Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 5 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Miyuki’s truth 1

One year ago, on the day when the female students received their first actual combat.

The strategy that was planned and their fights are going well.

Since the location of the demon army is marked beforehand, they carefully prepared with their attack.

The students are also defeating the demons one after another.

However, the situation changed midway.

The leader of the Demon army, Dark Satan appeared.

Dark Satan’s power is strong that most of the guards were taken down.

It even came to the situation where the female class die one after another.

Miyuki went ahead and protected the classmate then she was pushed down the cliff by Dark Satan’s hand.

(No way, I’m going to die?)

Those thoughts flow into her mind while falling with a big hole opening her abdomen.

Miyuki’s unusually calm in her age.

She didn’t give up on living even in the current situation.

(Don’t joke with me, I have to do something…!!)

However, reality is heartless

Before she was able to think of a way out, her body was thrown on the river flowing under the cliff.

Due to the impact from the fall of several dozens of meters, the wound on her abdomen widened even more.

「Ga, goba, gobobo…」

Miyuki is drowned wile being washed away by the river.

She managed to keep her consciousness somehow while being tormented by an acute pain.

Though she tries to float her body so she won’t drown, a problem occurred.

Her left arm can’t move due to the impact it received from the fall. Furthermore, she can’t sense the lower half of her body.

(I’m going to die from loss of blood like this!)

Miyuki moves her right arm and searched for something to grasp.

Fortunately, her hand stuck on the nearby rock.

Relying on it, she tried to raise her body ashore with all of her power.

Is this adrenaline? Or is it thanks to the status forged by training, her body somehow succeeded in rising from water.

However, even if she escaped the crisis of dying from drowning, the god of death immediately came over.

Her sense of right arm lost it’s sense after a minute passing.

Miyukio moves her neck, she saw the rock where she fell down dyed red.

The wound given by dark satan made a large stream of blood flowing.

She realized that she can’t keep her life for several minutes more.

She saw a revolving lantern at the same time.

There’s one classmate floating on her head.

(After that, were they able to run away properly?)

The one she risked her life for.

She’s able to run away safely…she thought.

Next is the childhood friend that was dragged into the summon.

(Hiro…if I knew that this will happen, I should’ve talked to you more…)

They’re neglecting each other these past few years but they got along before.

They’re being side by side like family. 1

She doesn’t talk about it much but she always worry about Hironobu.

But he had an atmosphere that’s warding her off after entering high school so she held back.2

She regret late doing that.

The last one she recalled is her elder sister.

(Nee-san, I wasn’t able to find you in the end…sorry)

Her elder sister, Hikari disappeared several years ago

Though Miyuki scratched through information with every method known, she can’t find a trace of a single student.

But she finally saw footprints3 recently.

But she’s going to meet her end right now.


She called her sister with her hoarse voice.

However, there was no answer.

Instead, a shadow appeared in her front.

Her eyes are blurred already so she doesn’t know but she thought that it’s dark satan.

(Could it be that he’s going to kill me purposely? What a hardworking one)

She feels the want to make a sarcastic remark.

However, her mouth can’t move anymore.

(No more)

When she gave up and shut her eyes, she felt something warm in her abdomen.

At the asame time, the feeling of her consciousness disappearing fades away.

(Just one on bread is happening?)

The pain goes away slowly and it became easy for her to breathe.

Color returned to her view when she opened her eyes thinly.

The shadow in front of her became clear.

It’s an animal that’s like a deformed bear.4

Several of them are walking around Miyuki on two legs.

Furthermore, there’s one applying it’s hand on her abdomen.

It’s so cute that you want to hug it if this is the formerworld but, this is the otherworld.

It might be some demon that eats a human.

「You are you?」

She’s one step from dying anyway so she tried to call them out.

Then, they made an unexpected reaction.

They noticed that Miyuki regained her consciousness, then gathered around her.



「Hikari Hikari! Hikari!」

She thought that it’s their cry for a moment but the small bears are talking to Miyuki.

Then, she thought that she’s emitting a light but there’s no human that emits light.5

Her special ability doesn’t make light either.

Among them, there’s one who said something decisive.

「Amano, Hikari」

That moment, Miyuki juped out from surprise.

The hole in her abdomen was filled. There are some bruise left but you can’t ask too much luxury.

There’s something much more important than that.

Amano Hikari…Amano Hikari6

It’s the same name as her sister’s.

「You know nee-san!?」

The spirit made the bears part ways in the wave7

(Shit, I overdid it)

The usually calm Miyuki had her feelings bared when it comes to her elder sister.

Miyuki was panicking but one of the bears stepped forward.

It’s different from the other bears, it’s wearing simple clothes.

Perhaps, it’s the leader.

「You’re not Hikari?」

It seems that the bears aren’t speaking only one word.

Miyuki caught her breath and started speaking again.
「I’m Amano Miyuki. Amano Hikari’s little sister」

「Miyuki, Hikari’s little sister?」

「That’s right, do you know my sister?」

The bear nodded to Miyuki’s question

「Hikari’s a benefactor, a friend」

「She’s living right? I want to meet her」

However, it shook it’s head this time.

「What do you mean? Where’s nee-san right now?」

Bear answered with something that Miyuki didn’t expect.

「Hikari is caught in the Maou castle」


  1. This maybe wrong so I’m putting the raw “ 家族ぐるみの関係で、物心つくころから傍に居た存在だ。”
  2.  だが、高校に入ってからは彼のほうからMiyukiを避けている雰囲気があったので、それで遠慮してしまっていた。
  3. Clues, hints
  4. Sadly, it’s not panda, the master of Chi
  5. It’s a pun okay? Hikari means light
  6. First one has the Amano in Hiragana, the second one having the Kanji
  7.  その気迫にクマたちは波が引くように離れる。