Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 6 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hikari 2

Hikari was in blank surprise from her first creampie, Hironobu confirmed the time.

Then, several seconds passed after the time of death the Maou had declared passed.

「HIkari-san, can you put out your status」

「Un, got it」

She was unsteady but she displayed her status.

Looking at it, her status is high that’s no way inferior to Miyuki and Firana.

Getting her status this strong without any help from Hironobu’s ability, Miyuki’s sister really might’ve the talent.

It’s a talent of a tollerant elder sister that won’t suit the younger sister.

「How’s it? Is it different from before?」

「Err, wait a moment. It’s been a long since I saw it…」

Hironobu held his breath.

「…Uhn, it got raised. It’s really an amazing ability」

It won’t go up easily because the status is quite high but it seems that the ability worked.

「I’m glad…But we’ve already behind the schedule. Is there any abnormalities in your body?」

「Let’s see, there’s no painful feeling anymore. There’s no pain in my lower part too」

「Haa…We can now feel relieved with this」

Confirming Hikari’s safety, Hironobu lost his strength and sat down.

The penis came out of her hole then a cloudy liquid leaked out.

「There’s really a lot of white stuff, won’t I get pregnant if you release this lot?」

Hikari scoops the dripping semen then looked at it closely.

「Those who came to the otherworld don’t grow old, and I’ve never received a report about it for this long one year」

Fairy and Ayaka aside, Firana is a normal human.

Though they had sex numerous times, they never had a situation where she got pregnant.
(My semen has an aphrodisiac effect in exchange for fertility1…It’s not something so wonderful)

Being sterile is quite a shock for not just for Hironobu.

He just thought that it’s an effect of the otherworld summon and decided to not think about it.

「But, I really thank you. I can now talk to Miyuki again」

「I’m also glad that the reunion didn’t turn to another farewell」

Hikari survived safely, the Maou’s interested face must be irritated.

Winning on the skirmish, Hironobu also felt good.

That’s why he didn’t notice HIkari sneaking on him.


「Ah, wait, uwa!」
Hironobu was caught off guard then was thrown down by her.

「W-what’s wrong?」

「Fufu, I have to give my gratitude to Hiro-kun who saved me」

At that time Hironobu noticed that Hikari’s eyes are wet with passion as she got on top of him for the first time.

After the danger of her life disappeared, the aphrodisiac effect of the semen she held down appeared.
The impulse was much more violent than the control.

「It seems that Hiro-kun is also ready, I’m going to put it in immediately」

Saying that, Hikari held Hironobu’s penis then applied to her vagina.

Then, she dropped her waist in a flash.

The sound of penis getting swallowed echoed then it reached her depths in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, she moves it by turning her waist.

「I think I can feel it coming in so deep. The point is pushing against my womb」

「The stimulation was amazing earlier…! But why?」

「Hiro-kun doesn’t hate me right?」

「Rather I love you! Still, you’re too violent!」

After Hikari was satisfied by the stimulation to her womb while turning her waist, she began to move up and down violently this time.

Her vagina tightens every time she swing her waist, it’s stimulating the penis.

As if she changed to some other person, Hironobu is confused as he’s being violated.

That’s right, he’s being Violated by Hikari right now.

「Even I don’t get it. Miyuki was there when I woke up, being told suddenly that I would die, having sex with Hiro-kun…」

Hikari continues while blended with teary voice.

「Still, various feelings exploded when I knew I was safe」

She was gentle and calm for her age.

However, her heart was still a normal human.

She’s been exposed to the risk of death since the time she was summoned.

Without the help of Hironobu’s ability, the classmates died one after another.
Then Hironobu suddenly held her hand and released it.

The mind of hers was feeling insecure but her body seems to be sexually aroused.

「Then, I’ll keep up with you until you’re satisfied」

HIronobu said that then reached out to Hikari.

「HIro-kun…I can’t endure it anymore」

She clasped both of his hands then began to swing her waist to her hearts content.

Using the high status seen before to her hearts content, she moved dynamically.

「Haahaa, how’s it? I’m doing well?」

「It’s good, I can’t think your movements are of a first timer」

「I’m only moving my body to seek pleasure but why am I moving smoothly?」

「Well, is Hikari-san originally a lewd girl?…Ouch!」

When Hironobu made fun of her, she put power on her hand without changing her expression.

It’s obvious that she’s much more powerful than him.

As a result, her fingernails made a dig and Hironobu screamed.

「I’ll let that go for now. In exchange, you have to satisfy me okay?」

「If it’s Hikari0san, I’ll welcome you even on ten or twenty times」

「Fufu…then, let’s go on the first one!」

She changed the movement of her waist and that change gave stimulation to the penis.

Then, she swing her waist aiming for climax then her sexual feeling improved./

「Aaa…Aaaaahhn~! Cumming, I’m cumming by myself this time!」

「Please let me see how Hikari-san cums!」

「Hiii, afuuun~! Cumcum, cumiiiiingg!」

The swinging waist made a banging sound then finally, the penis pierced the deepest part then she came.

Her trembling state was transferred to Hironobu through the connected waists and hands.

「What an amazing climax. But, you’re not satisfied yet right?」

「Hii, haa, haa! …Of, course.」 We’re just getting started…」
HIkari lifts her shaking feet then nailed it to Hironobu again.

「Uhii, iiiiiiiiiii!?」

However, it was a suicidal action to forcibly move while the climax hadn’t finished yet.

Her legs became numb and she turned steady.

She was attacked by a new climax when she did a piston.

When it comes to this, she’s going to cum right away every time she moves.

「Huh? If Hikari-san can’t move then I will」

「Ah, if you move right now…Don’t, wai…Guhuuuu!!」

Hikari fires off an intense voice while climaxing.

「Aren’t you blowing a tide, it seems that you’re cumming greatly」

Hikari who lost control from the pleasure was being pursed by Hironobu without mercy.

「Just like I said, I’ll keep up with you until you’re satisfied!」

「Hi, aaaaaaaaaaa! Cumming, cumming! I’m cumiiiiing!」

「This time we’ll do it together…!」

Hironobu supports her hands so she won’t fall down then he pushed her up senselessly.

Hikari climaxes when pierced, then the folds doesn’t want to separate when pulled.

Of course this attack won’t keep Hironobu safe at all.

「HIkari-san, I’m cumming, I’m letting it out!」

「Cumming! Together with mee! Hiro-kun cuuuuum!!」

Hironobu pushed her up to his hearts content in the end and Hikari answered by dropping her waist.

The two were so glued together that the glance is sinking inside her uterus, he had released her semen inside her womb.

Hikari swallowed it all, and her body fell down as it lost power.

(Oops, that’s dangerous!)

He pulled the woman who’s falling on her back and held her on his chest.

「Hikari-san is being overworking on various ways…」

Hironobu caress the hair of the unconscious girl on top of him.

(I want to return Hikari-san to her parents sooner. The reason to defeat the Maou increased by one)

He spoke to the Maou that’s been watching them from somewhere.

「I don’t have any grudge with you but I’ll definitely beat you. Hold your neck and wait for me」

Hironobu declared war against the Maou again.


  1. That’s not good at all!!