Dragged into the class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Summon

The knights who helped Hironobu had guided him to the castle.

There are some dead people, the shock has spread among the students, they can’t walk decently at least.

Especially the close ones with the dead students are considerably mentally down, it’s a situation that’s difficult to stand.

His mind is shaken though it doesn’t show up on Hironobu’s attitude.

(Dammit…why did this this…!)

People died in front of him. Thinking that he could’ve helped them, an unbearably heavy feeling fills his chest.

Fortunately, the homeroom teacher, Youko sensei is calm. If the panic even wake her, it might’ve turned to a much more dire situation.

(I thought that she’s an unreliable teacher but I misunderstood it…)

She seems to be asking the knights something right now.

「…Understood. Then, the late students would be buried later」

It seems that she asked to hold a memorial service on the students who died.

「Thank you very much. I will also tell the students」

Youko head towards Hironobu.

Thinking that this is the chance to talk about various things, Hironobu spoke to Youko.


「What’s wrong, Ozawa-kun?」

「The dead children are okay aren’t they?」

「Yes. It’s possible to hold proper burial apparently」

「I’m glad. Did you ask them anything else?」

「…I intend to explain it to the students later but, Ozawa-kun, you’re quite calm. I’ll tell you first」

Youko spoke only to the voice that Hironobu would hear as she look around the mayhem.

「Apparently it’s an otherworld」


Hironobu’s expectation is proved to be right.

(As expected… Or rather, is Firana here too…?)

It’s unknown. He might ask Youko but it’s no good to be fussed about.

Hironobu silently listen to Youko.

「According to them, we were lead here by a special magic」

「I’m worried about that. …Still, saying that it’s the otherworld, there’s really magic」

The one used in the fight earlier seems to be magic.

He can’t simply enjoy that he came in the other world, but a situation is a situation. He can’t just enjoy it blindly.

「Sensei heard it right? The words the knights has said when they surrounded us」

「Yes. Heroes…was it?」

「Did you ask the knights?」

「I was told that it’s simple but, what is a hero? What’s the purpose? those things weren’t told」

「They didn’t tell…」

「It seems that we’re going to receive the explanation from the king after this」

「Is that so?…」

We arrived at the castle as we keep on talking.

Looking at the exterior of the buildings and castle, it’s Europe in middle ages.

Just like a fantasy world.

His pulse got a bit faster.

「The king of Seindora is on ahead. Don’t be rude」

The otherworld culture can’t tall what’s rude.

(Well, we’re careful up until now so there’s no problem in particular)

If there’s a problem in the behavior, it should be pointed out beforehand.

Hironobu waited for the door to open.


The majestic door opened along with the heavy sound.

A gorgeous carpet and banner spreads in front of him, the place is fitting for the king.

「You came」

The image of the king that came up into him is a beared man sitting on the throne.
Having a crown on his head, he sat down with an air of superiority.

「You maybe tired and don’t know what’s going on. But, I want you to hear my story for a short period」

The students began to buzz.

Since no one knows the situation, it’s impossible to not be shaken.

But, when Youko told them to quiet down, the students silently listened to the story of the King.

「First, you were summoned by us」


There’s one student that reacted but the king raised his hand, restrained.

「There’s one reason for summoning you people. I want you to defeat the Maou that exists in this world. You are the heroes summoned in order to defeat the Maou. I want you to help us by all means」

‘Don’t fuck and just summon us without permission’, is what Hironobu wants to say but he stayed silent.

The students seems to be listening to it unexpectedly silent.

Perhaps, the story lacks common sense so their heads can’t follow.

For Hironobu that has an otaku brain, it felt like an ordinary development.

「There are many of you who want to go back to your former world. There’s only one way to return to the former world…it’s to defeat the Maou」

As expected no one was prepared from those words.

Everyone doesn’t know what to do and looked around restlessly.

「The Maou has a powerful magic. The world is endangered because of the Maou」

「I-Isn’t that just a selfish logic!」

One of the girls raised her voice.

「We were living peacefully, so why do he have to be in this situation…! We don’t even know this world」

「Then, you chose to go into ruin together?」

The king looks at the girl like she’s birds of prey.

The girl had her body tremble.

「As long as the demon king isn’t defeated, you can’t return to the former world. You can’t understand that?」


「You people that came from the other world has magic much more excellent than us. If you train properly, even the Maou won’t be a competition anymore」

Then, the king continued.

「Any further than this, for you to not turn out as the victim, it’s necessary to make effort. You may disregard our story but we can’t ensure your safety around this country either」

With the existence like the wolf coming out, fighting would be difficult.

「…I heard that there are people that had already died… That’s pitiful. We’ll bury them」

「King, can I speak?」

Youko stood before the king.


「What happens on the people that died in this world?」

「…unfortunately, the corpses can’t be returned in the former world. Additionally…」

The king said.

「The people who died will also be on the former world. Well, it would become a disappearance case and it would grow into something serious. It’s a necessary measure to minimize the influence.

If you die in this world, you’d be forgotten.

Knowing that fact, the students had a big unrest.

「I know that it’s a painful trial for you and I’m sorry. But, this world is also in a tight situation. …Everything will end if the Maou is defeated. I want you to be strong in order to survive」

Hironobu who’s from the otherworld has a high potential. If he trains properly, it’s possible to fight like those knights.

In this situation, the choices are few.

It seems that the girl class knows it.

「…It seems that you understood. That makes the talk easier. Then…」

He snapped his fingers.

「The vice commander of the knights will explain how to fight. Please listen to him」

Saying that, a good looking knight appeared.

The girls opened their eyes wide with that.

(After all, they’re weak against ikemen)

Though Hironobu was amazed in his mind, he kept silent without saying anything.

「Then, I’ll begin to explain. First…about clothes. Please make sure that you don’t throw away the clothes that you’re wearing right now. The clothes that you’re wearing when you were summoned have

better performance than the ones we’re wearing, This…」

The knight explains.

He doesn’t know the reason but it seems that the clothes that Hironobu and the group wears from the beginning is better.

Though it feels safer in the armor but it feels that you can’t walk with that heavy thing, Hironobu thanked that.

The students also don’t know the clothing on the otherworld so the uniform might be better. They felt relieved too.

Also, reproduction of clothes is possible so they can change clothes.

「I’ll move on to the next explanation. Everyone, has something that they brought from the otherworld」

The knight said it clearly
「That’s your special ability」