Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Maou’s revival

They took a short break since Miyuki lost all her strength from the intense sex, as for Hironobu, he fixed his appearance.

The clothes dirtied were was forcibly washed and dried with magic.

The uniform won’t be easily damaged even if it’s treated clumsily.

Afterwards, Firana and the girls on lookout were called out.

「Then, Hironobu-sama. You now have the power to separate the dark orb from the Maou」

He nodded at Firana’s question.

「Well, it’s only if I can have sex with the Maou easily」

「Please leave that to us. We’ll definitely seal her movements」

Denying Hironobu’s worry, Valeria took out her bow and arrow.

She’s not on Youko’s degree but her status is a considerable power.

They seem to be eager to stop her movements as it’s possible to defeat her now.

「Sensei might be on the other side but we’re twice better than her!」

Fairy’s positive character doesn’t change even if the teacher just betrayed them.

Also, removing the fact that she’s a bitch1, she’s one of the most talented among the female class2

Surprisingly, her existence can show power in case of emergency.

「Master just has to think about taking the Maou」

「I’ll be holding off Sensei」

Then, all of them have prepared themselves.

「Okay, this is the last fight. That’s why, don’t die」

Hironobu said that then he began to open the door on the topmost floor.

There’s a long corridor on the other side.

Hironobu advanced while staying vigilant but there’s no enemy trap appearing at all.

「Are they making fool of us or they’re using all that they can?…」

「There’s nothing going to happen if we just think so let’s just go!」

Saying that, Fairy advanced by herself.

「Hey, be a bit more cautious…」

She finally reached the door on the inside as he looks shocked by her.

「It seems that there’s nothing. Come here already!」

He unconsciously sighed but he pulled himself up and advanced.

There’s four meter until they catch up fairy on the big open door.

It doesn’t have lock this time, it’s smoothly open as if welcoming Hironobu.

There’s a luxurious audience room ahead and a splendid chair is put on the altar at the interior.

Then, there’s one human sitting down there.

「That’s, Nee-san!」

Miyuki dashed when she noticed it but Hironobu held her back.

「Wait, I’ll take the lead」

He said while advancing slowly

As they approach, the figure became clear.

Certainly, it’s the Amano Hikari that’s on Hironobu’s memory.

As sisters, she has the same face as Miyuki but Hikari’s face is much gentler.

The last time he had seen her, she looks the same as Hironoubu’s age group.

「Hikari-san, can you hear me? It’s me, Hironobu」

He tried to talk to her then, the closed eyes of the woman opened.

「Yeah, I can hear you. But then, the content is different」

However, the ferocious smile that doesn’t suit her face does not match the smile of Hikari on his memory.

Hironobu instantly realized that the opponent is the Maou that takes the form of HIkari.

「You’ve been doing as you like with Hikari-san’s body for these past 1000 years, I’m going to drag her out right now…!」

If she’s not yet fully recovered, then that’s convenient.

It’s possible that they don’t have all the energy to invade the body of the other person.

(Surround her with all of the members and stun her immediately)

They were ready to attack any moment but the Maou stick out her hand to stop them.

「Well, just a moment, I was about to go out even if you don’t tell me」

「What? What do you mean?」

「What you say? She already has enough magic necessary for my revival…Youko!」

Maou called out her name then Youko appeared out of the shadow of the pillar.

「Come here. Then, give me your mana」

「Ha3, Maou-sama…」

Youko faced the throne like a faithful retainer.

「Youko was frightened by my power during the war 1000 years ago and betrayed the Heroes in exchange for a guarantee of her life」

Even her own past is disclosed, her eyebrows didn’t even move.

「Then, she collected the mana that’s necessary for my revival. It seems that you’re quite loved, right」

Pointing at Hironobu, the Maou asked Youko.

「Yes, that’s right」

「Okay, give me your mana」

Youko began to kiss the Maou when she said that.

Furthermore, it’s a deep one that they twine each other’s tongue.

(W-what, that way…! furthermore, it’s sexy!)

Hironobu was surprised, then the two girls separate after a minute.

A silver bridge of saliva appeared between the two, that tells how deep the act was done.

「Oh, if I have this much mana!」

Magical power was felt dwelling on Hikari’s body.

The Maou began to chant some magic in delight.

After finishing a long chant, light appeared from Hikari’s body.

Then, after a remarkable bright light, a new girl was standing on the place after it settled.

The dress emphasized the cleavage and there’s gloves stretching on her upper arm.

She has the same ferocious smile like before, it suits her strong willed face.

「It’s been a while my body, I feel better on this one」

Moving her hands and feet, the Maou confirmed her condition.

Then, Hikari where the Maou came off is sitting on the throne feebly.

(It’s good that Hikari-san is separated from the Maou but can we break through these two like this?)

Hironoub’s worry was settled by the Maou again.

「Then, let’s move to restore the damaged orb」

「…You intend to let us?」

「Fun, you came to rescue this hero right? Then it’s just poor to not give priority to that」
「…Then, let me do as Iplease」

Hironobu said that and Miyuki from the back came out


He was delayed running after her but the Maou doesn’t try to interfere.

Then the two who reached the throne confirmed HIkari’s state.

She’s unconscious but she’s still breathing.

「I’m glad, she’s alive!」

Hironobu stops Miyuki who tried to lift her.

「Wait a moment, her state is strange」

Looking at her, her complexion is much worse than when the Maou was inside her.

「Dammit, what’s happening!?」

The two turned their back to the Maou defenselessly but she doesn’t try to do anything.

Rather, she’s enjoying the spectacle.

Youko on the side talked to the Maou.

「Maou-sama, I’m going to restore the dark orb」

「Very well, I’ll entrust this to you for a while」

She put her hand on her chest and the dark orb appeared.

A pure black orb that absorbs all light was given by the Maou to Youko.

They have the opportunity to destroy the orb but Hironobu wasn’t able to do that.

Youko accepted the orb then vanished from the room.

「Hey, Maou. You know what’s going on with Hikari right now? Tell me」

Standing up, Hironobu looked at the Maou.

「Yeah, of course I know」

「Then tell me. No, I’m going to use all of my power to make you speak」

He said while collecting mana on his right hand but the Maou laughed at Hironobu.

「Kukuku, don’t rush. I’ll tell you」

「I think it’s my imagination but you’re strangely gentle. I surely thought you’re going to attack us…」

「It’s the body I used for 1000 years so isn’t it normal for me to be fond of it? Also, I’m thirsty for entertainment」

It’s as if she’s telling it out of her own amusement, so he bares hostility.

「What a good eye, It’s been a while since I’ve been turned by a strong emotion like that」

HIronobu ignores her words and urged her with his eyes.

「Fufu, I’ll tell you then. First, that woman would die in 10 minutes」

The Maou declared Hikari’s death sentence happily.


  1. Slut
  2. In sexual techniques, lol
  3. A respectful yes