Dragged into the class transfer volume 5 chapter 5

Chapter 5: Maou Castle invasion 1

Half a month after confirming the content of the document, Hironobu and the girls were gathered in the conference room in the castle.

The members were six people with Margrit and Valeria added to the conference.

「I have gathered you today for one purpose. We will be challenging the demon army for the decisive battle」

The place became tense due to the King’s words.
They’re finally going to subdue the Maou who’s the enemy of mankind.

「I have received the explanation of the document from this lady elf and we judged that it’s worthy of trust. Thus, I want you to help us defeat the Maou as soon as possible」

「Your Majesty, even if you say that you’ve gathered the information about the Maou, isn’t this too sudden?」

Answering the question of her daughter, the king showed a bitter face.

「We have recovered the territory with this Heroes’ activities during this past year but the dead won’t come back」

「In short, the country’s power is insufficient to fight any further…?」

「That’s right, heroes. The nation’s power would be in trouble if this is lengthened」

If this continues then Hironobu has the war power to restore territory but the kingdom’s army doesn’t have the power to defend that place.

Naturally, even the hands of the thirty female students can’t extend that much.

That’s why, they have to defeat the top of the demon army and finish the war fast.

If there’s no Maou, the demons with low intellect can’t move organized.

It’s calculated by the kingdom that the executives like dark satan can’t maintain the demon army.

Understanding the current state, the king cuts to the main subject.

「Then, I’ll explain the strategy. The bigger unit will act as diversion and the elites will be on surprise attack」

「My army will also participate on this.」

Margrit added from the side.

「Our country will do our best in defending the front. The kingdom can’t fall here」

「The allied forces led by General Margrit will be attacking the city that the demon army is occupying. If we can besiege them then we can send reinforcements to the Maou castle」

「Then, I want you and your company to invade the castle when it’s vacated」

Hironobu nodded powerfully at the word of the two.

「Understood, we will definitely defeat the Maou」

(The reinforcements from the Mou castle shouldn’t be a match on the allied forces we have)

He wants this operation to start sooner inside his mind.

Even if it’s Margrit, he doesn’t think that the fight with the demon army would end safely.

If the allied forces were defeated, the demons would flow in the country just like that.

(There’s no other way defeating the Maou for the time being)

They spent half a month looking for the blood relative of the hero but they weren’t able to find it.

Was it annihilated by the demon invasion? IN the first place, there might be no descendants.

Yet, they have no choice but to rely on the first method to destroy the dark orb and defeat the Maou.

Though it’s uncertain whether the girl’s attack would pass through the Maou’s super-high status, we have no choice but to do it.

After confirming some several details, they finally finished the meeting.

◆     ◆
One week later.

Hironobu and the girls are moving as a special unit for the Maou subjugation.

They hide themselves just like when they did the scouting and they approached the Maou castle.

「Okay, one day since the reinforcements of the demon army had sortied. They won’t return easily with that」

Margrit seems to be doing well that they have confirmed a large army going out of the Maou castle.

They have to beat the Maou before they reach her.

「Fairy, take the lead. We will follow you」

They appointed Fairy who has a high combat ability as a vanguard and advanced.

Then, they finally arrived at the gate without being found.

「The female class will secure the entrance and exits, make sure there’s no obstruction while we’re fighting the Maou」

The students scattered per Hironobu’s orders.

Since they have moderate status, they won’t fall behind of a demon that’s on the lookout.

「We will be advancing」

Hironobu led the Firana and the girls inside the castle.

Coming to the Maou castle, they had fought against a wolf-like lookouts that’s several times stronger than the demons.

However, they’re no match for the Youko and the girls among the heroes.

They’d knock them out before the moment of state of emergency

They finally came near the top floor where the Maou sleeps.

「What? Isn’t this too easy? Since it’s the castle, I thought that a dragon would come out~」

Firana says that while throwing away the demon she killed.

「Don’t lose your guard, there’s still some enemy remaining」

「Yeah sure, Sensei’s a worrywart~geez」

She said that but Fairy’s nerves are stretched.

That’s why it is, also she’s the one who notices it at first.

「…Wait, there’s something coming out in front!@」

Saying that, everyone prepared for battle

「…I found youuuuuuuuu!」

A big shadow appears as well as a huge voice that echoes like it’s using a loudspeaker.

Then, bones pile on top.

Bones from various demons have gathered and the skull wind like a snake.

Then, they recognized the appearance of what’s in their front.

「That’s Dark Satan! I’m sure that we defeated it!」

Dark Satan laughed at the surprised Hironobu.

「I came back from hell to clear away the humiliation I received from you. Fuahahahaha!」

Looking carefully, it’s body had been rolled like a mummy, there’s white marks seen from the skin on the gap.

If you illustrate it, it would be called an undead satan.

「Without delay, DIE! Flame lance!」

Undead Satan swing his arm and a spear made of flame dashed out from his hand.

「I won’t let you!」

Firana spreads out a defensive magic ahead.

The magic clashed and she was blown away by the impact.

Fairy moved to counterattack instead of Hironobu taking it.

「I don’t like persistent men! Here you go!」

「I’ll send you back in hell again」

Fairy’s sword that’s strengthened with magic stabbed the enemy.

Ayaka’s sword is just a normal one but you can’t think of it as a handicap because of her wonderful sword skill.

「Gunuu, Not yet!」

Undead Satan undauntedly counterattacks but Firana defended from it every time.

Every attack creates destruction and it created noise inside the castle.

It seems that they have finally noticed the intruder.

「Ozawa-kun, It’ll be bad if we’re stalled here」

Youko talked to Hironobu who’s scowling on the situation.

「Got some idea?」

「Yes, I know an effective magic against an undead. However, I want you to stop this fellow’s movement so I can approach」

「Let’s try it then」

Hironobu nodded to her and began to run towards the undead satan.

「You fucking zombie! Look here!」

He made a spear made of water while swearing.

「Fuckerr! I’ll kill you this time!」

Undead Satan who saw him raised a voice of anger and fired his magic.

However, Hironobu shot his water spear as a counterbalance each time.

「Idiot, take this Blizzard!」

Dodging the magic that was shot before, a cold chill was done this time.

「My body! But, what about it!」

The frozen snake bone separates and escaped from undead satan.

「I’ll do this!」

「What, you! Guwaaaa!」

Youko dashed out to the shadow of the big bone, made a stake of light on her right hand and stabbed.

「Ga, goooooooooo…」

It seems that it’s effective, undead satan fell on his knees.

「Like hell I’d die!」

However, the enemy noticed it’s approaching death and let his magic drive recklessly blowing himself up.

The floor collapsed due to the explosion, Youko who’s the closest one rolled up.

「! Kyaaaaaa!」


「Run you fools…!1

Hironobu stretched his hand but didn’t even reach her.

Because the bone of the snake collapses continuously, she became impossible to approach.

「Dammit! Let’s go!」
Hironobu restrained his feelings and advanced towards the Maou.


  1. Actual Translation: Go, head towards the Maou…!