Dragged into the class transfer Volume 4 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Valeria’s return

Several days after the scouting finished.

The alliance between the two countries was opened to the public, Hironobu’s achievements were also announced at the same time and the citizens were excited in joy.

For the human side that’s been long busy in defense will have the invasion of the demon castle and the death of an enemy commander a great news.

Furthermore, matching with the joint military gain of both countries, the alliance will be peaceful for a while.

Hironobu who came back had regained his usual form.

He just reinforced the status of the female class just now.

A man who finished his task relaxed on his own room.

「There’s none in my schedule today anymore. Should I practice magic?」

During the reconnaissance, he took some time preparing the magic against the Giant Golem

It was a strong magic but Hironobu lacks practice.

He reflected on it and practiced magic independently every day.

「Small fire, Small fire, Small fire……」

Casting a spell continuously, a flame appear on one fingertip to another.

The magicians in the castle are doing this to train the control of magic.

The door suddenly opened while he’s doing that kind of thing.


He almost lit his desk in surprise but he was able to put up with it just before it does.

「Valeria, knock the door when you’re coming in」

「S-Sorry…Since I finally came back, I unconsciously」

The woman who reflected on her actions bowed her head in shame of her rudeness.

(Well, I don’t mind but. The embarrassed Valeria is cute)

Though she’s tough in one side, she’s actually innocent that her heart will tremble if you poke her.

The proof is that she also fall in love with Hironobu and he wants to meddle with her1

「By the way, since you came back, that means that you finished the analysis of the document, right?」

「Yeah I was able to read almost all of it. It was quite difficult but I was able to carry it out」

Valeria changed he expression to a refreshed one.

Hironobu nodded when he saw that.

「We might be able to obtain a hint to defeat the demon king with this. You did well」

Hironobu stood up and pat her head.

「Nnn~! I’m glad but…」

Although Valeria is always pleased from the bottom of her heart when Hironobu praise her, her state is different today.

「What? Is there something wrong?」

He looked into her face while saying, Valeria’s tension was cut.

「I-I can’t endure it anymore!」

She suddenly hugged Hironobu and threw him down the bed.


He raised a confused voice towards her bold action.

However Valeria leaned on Hironobu in a flash.

「I waited for a whole month, it can’t be helped that my insides wish for Hironobu」

She took off her own clothes and became naked.

Hironobu who realized that Valeria is in the state of estrus, he expressed a smile.

「I see. Then I have to satisfy you!」

Then he immediately rubbed her chest.

「Nah~ More! Massage it strongly that the shape change!」

「Very well, here!」

「Aaaaa! nnn, iuuuuu!」

Taking a caress after a long time, Valeria’s body rejoiced.

Even if the stimulation is a bit strong, it turns into pleasure.

(Amazing, isn’t this softer than marshmallow?)

Every time Hironobu’s hand moved, his fingers sinks into her breasts.

He was absorbed in the feeling as he continue to caress it.

「Actually, I thought if listening to the contents of the document at first」

「Ahh, please don’t tease me, Hironobu. Only a demon would make me wait further」

「I know. I’ll satisfy you」

When her body was getting loose to some extent, Hironobu sits down and threw her down in reverse.

「Haa, haa, what are you going to do now?」

「A reward for Valeria who did her best」

Saying that, he sank his head between her thighs.

She realized what he’s about to do and closed her legs in panic.

But, Hironobu’s head had already slipped in.

「Wait, right now that’s! Ahiiiiiiiiii!」

Not listening to Valeria’s restraint, he made his tongue crawl in her vagina.

「What? You’re already wet even before I licked it」

e laughs as if something is funny, this means how much Valeria wishes him.

Her feelings reached him and Hironobu attacked her to please her.

Stroking her clitoris with his finger, the vagina below is also invaded.

「Uguu! There, don’t lick while playiiiiiiing!!」

「But, your body seems to be enjoying this」

「Hi, nnnu…I’m going crazy!」

She said, but Valeria’s legs are locking Hironobu’s head.

(She’s not honest)

He thought, he continues to attack her as her body is enjoying it.

「Really, I’m going to break! I beg of you, liberate it!」

Valeria says that while gasping, he finally separated his mouth.

Of course, he won’t end it just like that. That’s just the start.

However, Valeria2 covered his face using her arm.

「Uuu…don’t look…」

Perhaps, she doesn’t want to show her face that collapsed to pleasure.

The woman who fell in disorder in the forest feels ashamed inside the castle.

「I get it, let’s do this then」

Saying that, Hironobu turned over her body. Then he made her stand on her knees.

「I can’t see your face like this」

Then he applied his erect penis.

「Hin! Fuu, haa…」

Valeria fixed her breathing as she’s going to endure the impact coming.

「Fuu, haa, fuu! Nguu, auuuuuu!」

However, that was useless.

When the penis went inside, the vagina that’s waiting impatiently tightened.

It’s like a traveler who found an oasis turned totally greedy.

Valeria’s whole body felt pleasure from the sex she’s been waiting for and it reacted without her permission.

「Kyaaauuuuu! Don’t, it was just put in yeeeeet!」

The suppressed desire was released by the long awaited sex and pleasure ruled her body.

(Ou, her insides are twining. You really wanted it that much?)

The folds stimulated his penis as if it wants him to ejaculate immediately.

He braced himself as he almost instinctively leaked it out, Hironobu then began to swing his waist.

Every time her hips are grasped and the meats bang, the pleasure for both of them rises.

「Ua…Cum, I’m cumming, nfuuuu!」

Pressing her face against the pillow, Valeria supresses her voice.

Hironobu got aroused by that appearance, he then bangs his waist even stronger.

His penis pokes her uterus and stimulates it as if scraping it out.

「Cum, I’m cumiiiiiing! I’m already cummiiiing!」

Her body trembles as she experience consecutive climaxes.

Seeing that, Hironobu felt that his own sexual feeling is reaching it’s limit.

「Valeria, I’m going to cum. Where do you want it?」

She then exclaimed.

「Inside! Inside! Let it out inside! Fill my insides, Hironobuuuu!!」

「Okay, got it…!」
Hironobu who heard her wish moved his waist at high speed.

Every time his movement pierce her, her uterus melts.


He then inserted with all his might at the end and released his pent up desire.

「Ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hot, my insides are burniiiiiing!」

Semen entered her womb and Valeria was filled inside.

Feeling it after a long time, she accepted the pleasure and fainted.


When Hironobu released his hand, the waist lost it’s power and collapsed to the bed.

Semen spilled out between her legs and made the sheets dirty.

He put on a blanket on top of Valeria so she won’t catch a cold and he murmured from her side.

「I wonder if I over did it? I have postpone the document until she wakes up」

(Well, as long as Valeria’s satisfied then it’s fine)

Hironobu continued to practice magic in order to kill time until she wakes up.


  1.  それもHironobuに惚れている証拠なので、彼はついちょっかいを出したくなってしまうのだ。
  2. Author wrote Margrit, he mistyped