Dragged into the class transfer Volume 5 chapter 12

Chapter 12: Miyuki 2

After the climax, Hironobu sits down to support Miyuki that’s still convulsing.

The penis is still inside and Miyuki’s vagina is tightening in reflex.

As a result, his erection hadn’t settled down even he just ejaculated.

「Miyuki, are you okay?」

Hironobu asked, she then looked up slowly

「Did I cum?」

「Yeah, it was lovely」

「Eeh…u, baka… Why do you have to say that…」

「Because I never saw that Miyuki before」

Saying that, her face was colored red in shame.

「That’s because I can’t show something ungraceful in front of Hiro…」

「Why? I could’ve helped you with Hikari-san if you just told me too…」

Actually, Miyuki’s elder sister is Hironobu’s first love.

It still remains in his memory how the onee-san looks after the troubles.

Of course, he was also worried when she disappeared.

(But, Miyuki, the true little sister behaved herself firmly so I can’t speak out in that atmosphere…)

Afterwards, the people returned to normal after the world had calmed down but before anyone was aware, talking about Hikari was a taboo.

Years passed after that and they knew that they came into the same otherworld as Hikari.

Furthermore, Miyuki knew it ahead of time.

Just what kind of existence is he according to her.

Those feelings caused Hironobu to take light shock.

However, Miyuki shook her head.

「Because, it’s someone who killed her classmate. There’s no way I can get Hiro involved.」


The shock disappeared by her words and another feeling welled up this time.

(I can’t let Miyuki fight alone anymore)

Hironobu swore to himself.

「Putting that aside, should you be taking it out? Somehow, my body feels it’s getting hotter」

「Oh, that’s fine. It means that it’s showing it’s effect」

「Effect? Hiro, you know what’s going on?」

Hironobu faltered for a moment when Miyuki sent a sharp glance to him.

However, those eyes lost it’s power and he regained his composure.

「Actually, my semen has an aphrodisiac effect. Right now Miyuki is in estrus」

「A-aphrodisiac? Something foolish as that…Aaahnn~」

Miyuki doubted but he answered by moving his waist.

「What’s…this!? That’s! I just came yet!」

The penis moved just for a bit but her vagina feels it sensitively.

Then, it’s converted to pleasure multiple times and Miyuki felt it.

「Hi, ah, ah, aaaaaa…」

Miyuki clings to Hironobu again as she convulse.

Supporting her body like that, he took off his shirt and put it on the floor.

Miyuki who had no power to cling into him was laid down just like that.

「Hiro…doing something like this, I won’t let this pass」

The person is scowling at him but her expression can only be seen as a seduction since the start.

「Do as you like after we save Hikari-san and defeat the maou」

Saying that, he stretched his hand on the breast he haven’t touched yet.

「Hyaa, that place is! Don’t! Iyaaa~…」

Ignoring Miyuki’s words, HIronobu unbuttoned her shirt.

Then her breast wrapped in simple bra appeared.

「I told you not to, akyuuu!」

He shut the resisting Miyuki by thrusting deep inside her vagina again.

Doing that, the pleasure from being pierced flowed and she wasn’t able to endure her voice.

「Then, let’s take a look at Miyuki’s breasts」

Saying that, he pushed the bra up.

Then, the breasts showed itself and insisted it’s softness.

The size is fine but the appearance of it facing up as if defying gravity is like a work of art.

「Ooh, it’s beautiful…」

Hironobu immediately touched it and rubbed it.

Feeling what he just saw, it’s soft as a mochi.

Furthermore, it’s elasticity sticks to his palm.

Feeling exited by the best feeling, he moved his waist.

(Tasting both the top and down…It’s truly the best…)

He’s making a ecstatic expression but his piston is on point.

He searched for Miyuki’s weak spot and pierced it mercilessly.

Or he stimulates and drag it out in the part of the hat1

「Hii, Haahaa…Cumming, I’m again, ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!」
When she looked at her own lower part, he began to tease her even further.

He’s aroused by the gap from her usual appearance.

「Hahaha, you came again. I’m going to make you cum more」

「Wait, Hiro! I’m going to break if you do further than this!」

「Nope, I want to see more of Miyuki’s loose face」


He kept thrusting his waist during the conversation and he made Miyuki cum.

He’s enjoying that every movement of his makes her climax.

There’s no trace of her usual neat and gallant expression, her face is only wet with tears.

Meanwhile, she who he thought lost her power had twined her hand around Hironobu.

Hironobu was surprised but he just continued to pull her towards him.

「I-I won’t let you be the one doing all the work…!」

Then she tried to squeeze his penis with her inexperienced vagina.

「Uwa, ku…!」

Hironobu instinctively stopped moving due to the unexpected counterattack.

Then, Miyuki coiled her legs.

「I won’t let you go away. I’m going to make Hiro cum」

The man who stopped was wriggled by the vagina to draw the finishing blow.
The folds twine with the glans and stimulates to make it ejaculate

「This…don’t underestimate me!」

But, he wasn’t so weak to be finished with just that.

He trained sexual techniques in one year so he reversed the situation instantly.

However, taking advantage of the unexpected stimulation he received first, the sexual feeling had risen.

「I’m cumming!」

Hironobu tells the Miyuki that’s hugging him.

「Un, feel them this time okay? Even I am not doing this because of the sense of obligation」

「…I see, then I’ll make you cum to the fullest」

Receiving her words, he began to speed up his piston.

It’s as if the two had already forgotten that they are in the castle as they copulate with each other.

Then, Hironobu put his penis on the deepest part of the one clinging to him and let it out.

「Gu, uuu!」

Thick semen was launched and sent to her womb directly.

「Hyaaaaa! Hot, it’s hooooot, my stomach is being filled!」

Miyuki who felt the creampie had her expression grow senile.

However, his ejaculation hadn’t ended yet, semen being blown by his penis grind against her uterus.

The sensitive tip being stimulated increased the power of ejaculation.

Naturally, Miyuki can’t get away from the stimulation.

「Au, right now! C-Cum. cummingcummingcumming!!」

Reaching the greatest climax she ever had, she lost her power this time and her hands and legs gave up.

「Haa, haa…」

Hironobu desperately breathes heavily and lets out his body heat.

That’s how violent he did the act.

But his thing was still hard.

「It’s still not the end, you’ll have to be with me until the end」

Hironobu said that while looking down on the powerless Miyuki.


  1.  あるいは、笠の部分で引っ張りだすように刺激する。