Dragged into the class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Special Ability

「Then, let’s first start by confirming the status screen」

Hearing the word Status Screen, Hironobu thought that this world is like a game.

But, this is definitely reality.

Not a game world but reality.

「I think the otherworlders don’t know how to display their status screen. But it’s easy. It’ll come out immediately as long as you pray for it」

Saying that, the vice commander took out his status screen.
Name: Aizu Alderton

Sex: Man

Race: Human


Defensive Power:100


Mana: 60

「It’s something like this. It’s an easy status so it’s not difficult to decipher. The standard numeric value is around 30 if you’re a general adult male. Since I’m not a type that’s skillful in magic so it’s like this, the numerical value is different depending on the person」

‘I see’, everyone seems to admire it.

(As expected of the vice commander, it’s quite a high value)

Hironobu was convinced.

「Now, everyone display their status screen. It can be said that the initial value would be 20 or more considering your age and your training」

「Then, let’s try itー!!」

The girl spoke in a witty tone.

That woman has a rough figure that she doesn’t seem to belong on the excellent girl class.

(Certainly she was…)

Since Hironobu is in the rumor, he had heard it.

Her name isー Kisaragi Fairy.

She’s quite a bitchy woman, it seems that she’s playing night after night.

Still that woman entered that class since her performance is excellent.

God is really a whimsical person, Hironobu is amazed.

「Fairy will go」

Calling herself 「Fairy」sounds ridiculous.

The status Fairy took out.

Name:Kisaragi Fairy




Defensive Power:26



「Oh! As expected of a hero, it’s a fairly good status. It seems that the mana is high that you might be a magician type」

「Is Fairy amazing?」


As expected of a bitch. She’s already heading towards the ikemen knight.

The vice commander seems to be in trouble and he immediately appointed another student.

After that, the girls looked at their own status screen.

The students have high initial value that the vice commander seems to be pleased too.

Among them, there’s one that’s surprising.

Name:Ashibi Ayaka




Defensive Power:100



Ayaka has good records on all of it.

「Fun, this thing is normal for me」

She’s taking a domineering attitude but she’s happy deep inside. The surrounding also pampered her.

「This is amazing. You seem to have the best war potential」

「Of course」

「Then, next…」

The flow of status exposition began again.

Then, Hironobu’s turn at the end came.

「You’re the last. 」 Fumu…」

The vice commander folded his arms

「What’s wrong?」

「Why is a man in here?」

「Haa? What do you mean?」

「It’s only women that we summoned. I thought that it’s mysterious but…」


Hironobu remembered the words of Firana that he met in the dream.

(Is this what she mean by irregular?)

Looking at the result, it seems that I’m just involved in the transfer of the girl class.

(The fundamental cause may be Firana)

Thinking about it now won’t change anything.

「By the way, why women?」

「It’s because their status is high. 」

「I see.」

An honest reason.

On the contrary, my existence is not welcome.

「Then, please show us your status screen」


When Hironobu prayed,

Name:Ozawa Hironobu




Defensive Power:3



「You did well living and coming here」

The vice commander let out his impression.

「Haa! Why? Didn’t you say that the otherworlders have high status!?」

「I thought so too…but I never saw a number like that before. It’s too low even for a man」

「D-don’t joke with me!」

This development is unexpected. The numerical value is lower than an ordinary person.

「Well…it’s fine…probably Depending on the future practice」


Hironobu felt mortified.

「As expected of Eronobu. Since you can’t think of anything else but lewd things, this happens. 」

「A man who doesn’t have war potential isn’t needed」

「Rather than zero, the feelings might go to minus?」

「Ahahah! You said itー!」

The students laughed at Hironobu’s status.

(I-I want to beat them up…!)

He’d be stopped if he do so he won’t but he’s quite angry.

「Well well, don’t be so angry. Your status might be low but your special ability might be good」

「T-that’s right!」

He thought of the words Firana said in the dream.

「Hey hey, Aizu-kun. If it’s about special ability, then look at Fairy」

「Y-Yes. Very well」

「Thanks! What should I do?」


He showed to Fairy how to display the special ability.

《Instant recovery》
Wounds heal in an instant.
(For perfect recovery, it needs to raise the level. It’s also impossible to cure disease)

「It’s an amazing ability. Recovery tends to become handy」


Fairy pushed out her big chest further.

「Then, the one with High status, Ayaka-san. Please try it」


《Special effect attack》
It’s an ability that increased the power and speed of physical attacks. Rare ability.

「What can it be! A skill for attacks is unusual…! Your status is high, you really might be a chosen existence!」

Ayaka looks satisfied.

(Tsk, this is boring)

It’s unknown why the girls with bad personality is having such good abilities.

「Then, Hironobu-san. Please try it」


The characters in front of him are.

ー《Sex reward》