What do you mean?」

Margrit asked.

「My semen has a aphrodisiac effect. It’s perfect for me who has the ability to raise status by sex」
「Then, I’m in heat right now? Certainly, my body feels hot since earlier I think…」

She said while applying her hand on her chest.

Then, her heart beats violently as expected.

「For Margrit-san who said it’s her first time, the pain would be lessened too」

「Certainly, it was smoother than I was told. My waist feels numb」

Saying that, she shakes her waist.


Hironobu’s voice leaked out due to the sudden movement of the vagina.

Margrit smiled whe she saw that.

「It seems you’re feeling it from me. Then, I’ll be moving more」

Immediately after, she began to move her waist up and down intensely.

The firm body’s piston has no mercy, the glans was stimulated.

「Your thing pierces my depths again and again, it’s strong.」

「Even Margrit-san, your insides are wriggling, it feels too good!」

(Also, the shaking of her ass looks sexy!)

Her body that has a nice balance of muscle and fat feels elegant as a soldier who fights.

However, she also has the sexiness to arouse a man at the same time.

Especially when you look at her back, there’s sometimes a point from her big breast sticking out from the line of her body.

(I’d like to massage it from the back actually…)

Hironobu who loves big breast can’t miss it but he can’t do that right now.

Margrit’s movement of her waist got even more violent that if he lost focus, he’ll definitely ejaculate instantly.

A banging sound echoes every time she nail down her ass and the big piston shows it’s intensity.

「Fuu, nhaa! Haahaa, aaaa!」

But, it won’t have any meaning if she’s not feeling it when she moves.

As proof, the lovely voice she can’t endure earlier has began to leak.

「Margrit-san is feeling it too?」

「Aaah, that’s right! It’s a pleasure I’ve never felt until now!」

「Then, could you let me hear your unrestrained voice?」

Margrit stopped moving due to his words.

「Haa…haa…However, do you want to hear rough breathing from an unrefined woman like me?」

「That’s not true, it’s very charming」

「Fufuu, it’s the first time I’ve been told that. I’m only treated as a general when it comes to the battlefield」

She ridiculed herself then turned back while hiding her red face.

「Then, please feel more of me. Until you come to like me」

Margrit began to bang her waist again.

「Ah, aaaaooooooo!」

She raised a loud lovely voice this time, telling Hironobu that she’s feeling it.

A large amount of love nectar began to ooze out due to the effect of the aphrodisiac and the wet sound fueled the arousal.

「Aaaa, aauuuuuu!!」

(Amazing! That’s too lewd Margrit-san!)

Hironobu’s arousal reached its peak due to her intense movements.

「I’m sorry, I’m about to!」

His penis screams from the tightening and stimulation of her vagina.

「I’m going to cum inside like this! There’s no drop to waste!」

Margrit reacted to Hironobu’s words and her vagina tightens as if squeezing him in the end.


It triggered him and semen gushed inside her vagina.

「H-Hot! Uuuuuuuuu!? Aaaaaaaaaaaa!」

Margrit accepts her first creampie and her body convulsed.

However the ejaculation doesn’t end.

The penis sends off semen one after another and her vagina was dyed white

「Haa, haa, haa…sorry, I can’t stand」
After a few minutes of convulsing, she finally stood up.

「It’s okay. I’m stronger than how I look」

「I see. However, sex is amazing」

Wiping off her sweat, Margrit faced Hironobu.

Though her face is red from the sexual excitement due to the aphrodisiac, her ability to think still remains.1

There’s also the gloss, she seems like an athlete who feels refreshed after having a match.

Hironobu returned a smile but there’s another feeling gushing forth inside him.

(I want to see her drown into pleasure…)
Then, Hironobu began to move according to his impulse.


  1. Well, that’s just round 1, do you expect her to be like Ayaka?