Dragged into the class transfer Volume 4 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Gloomy Return

A lot of things happened during the reconnaissance in the Demon King’s castle but they were able to go back in the capital safely.

However, their hearts are in shock more than their bodies.

Especially Hironobu.

He’s in delight that the Miyuki who he thought was dead for long had appeared however he’s doubting about the her betrayal as told by Dark Satan.

If by any chance that she’s a traitor, what would he do?

Hironobu was troubled.

「Ozawa-kun are you okay? You seem to be thinking too much but…」

Youko who’s walking next to him called out anxiously.

「It’s about her right? Let’s see, I also don’t know what to do with its suddenness」

She replied to his words but the usual carefree atmosphere was toned down.

(I’m glad that Miyuki is alive. However, for her to be a traitor…)

Hironobu wants her to to show up sooner if she was alive.

For her to hide her existence for this past year made his doubt stronger.

(If there’s a reason then she should’ve told me. Or are you really a traitor?)

Having all of things going smoothly recently, this situation landed heavily on Hironobu’s mind.

「Ozawa-kun should probably take a rest on his room. Sensei and the others will be the one reporting to the king」

「Thanks I’ll do that」

Appreciating Youko’s worry, Hironobu walked to his room totteringly.

Firana saw off that back anxiously.

「I hope that Hironobu-sama can recover」

Youko patted her shoulder.

「Let’s work hard right now and let Ozawa-kun rest okay? I’m sure that he’ll return to what he used to be」

「Right, we have to get grip with ourselves」

Then the girls went to the King’s room.

◆     ◆

「Ah shit!」

As soon as he arrived at his room, Hironobu violently threw his baggage at the sofa.

Then she laid down on the bed without taking off his coat.

「Miyuki, why did you do that?… There should’ve been no problems if you followed me」

Though their relations recently is thin, She’s still the childhood friend that has mutual trust with Hironobu.

Therefore, the doubt to Miyuki who disappeared in front of him has strengthened.

(As expected Miyuki is…)

The more Hironobu thinks the more doubtful she becomes.

Then when his thoughts are tilting to the depression, The door of the room suddenly opened.

「Yahooo! I came!~」

The one who entered without knocking was Fairy who should be with Firana./

「Shouldn’t you be with Sensei to report?」

「Ehehe, I escaped since it’s troublesome!」


Hironobu sighed instinctively towards her defiant attitude.

「Ozawa is worrying about Miyuki-chan aren’t you?」

Those nonchalant words stuck in Hironobu’s chest.

「…well yeah」

「Ozawa and Miyuki-chan knew each other? Fairy never knew~」

「She’s my childhood friend. But, if it was found out that she was my childhood friend in the former world, she’d be troubled too so I kept quiet」

「Hmmm, that’s quite considerate of you」

Fairy advances inside the room while talking and she sat down next to Hironobu.

「But you see, you’re going to have that gloomy feeling all the time right? Fairy’s not good with that kind of mood」

Then she quickly spin her body and sat on top of Hironobu.

「That’s why, let’s take away the troublesome worries with sex?」

Saying that, she took of her clothes.

Hironobu had tasted her body a lot of times but it’s still breathtaking.

「Fufufu, It seems that this one is agreeing with Fairy」

Fairy reached out between his groins and it is already hard

「…Ah, I get it. Let’s do it then!」

「Eh, Kyaa~!」

Bursting out, Hironobu threw down Fairy in a flash.

「You were the one who invited me. I’ll have you play with me until I’m satisfied」

「That’s something Fairy usually say but…Hyaan~!」

Ignoring her words, Hironobu caressed her vagina immediately.

That was Fairy’s intention from the first so she’s already wet before the finger caress him.

「N, Haahaa…」

「If it’s this wet then it should be fine, I’m going in」

When Hironobu judged so, he then spread Fairy’s legs wide.

The result is her vagina spreading greatly.

「Wait, this is embarrassing」

Fairy wriggles her body from the defenselessness she’s feeling.

However Hironobu sealed her movements completely.

「You won’t be feeling embarrassment immediately」

He put his erect penis onto her vagina and pushed in his waist.

「Ah, uuu! I-It’s coming in!」

The penis advances inside the vagina and it finally reached the womb on the deepest part.

Furthermore, the glans poke the womb.

「Ahn~! Kuuu, Ahhhhnnnn~!」

Fairy leaked out a voice as her sensitive part is stimulated.

「I just put it in, the real thing is just coming」

「G-Good! Pierce me with this penis!」

Just like as she said, Hironobu began to swing his waist.

Crushing her from the top, the vagina is pierced with a deep piston.

「Hyaaaaaaaaaa! Deep! My womb is being cruuusshhheed!!」

(Good, scream more!)

Hironobu who’s delighted from Fairy’s reaction continued to attack her.

Just like as she said, Hironobu who concentrated on sex had returned to his usual condition.

「NoO~ It feels too good~! My head is going blank!」

「Your bottom is good so it’s fine to become an idiot. We’re still not done yet!」

Hironobu moves much more violent than usual, Fairy receives the unexpectedly big pleasure.

She wishes to stop the restraints but Hironobu rejected it.

「Higu, Auuuuu~! This, don’t movee, Aaaaaaaa!?」

Her body moves trying to run away but her feet’s near her head and her hands are held by him.

(It’s useless to try to run away. This is your punishment)

Blaming at Fairy’s movements, he further increased the intensity of his waist.

「No~ Don’t don’t~! Cumming already!」

Fairy reached climax from the uncontrollable pleasure.

「Me too…!」

He who pokes her insides like a tool, Hironobu reached his limit.

However, he didn’t stop his piston and just kept piercing her

「Cum! Cumcum, Cumiiiiiiinggg!!」

Fairy who’s suppressed climaxed and her vagina tightened at the same time.

The penis that’s still moving can’t endure the stimulation and ejaculated.

「Aaaaa, hot stuff, a lot of semen…」

Reaching climax, Fairy voices out the sperm filling herself.

(More, my feelings hadn’t settled down yet!)

Changing his gloomy feelings for Miyuki to sexual desire, Hironobu swing his waist without calming down.

「Hyaa! It just came yet it’s hard again!」

Fairy screams from the unforgiving consecutive pistons.

However, her vagina reacts and firmly tightens to the movement of the penis.

The bitch Fairy is now drowning in pleasure.

Hironobu who sees that appearance felt more excited due to the gap from usual.

(I’ll make her cum like this)

Hironobu pistons violently as if his feelings were strongly possessed and Fairy’s body reached climax.

「Cummiiiing, cum, cummmiiiiinggg!!」

Fairy who can’t stop cumming can do nothing but twitch under Hironobu.


Hironobu reached his limit again late.

However he didn’t stop his movement until the ejaculation, he inserted deep with all his strength in the end and shoot off semen.

「Aaaaaa, semen is filling up my wooooooomb!!」

In spite it was his second time ejaculating, the semen he poured overflowed inside her vagina, he finally took off his waist by then.

White liquid spilled out from the vagina of Fairy where he pulled out his penis.


Hironobu told Fairy

He felt that this was her own way of consoling him

「Haahaa…As thanks, let’s do it one more time」
「You’re really a…well fine」

Hironobu raised his waist while smiling wryly.

In the end the two did it until Firana returned from finishing the report.