Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Maou Castle invasion 3

Hironobu and the girls resumed their capture in the castle after separating from Youko.

The guards have gathered in succession as they have noticed their infiltration due to the battle with Undead Satan.

Two golems with the size of humans and two headed wolf demons.

Furthermore, there are small demons shooting out magic from above.

However, there wasn’t anyone to stop them with that power.

「I won’t let you stop master!」

「Hahaha! Blow them away!」

Ayaka blocked the golems and dismantled them instantly, Fairy cuts down the wolves.

The flying demons was shot down by Valeria’s arrow.

Firana did defend from all attacks from the blind spot.

Hironobu himself covers the girls with his magic from the back.

When they defeat the demons, they suddenly stopped attacking.

「Is this a trap or something? Or was the war potential of the enemy cut?」

Firana answered Hironobu’s mutter.

「There seems to be a commotion below」

「I’ll confirm it」

Valeria leaned forward the nearby window and peeped below

「…It seems that the heroes we left are fighting the demons」

「I see, are they luring out the enemy?」

He had confirmed the current information thanks to Valeria.

「Then, let’s hurry up」

Saying that, Hironobu began to run.

Firana and the girls followed and raised their speed.

Then, they finally reached the front of the door on the top floor.

It’s size is bigger than the other doors and it’s decorated.

The door has that kind of feel.

「This is the door that connects to the Maou? Are you ready?」

When Hironobu turned around, the girls have gripped each of their weapons and they were filled with fighting spirit.

「Okay, let’s go!」

He finally put his hand on the door.

Then, at that time.

「Wait, Hiro!」

Hironobu’s hand stopped because of the voice calling out from the back.

That voice was unheard for a while.

However, he can’t make a mistake once he heard it.

Turning around, the person he thought appeared.

「Miyuki, you’re really alive!」

Looking at her, her body is filled with wounds.

Her uniform that should be strong is worn out.

Hironobu starts to run to her immediately but he was stopped.

「Please wait, Master, it’s dangerous」

Ayaka stepped in front and turned her sword to Miyuki.

「Sensei said that it’s suspicious.  You can’t lose your guard」

Saying that, she’s prepared to make a stab in the moment.

Firana and the girls are not breaking their vigilance either.

「Hey, wait! I’ll talk to her, don’t interfere」

「That’s! Master!」

However, he didn’t mind and stepped forward.

Ayaka’s a slave so she can’t defy his orders.


「It’s fine Firana, leave this to me 」

Holding back the worried woman, he advanced in front of Miyuki.

「Hiro, I…」

「It’s okay, show me your wound first」

She tries to say something but he interrupted her, he first checked her wounds.

Miyuki nodded and took off her weapon and uniform.

She also thought that the surrounding women would be surprised for her to show her defenseless self.

Taking off her shirt, there are a lot of wounds that caught her eye.

Some of them shows that they’ve already cured after months passing.

(There’s so much, was she fighting alone?…No, there’s also a wound today)

Hironobu felt uneasy about how she spent this past year but he put that aside.

He saw the new wounds and the biggest one is on her abdomen.

She must’ve received a big impact, it shows hints of a bruise.

「Oh, that’s quite an injury」

Before he was aware, Fairy is over Hironobu’s shoulder and looking at Miyuki.

It seems the stopped being alert.

「Well, it’s easy for me. Leave this to Fairy~!」

Saying that, she applied both of her hands on the wound.

Then her hand emits a faint light and Miyuki’s wounds healed instantly.

This is Fairy’s special ability 《Instantaneous Recovery》

「Thanks, Fairy. But are you not doubting me?」

「Because, it’s just foolish to be vigilant against someone who threw her weapon」

「Right, but…」

Miyuki raised her hand and a fire ball appeared on her palm

「You have to be careful if your enemy can use magic」

Fairy’s eyes opened wide because of the fire in front of her face.

「N-no way!? I thought that Miyuki was a vanguard?」

「A year had passed after that right? I learned magic and I mastered most weapons」

Miyuki indifferently reported to the surprised Fairy.
「Ehh, Miyuki’s amazing」

Those were the true words.

Hironobu also feels admiration just like Fairy.

This world has a game like status so it’s said that you should forge what you’re best in.

However, even if the status in magic is low, magic can be used

Even an attack magic with low power can be a useful on a predicament depending on the usage.

Miyuki can’t move in a team like Hironobu’s so she haven’t learned everything yet.

「Aside from that, I’m glad that Miyuki’s alive. But, you survived well from that fall from the cliff1

Miyuki’s expression turned grim because of his question.

「Right, I want to talk about a lot of things.  Could you listen for a bit?」

「Yeah, got it. However, the Maou is sleeping on the other side of the door」

「Before that, there’s something I want you to know by all means. It’s about the true traitor…」

「What…Does Miyuki know it?」

Hironobu’s expression turned severe due to her words.

AFter all, it’s the traitor that leaked out the information before that made the trapped by the enemy.

「Of course, only if you believe my words though」

Miyuki’s eyes looked at Ayaka and the others.

The girls seems to be not believing at Miyuki yet.

「I’ll decide after hearing it. Are you fine with that too?」

Hironobu looked back while asking, then the girls finally lowered their weapons.

「Now, let me ask you Miyuki. What happened to you? Who betrayed us?」

「Got it」

Thus, she began to talk what happened to her first.


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