Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sister’s reunion.

Miyuki’s body hardened when Maou declared her sister’s death.

It’s normal that she’d be shocked because the sister she finally found is now on the verge of death.

Hironobu thought of the possibility that the Maou is lying.

But, even if it was just for a short time, the Maou never lied.

Also, the pleasure seeker Maou would not make a lie to incite the sense of impending crisis.

(At least, it’s not the type that arranges everything)

The situation’s not changing even if it’s not a lie.

Hikari would die in ten minutes.

「Let’s see, it’s not fun if the heroine is just sleeping」

Saying that, she chants a magic towards Hikari.

「What are you doing!?」

Miyuki saw that and blocked in front of her sister.

However, the bluish light magic avoided her smoothly then hit Hikari.

At this point, you can only take a look at the Maou’s superior magic.

It’s not possible to change the track of magic that’s been invoked.

「Then, she’ll wake up in several minutes」

「…Then, I’ll have you explain what did you just do with Hikari-san’s body right now」

Hironobu glares at the Maou that doesn’t have him in her sight.

Taking it, Maou’s interested expression doesn’t change.

「Well then, I’ll be explaining it. This woman…Hikari’s body is, has been altered to seal me」

「You didn’t just take the body over?」

The Maou nodded.

「If so, I could’ve just revived sooner…Anyway, that body has changed to intercept my soul from the external world. You could say that the body has changed into a spirit world」

「Is such a thing possible?」

Firana shakes when she heard about the body transformation.
「It’s not impossible. Even you have the ability to interfere with one’s status」

Maou turned to Hironobu when she said that.

Certainly, it has the same meaning of change.

「I don’t know where you’ve learned that but it’s not the right way. With me reviving and returning from that human, that body had returned to this world. Then, she’ll be attacked by the flow of time」

「The flow of time…But, the Mugs told that the otherworlders don’t grow old」

When Miyuki said that, Maou lifted one of her eyebrows.

「Oh, interesting. The sister said that, and the little sister got involved with the Mugs…Hahahaha!」

Maou who laughs from the bottom of her heart increased Hironobu’s irritation.

「Haa, let’s resume our talk. Even if her body is, the soul isn’t」
Then, Maou points at herself and Hironobu.

「It’s no question as I’m the Maou but there’s no way for a human soul to endure 1000 years」

「The soul would die before the body, is that what you mean?」

「Yeah, But there’s one way to save her」1

Maou looked straight at Hironobu.

「It’s for you to have sex with Hikari」

「What!? Don’t fool around…!」

「I’m not fooling around. Also, isn’t that your signature move?」

It’s regrettable but he can’t see the Maou lying.

They’ve been having fun until now because it’s true.

「You just have to correct the deviation of HIkari’s soul for this thousand years. For that, you have to cause a change in the current age」

「In short, I have to change Hikari-san’s status?」

「In short, yes」

(If this is in a game, it’s overwriting the saved data)

Status is an important element in this world.

If that changed, that person would be living alive safely at the current age.

It’s exactly a method that can only be done by Hironobu’s ability.

「I’ve explained the rule. Then I assume that you’ll allow me to appreciate the state?」

Maou said that then she disappeared instantly, not giving us time to stop her

Perhaps, it’s some teleportation magic.

However, there was no time to be surprised as there’s a change in Hikari.

「Nee-san, you’re awake! It’s me, do you remember!?」

She’s a bit absent-minded but her consciousness returned because she was surprised seeing Miyuki.

「Could it be, are you Miyuki? Also, you’re…Hiro-kun?」

「You remember…Right, I’m Ozwa Hironobu」

「Of course I do, just how often you think we played?」

「Certainly, we played almost everyday but it’s been ten years since then」

Hikari had a grim expression when Hironobu said that.

「Ten years…quite a lot of time has passed. But, what about the Maou? Where is she?」

「There’s no time so we’ll be explaining briefly」

Hironobu talked about themselves and the Maou and the situation to Hikari.

「Is that so? Youko came into this world again…」

Her tone didn’t change but he noticed Hikari’s atmosphere is emitting quiet anger.

「Let’s talk about Sensei later. Right now we have to save Hikari-san」

「Right, but…」

They looked at Hikari with hesitant eyes.

「What’s wrong」

「Uhm…I’m still a virgin」

When she said that, Miyuki tapped her sister’s shoulder2

「It’s okay nee-san, It’ll end instantly if you leave it to Hiro」

(Hey, do I look like a premature ejaculator to you?)

Hironobu thought but he didn’t say it.

「…Miyuki, could it be that you and Hiro-kun are already?」

「Eh!? No, that…」

Miyuki always looks calm but it seems that it’s a bulls-eye.

As expected, only a true elder sister can see through most things.

「It seems that you’ve already done it. Well, that’s great」

「That’s great…?」

Hironobu thought that he’d surely be scolded.

He instinctively asked a question as she made a reaction that’s outside of his expectations.

「Eeh~ Miyuki would feel bad if I went ahead of her right? Fufufu」

Hikari said while laughing suggestively.

She noticed that Miyuki likes Hironobu.

As expected, it’s not something romantic 10 years ago.

That means, that she saw through it when they met.

(We’re really no match against Hikari-san…)

She’s been looking for him when they were children but they’re still led by her even if they now look of the same age.

Since Hikari has such a nature, Hironobu felt that his own hands are miserable.

「Rather than that, shouldn’t we do it sooner?」

Fairy speaks out from the harmonious atmosphere that’s taking place.

‘Certainly, we can’t take it slowly’, Hironobu turned back to Hikari.

「With that as reason, please have sex with me right now. Would that be okay?」

「Of course, please. But…」

Hikari looked around when she said that.

「We’ll be taking our leave then」

Firana and the girls noticed it and went outside the throne.

「I’ll stay since I’m worried about nee-san」

「That’s no good, Miyuki」

「Because, Nee-san!」

Hikari puts her hand on the shoulder of the worried girl then persuaded her.

「Believe in me and Hiro-kun, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Also, were you able to concentrate when they’re looking at your first time?」

「…Got it, later then」

She nodded at her sister then went to the room then went to follow Firana on the room they’ve gone to.

「We’re alone now, Hiro-kun」

Saying that, she stood in front of Hironobu.

「Then, could you accept my virginity?」

Hikari clasped his hand while smiling.


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