Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Bitter Reunion

Hironobu and the others run after the flying Dark Satan.

Since this is the enemy territory they have to settle this as soon as possible.

However, no matter how much their status is strengthened, they can’t easily catch up with the opponent flying over the sky.,

Still, they can do nothing but pursue Dark Satan to confirm the truth.

「Dammit, can we also fly using something?」

Hironobu speaks out his annoyance.

「It’s better to catch up with him with normal magic than having the ability to fly.」

Ayaka denied it.

「HAHAHA~! That’s right, you can’t catch up to me」

Hearing their conversation, Dark Satan turned to Hironobu and laughed.

「Ah~ Geez! You’re really annoying! Take this!」

Fairy shoots out magic but it was easily avoided.

「Calm down, don’t take the enemy’s provocations」

Youko controlled Fairy’s hand who’s continuously firing off magic.

She then talked to Hironobu.

「Dark Satan might be leading us to somewhere」

「Leading…Do you think it’s a trap?」

Youko nodded at him.

「That’s right. This is like a garden for the enemy so he should’ve been away if he’s seriously escaping」

「I see, certainly it is」

However, Hironobu shook his head

「But we would get nothing if we backed down. We’ll break the trap and defeat that guy」

「Well said! Then I will also stand in battle」

Margrit was aspired by the fighting spirit burning from Hironobu’s words.

「Got it. But please don’t die. The alliance might be broken if you do」

He said that as a joke and she returned a laugh.

「I can assure you that kind of enemy isn’t much for our country」

Then Margrit sprang up.

「In the first place shooting that annoying guy is a trap. You’re the aim if he snipes, take care」

「I will be protecting Hironobu-sama!」

Firana said and moved next to him.

She who has a peculiar magic has the best defense magic among all the members.

「You’re so reliable that I can’t think of you as a princess.」

She laughs while saying so then turned around and started running.

「Okay, let’s follow Margrit-san. Don’t let down your guard everyone!」

All members increased the speed of their pursuit as per Hironobu’s instructions.

「Tsk, but just a bit more…!」

While Dark Satan sees that the distance gradually shortens, he continued to fly.

Then, he entered a desserted house in a big church on the site immediately.

「Die! Humans!」

The wall of the church in front of Hironobu collapsed at the same time he said that.

Then there’s something that flew out from the cloud of dust.

「They’re still here!?」

「Hironobu-sama, here」

Firana who was cautious beforehand protected Hironobu with her defensive magic.

As thought, the attack was aimed at him so Firana’s magic was able to turn it over.

It seems that it was a cannonball of rock or something.

「Did it fail?…But don’t think that it’s the last of it」

Dark Satan said that and jumped into the cloud of dust.

Immediately after a huge shadow appeared from the second floor of the collapsed church building.

「That’s…A golem?」

Ayaka withdrew from the hugeness of it.

「That’s right! This Giant Golem given to me by the Maou-sama will send you to hell!」

When Dark Satan who’s on the shoulder of the Giant Golem waved his hand, the golem swing down his pillar-like arm.

「If it’s a monster then leave it to me!」

Margrit slips through the arm and attacked the golem.

She aimed precisely at the thin joints of the armor and swing her sword.

「Tsk, Hard!」

However her attack only ended damaging the surface.

「Do you classify this Giant Golem with a normal thing? Hah!」

The golem opened it’s palm when Dark Satan ordered it.

Then, a rock cannonball was launched from there.

「I saw that a while ago!」

Fairy is the one who stepped forward and knocked down the rock cannonball with her sword this time.

「Taking on a golem attack with a sword!?」

「Ehehe, this isn’t a normal sword~」

Looking closely, Fairy’s sword emits a faint light.

「I see, it’s a sword strengthened with magic…However, it won’t be able to receive the real attack of the golem!」

This time the Giant Golem used both his arms.

In addition to the direct attack of a large mass, the rock cannonball shot from the palm disturbs Hironobu.

「Firana, can you defend against that fellow?」

「I’ll try!」

「Okay, I’ll be aiming at it’s foot」

Hironobu concentrates and began to invoke his magic.

「Like hell I’d let you! Get them, Golem!」

Dark Satan who noticed it made the golem face them.

「I won’t let a finger touch Hironobu-sama!」

Firana puts her defensive power on it’s max and caught the arm of the golem.

「Take this! Napalm Bomb!」

Hironobu’s magic explodes meanwhile and the golem’s legs are scorching.

「This degree won’t…Ugaa!?」

Dark Satan’s stance was destroyed while his in the middle of speaking.

The joints that was heated up by Hironobu’s magic cracked up.

「I got you!」

Margrit didn’t let any chance pass by and dashed to slay dark satan.


Dark Satan who received a deep wound tumbled down from the golem and the doll who lost it’s master stopped moving.

(I have to question him and asked what he meant by those words!)

Hironobu rushed to where Dark Satan had fell off and there was Margrit and the dead Dark Satan.

「Sorry, it seems that his neck broke when he fell…」

She bowed apologetically.

Looking at it, Dark Satan’s neck is facing an impossible direction.

「…I see, it can’t be helped」

Hironobu turned his eyes at Margrit with suspicion for a moment but he shook his head to reject the thought.

(Margrit-san isn’t someone who can force out a personality in her)

Scolding himself for falling on negative thoughts, he slapped his cheeks.

「The enemy reinforcements would come if we stayed any further here. Let’s hurry up and go backl」

A detailed map wasn’t made but they have to keep the generous thing as a memory.

There’s a gain in killing the enemy commander but they’re prioritizing safety over intelligence.

「Roger. Then let’s immediately…Who’s there!?」

Margrit felt some presence and she turned her sword on the nearby tree.

Then a shadow appeared.

「Can, can something as foolish as this happen?」

Ayaka who saw that person raised a voice of surprise.

That’s natural as that person shouldn’t already be there.

「Could it be…Miyuki!?」

That’s right, the one who appeared from the tree is the childhood friend who should be dead.

「You’re alive!? Come here, let’s go back together!」

Hironobu shouted but, Miyuki jumped off the tree emotionlessly and disappeared.


「Wait, we don’t have time to chase her」

Youko suppressed Hironobu who’s about to dash.

「…Let’s go back」

He said it in vexation and Ayaka and the girls also gave up and withdrew.

「…She might be the traitor」

Youko suddenly blurted it out while in the middle of retreat.
「What do you mean?」

「As a teacher I had known everyone’s abilities, her ability is called 《Falcon’s eyes》she can see something from far away」

「Then, she informed dark satan of our movement, is what you mean to say?」

「I don’t want to believe it too…」

Both of them shut their mouths.

Hironobu’s heart is pleased that Miyuki’s back alive and doubted his mind that he fought her.