Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Maou Castle invasion 2

「Uuu, Ouch…」

Youko who was dragged into the self-destruct of undead satan was safe in fact.

She was able to take the fall without any injuries because she used a defensive magic while falling.

「That was unskilled of me…」

Youko stood up while brushing off the dirt from her clothes.

The dirt had turned to a thick cloud of dust and not even a scratch was seen.

Perhaps, it’s thanks to her suit that’s harder than a knight’s armor.

The dirt’s also removed with just a fan of hand.

「It doesn’t need to wash it but I’d like to change clothes」

The clothes that the heroes have worn were never torn until today.

However, wearing the same clothes forever is hard to endure for a woman.

「I have to catch up with Ozawa-kun first. I can’t let them fight the Maou with just them」

Is that her pride as a teacher?

Her words had a strong determination.

Confirming that she has no injuries, she looked up the hole she had fallen into.

It seems that she fell several floors.

「It’s impossible to go up from here…」

It’s possible with her physical strength but if the rubble collapses while climbing, it would be dangerous.

The castle is made of huge stones and rocks here and there so there’s the possibility of dying being crushed to death.

「It can’t be helped, let’s search for the stairs」

Deciding the safe method, Youko slipped between the debris.

「Err, here?」

The huge castle of the Maou has a considerable area in just one floor.,

Furthermore, it’s complicated whether it’s easy to protect when being attacked by an enemy.

The stairs also doesn’t range in the modern way either, it’s been distributed here and there.

「I finally found it, I can finally go up with this」

She does remember the road Hironobu had passed ahead but unfortunately, it’s a different stairs.

She came to search for the stairs on the next floor.

However, she came to a place she recall after walking around for several minutes.

「I can now go up without any hesitaion」

Breathing out a sigh of relief, she advanced immediately while relying on her own memory.

「Certainly, it was right…!?」

She stopped her foot when she finally reached the stairs and saw something.

Youko quickly hid herself.

She’s someone that’s on the rearguard using magic so it’s necessary to check the enemy when alone.

「I hope that it’s not a leader class…」

Just like as she wished, the enemy was not a leader. But, it’s not a demon either.

The one in front of Youko is a student who should have died, Miyuki.

Her body stiffened unconsciously.

Miyuki is going up the stairs while looking around.

「For her to be here…」

The person that may be betraying them.

It’s normal to be nervous.

「But, nothing will happen if I don’t talk to her」

Feeling that she has to believe the student that came back to life, she came out from the cover

「You’re Amano Miyuki right?」

Miyuki seems to be surprised by the call.

However, when she noticed that the one calling her is Youko, she climbed down while still having vigilance.

「Yes, Nakusa-sensei? It’s been a while」

Miyuki looked at Youko with cold eyes.

She originally had a cool character but her atmosphere had became sharper in this one year.

Youko was exposed to the piercing glance of Miyuki, she then stepped back unconsciously.

However, she approached her after calming herself.

「I’m really glad, I thought that it’s no good already」

「Right, I might be the one that should feel glad for Sensei」

However, Miyuki retreats while speaking, she’s keeping distance from Youko.

She’s obviously watching her movement.

「What’s wrong? Could it be an injury? Your clothes are worn out too…」

Miyuki’s wearing the same Uniform as Fairy and Ayaka but it’s considerably worn out compared to the two.

Having her uniform worn out like it’s been cut by swords and been attacked by magic, displays how much bloodshed she had passed through.

Miyuki who’s wearing a strong atmosphere has been showing obvious hostility.

Youko felt unpleasant but she’s been preparing for combat inside her head.

「Hey, Ozawa-kun is coming right now to defeat the Maou. It would be great if you help us」

「That’s quite funny, sensei」

Miyuki turned down her words.

She’s completely hostile.

Youko could do nothing but hardened her feelings at the last moment.

「There’s no need to talk then. Please die」

The next moment, Miyuki pulled out her weapon and attacked.

Miyuki’s weapon is a rather short spear, it’s best used to piercing and using speed.

Her movements are of a skilled soldier but Youko’s status is faster than her.


She moved her body forcibly to avoid it.

It’s thanks to her high status that she’s able to evade even though she’s a rearguard.

「You just avoided it now…But, your movements are of an amateur」

Miyuki calmly analyzed even if her attack was avoided.

The presence of mind of her own student surpass herself, it’s most likely forged by being under the bloodshed.

「It’s as if your status is strengthened forcibly」

Her observing eyes had seen through Youko’s power instantly.

Perhaps, she understands her more than herself.

However, there was no disorder in her fighting spirit.

It’s as if her atmosphere is used to fighting.

「If possible, I want you to teach training procedures but…」

「That’s impossible, Sensei’s specialty is modern Japanese1 Won’t it fit for a physical education teacher?」

「Got it. I’ll ask your body after I knock you down」

Ending the conversation, Miyuki dashed out again

She’s playing with Youko by moving on zigzag this time.

However, Youko also fought back with magic.

「Sensei’s much more skillful in magic though!」

She turned both of her hands and a glowing sphere appeared.

「Just get obediently caught!」

Then, arrows made of light went out from that sphere.

Miyuki tried to evade the arrow but her eyes opened wide.

The arrow run after her.

「I can’t chase you but I wonder if you can run away from this magic?」

She suppressed the power so she won’t kill her but it would have a terrible shock if hit directly.

Miyuki’s clothes are worn out so the match would be over if she was hit.

More than ten arrows are chasing after her.

「Don’t underestimate me!」

However, she won’t be finished with just that.

She chanted fast and the spear she’s holding emits light.

Then, she repelled the arrows made of light just like that.

「Amano-san, you can use magic…」

Fairy does something similar.

If she’s able to use magic, she can deal with enemies’ magic too.

Therefore, Youko was settled down with a swift attack.

Timing Miyuki’s approach, she released her accumulated magic.

「Ku, guu!」

Miyuki’s clever too that she was able to avoid the magic blown off from a point blank range.

「You took up a lot of time. But, this is the end」

Youko said that and she slowly approached Miyuki.


  1. The subject she’s teaching, I guess