Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Miyuki’s truth 2

Miyuki was surprised after being told that her sister is caught in the castle of the Maou.

However, she was somehow able to calm down because it’s her own merit.

Then, they began to to explain the situation.

(We’re originally sent to defeat the demon king If so, I’ll invade it right now…)

Miyuki’s status right now can’t even defeat the leader like dark satan apart from an ordinary demon.

She realized long ago.

She thought that she should rejoin the female class but she had a reason for not doing so.

(That person is really suspicious. At worst case, it’ll be turned against me instead)

MIyuki was convinced that there’s a traitor among the summoned people.

She knows that it’s a sly and hard to find enemy.

She thought that it would be dangerous to go back to the place where that sort of human is.

Thus, she selected another path.

「Hey, I have a request」


「Please give me a shelter for a while」
She’s talking to an existence that looks like a bear stuffed toy that talks.

Though it looks foolish from the outsider’s eyes, Miyuki was serious.

Then, the bear looked at Miyuki and nodded.
「Got it. We were helped by Hikari so we’ll be helping Miyuki this time」

She crouched down and clenched the hand of the bear, then gave her words of gratitude.


They also looked happy and thanked Miyuki.

「By the way, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet. I’m Amano Miyuki, Amano Hikari’s little sister」1

「We are Mugs, we live in the nearby forest. I’m the patriarch」

「Best regards. Speaking of, how did you meet my sister?>」

The Mugs became restless due to that question.

Miyuki thought that she asked something bad but the patriarch in front of her began to speak.

「That was 1000 years ago. The Maou cqame to the forest of Mugs…」

「W-wait a moment!」

The patriarch that doesn’t match his appearance began to speak in a solemn tone.

However, Miyuki can’t allow it to pass and forced her way through.

「One thousand years ago? Nee-san is on this otherworld one thousand years ago?」

「That’s right, 1000 years ago. But, it’s fine」

「…What do you mean?」

She lost her cool because of the time but she endured it and she was asked.

「Miyuki’s an otherworlder」

「That’s right…is it connected?」

The patriarch nodded and continued speaking.

「The otherworlders don’t grow old in this world. That’s why Hikari remains as like when she came here」

「That’s great. I don’t want to meet her as a grandma」

There would be no problem if they return back to the former world but it’s much better than becoming an old woman.

「Thanks, could you please continue?」

The patriarch resumed.

「They told us to fight the humans when the Maou came」

Then, the mugs are some kind of demon?

However, if they’re Miyuki’s allies, then being a demon doesn’t matter.

「But, for the Maou to come directly…could the Mugs be strong?」

When Miyuki asked, the patriarch turned back and signaled something.

Then, one Mug came out and swing his hand on the ground.

The next moment, Dogaan! there’s a crater of several meters in diameter created on the ground.

Even Ayaka with her highest status can’t do the same thing if she tried to.

Their power is unimaginable by their looks so Miyuki’s face became stiff.

The patriarch kept talking, ignoring her look.

「But, the Maou was much stronger. Hikari came that time」

「Nee-san fought the Maou?」

「Un, she drove her away. That’s why Hikari is a benefactor」

The Mugs doesn’t even match against the Maou.

Then, Hikari was able to repel it.

Being far from the image of the elder sister in her mind, she became worried.

The sister in her memory has a gentle and tolerant character. The appearance of her swinging a weapon can’t be imagined2

「Hikari went to exterminate the Maou afterwards. However she lost and was caught」

The patriarch who was speaking was discouraged immediately.

「Hikari, is being the container to heal the Maou’s wound right now」


「Maou who wasn’t able to maintain her body after receiving a wound from Hikari became a soul and entered Hikari」

「…Then, we have the chance right now」

If the Maou can’t move, then her elder sister can be taken away from the castle.

Dealing with the Maou will be after.

Miyuki decided that and turned her gaze towards the patriarch again.

「I want to rescue nee-san. I want you to help me with that」

「The Mugs?」

「I’m going to march in the castle and take back my sister. I need power」

「…Got it. We also want to thank Hikari too, so we’ll work hard」

Miyuki’s intensive special training began after that.

With the Mugs that have marvelous physical strength keeping her training, Miyuki’s status went up fast.

It’s much more dangerous than a knight’s training, her life was in danger at times too.

However, her status went up more than twice as fast too.

She herself had the talent in combat that she learned various techniques more than the sword, spear, hammer and even bare handed, she learned various techniques.

Furthermore, applying that she has a much more abundant mana compared to the humans of this world, she was able to learn magic.

As a result, she had an astonishing growth in just one year.

Power: 476
Defense: 472
Speed: 502
Magic: 434

Thinking that she’s not using Hironobu’s special ability, her growth speed is well understood.

Then, the woman with the status that won’t be outdone by an enemy leader finally set out to the castle.

◆     ◆

「Then, I bumped into HIro while fighting against dark satan while I was trying to invade it」

「Was that so?…」

Hironobu who heard about Miyuki’s recollection wants to ask a lot of questions.

Especially about the traitor.

However, she wants to asks something before that.

「Miyuki, what were you fighting before coming here? Was the leader still alive?」

He wants to avoid going in the room of the Maou and being attacked from both sides.

If Miyuki who has status not inferior to the female student came here damaged, it’s limited to quite a considerably powerful enemy.

「The one I fought earlier is Nakusa-sensei」

However, her answer went out of expectations.

「Sensei you say!? No, but…」

Certainly, Youko’s status would give Miyuki a hard time.

「Sensei is the person who supported us so far. I won’t believe this!」
「Uun, Fiary can’t believe this too…」

It’s the woman who’s the pillar of the female class since they came into this world. 3

It’s natural for them to not doubt her.

On the other hand, there’s one calm opinion.
「Youko-sama?…But if so, we can understand the leak of information during the scouting operation」
「However, why would she pick Hironobu up to grow just to betray him?」4

Believing it or not, Firana and Valeria’s opinion is also justifiable.

All of the members are looking at Miyuki, demanding for explanation.

「Right, I want to hear Miyuki’s reason why she thinks that Sensei is the traitor」

Receiving Hironobu’s words, she began to talk.
「Got it. It was some time after nee-san disappeared…」


  1. You just introduced yourself last chapter
  2. But you’re swinging your weapon too
  3. Right, she, Hironobu and Miyuki are the only people calm during the transfer, Hironobu knows about the transfer, Miyuki has a calm character, guess who’s calm out of the place in that summon?
  4. Because her status can be raised high enough?