Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Miyuki 1

「Sex? That sex? You mean that I and Hiro would do that?」

Miyuki looked at Valeria, asking if she’s joking.

「I’m Valeria, I’m an elf as you can see. Actually, there’s a document coming from an elf one thousand years ago…」

Valeria isn’t timid, rather she persuades Miyuki.

She had also made her consent after receiving the explanation but she began to feel fidgety due the shame.

「I get the reason. But, here?」

They’re inside the castle right now. The floor is a stone pavement, it doesn’t have an atmosphere of having sex at all.

「Ignore that and I ask you somehow!」

「Uhm, I’m still a virgin though…」

She’s usually calm after coming to the otherworld, her combat ability is also high.

Miyuki’s apart from a high school student but she’s still a normal girl in the end.

She has various complicated feelings concerning her nature.

「You don’t have to worry about that. After all Hironobu had embraced women every day this past year」

「Hiro, is that true?」

「Ah, yeah. That’s right」

It’s normal if you think about his special ability. It’s normal to use your special ability.

However, MIyuki was shocked by the unspecified number of women he had sex with.

For someone who thought that he was hated by the opposite sex for these past year, it can’t be helped that her glance became severe.

「…Haa, I get it」

But, she can’t let this opportunity go away in this current situation.

Miyuki nodded at Valeria’s proposal.

「But, I want to be alone with him at least」

「Then we’re going to guard you two. Ozawa, do your best kay?」

Fairy prompt them and took Firana’s arm to walk.

「Ah, wait, please don’t pull meee!」

The two of them disappeared in the corridor.

「Would the guards be all right?」

Valeria said that and lightly hit the pillar close to Miyuki.

Then, a loud bang unexpected from her action echoed and a crack appeared on the stone pillar.

「It seems unnecessary. Then, I’ll be going」

Saying that, she also disappeared on the direction where the two went.

A sensitive atmosphere came when the area was left with just the two of them.

However, they can’t take it easy.

Hironobu cut it out first.

「Though it’s such a place, leave this to me and I’ll make the most out of it」

He put his hand on her shoulder while speaking, then she trembled in surprise.

「C-Can I really leave it to you?」

「Yeah, of course. It’s my special ability but, I’ll keep it at best」

「It might be the first time that I saw Hiro that confident. Got it, I’ll leave it to you」

Saying that, she relaxed her body and closed her eyes.

Hironobu isn’t that dull to not understand what she’s demanding.

He embraced Miyuki gently and kissed her lips.

「N, nmu…chu」

He first caressed her lightly.

The time connected steadily got longer as she gets used to it.

He then extend down under and Hironobu reached for Miyuki’s secret place.

「Ngu, that place! Muuu!」

He blocked Miyuki’s mouth that’s about to say something then his hand entered her skirt just like that.

Her uniform is worn out but her panties seems to be safe.

His finger went in the most protected and important place and began to caress.

「No way! This, better than I do myself…Ugu!」

She probably did nothing but training that she hadn’t masturbated.

For the stimulation she felt after a long time, her sexual feeling awaken.
Hironobu stimulates her vaginal opening with his finger, careful not to insert.

That technique is definitely proficient that Miyuki’s body ignited in no time.

「What’s this, I’m wet already?」

Miyuki was surprised at the change of her body.

Hironobu’s arm right now can easily make a girl prepared even if they’re a virgin.

She almost fell instinctively from the pleasure.

「Oops, that was dangerous. But, it should be fine if you’re this wet already」


He let the woman breathing roughly lean on the wall then, Hironobu lifts one foot.

「Wait, Hiro…nguu! This!?」

Miyuki’s eyes opened wide due to the hot thing being pressed into her secret place.

「If you feel uneasy, then you can cling into me」

She then firmly wrapped him.

(For me to have sex with Miyuki…Well, I have to ease up now)

Hironobu’s aim is to ejaculate once and make her relax using the estrus effect.

Confirming Miyuki’s weight on his body, he pushed his waist forward.

「N, uuuuuu!」

Though she was accustomed by the foreplay, her insides are still uncivilzed1

It tightened Hironou’s penis strongly.

However, he finally reached the deepest place after advancing through the resistance.

「Ugu…I-It’s inside?」

Hironobu nodded then Miyuki relaxed after feeling relief.

(It’s the first time I’ve seen Miyuki losing her composure…But it’s cute)

Miyuki is Hironobu’s childhood friend but she rarely shows enthusiasm.

Right now, her body is clinging into him and leaving everything to him.

Hironobu felt excited to such appearance.

He began to move his waist slowly as her vagina’s clamp weakens.

「This, it’s piercing my insides, it feels weird」

「That’s because the sexual feeling hadn’t developed yet but it’ll feel better immediately」

Saying that, he gradually raised the speed of his piston.

Then, Miyuki’s reaction showed a change.

「Haa, haa, hauu! Ahnn~!」

Her voice gradually grew big every time he pierce her.

Hironobu perceives that she’s starting to feel it then he held her other foot.
Miyuki’s weight is depending on Hironobu’s arms and the connecting part.

Then, the vagina held the penis deeper due to the gravity.

「Eh, Wait! Ahii, this is too deep!」

He inserted deeply and he’s stimulating her uterus right now.

Miyuki felt much more sensitive to the stimulation and her trembling body clings to Hironobu.

At least, the weight put on the connecting part was decreased.

「Not yet, we’re just starting the real thing」

However, her efforts were useless in front of Hironobu.

He firmly gripped Miyuki’s waist and nailed it down to his heart’s content.

「Hii, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

「Ku, it’s tightening amazingly!」

「Hiro, Hiro! This, something’s coming!」

「That’s right, that’s pleasure. Throw your body into pleasure!」

「No way, it’s scary! I’m scared that my body won’t listen to me anymore!」

She clings harder than before…no, Miyuki’s hugging him like a koala2

Looking at her, Hironobu felt that Miyuki’s still a girl of her age.

「I’m also cumming with you That’s why be at ease and feel good」

「G-Got it. If I’m with Hiro…Auuu!」

She reached her limit, Miyuki’s vagina began to convulse.

The vagina stimulated by the penis pushing up had reached climax.

「Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It’s coming, Cumming! Cumiiiiiing!」


Accepting Miyuki’s climax, Hironobu ejaculated.

Something cloudy filled her vagina in no time.

However, it won’t end with just that.
The semen launched had it’s aphrodisiac effect turn Miyuki into estrus.


  1. No man had landed on it yet
  2. the raw have both of the phrase say embrace/cling in different ways