Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 6 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The decisive battle with Maou 1

Hironobu had sex with Hikari and saved her life.

Firana and the others were called while they’re cooling down the heat of the act and fixing their clothes.

(I want to do a bit more but it’s bad here no matter how you put it)

Even for him, he wanted to treat his first love, Hikari more politely.

However, the situation doesn’t permit that.

They decide to take the chance given by Maou to save Hikari to gain profit.

「Everyone, are you prepared?」

Hironobu looked at the girls and each of them nodded strongly.

「Maou thinks that were weak so I thought of fighting upfront」

Hikari nodded at his words.

「Right, she’s proud of her strength. I think so too」
The probability is high as the one who said that is someone who fought Maou.

「There are two methods to capture Maou. You remember it?」

「There’s no way we can. Direct attacks or sexual pleasure, right?」

Hironobu nodded at Valeria’s answer.
「Hikari-sama tested the first method right?」

「Yes. But, that’s because Maou gave the chance as she lowered her guard. I think she’ll be cautious of me」

Hikari has a reliable ability but her existence would be watched by Maou at the same time.

「Oh right. That’s why I will use that」

「Master, what do you mean specifically?」

「You see…」

The moment Hironobu tried to explain, a voice addressed them.

「What, aren’t you enjoying yourselves? Let me get in as well」

All of them turned to the throne

Maou was sitting there as if she owns the place before they were aware1

It’s natural because that seat is originally hers but her dauntless smile holds hostility.

The tiara that shines on top of Maou’s head is showing the difference of her position in this castle.

「Why didn’t you say that you have returned? Come here and let’s talk」

However, Hironobu beckoned her like he’s familiar with her.

「Why do I have to move by your words? You should be the one to come here」

「What? Maou is scared of Hikari-san?」

When he retaliate against Maou’s words, her expression turned belligerent.

「Brat, don’t wish to die sooner. Since you’re a toy that appeared after a thousand years, I’ll play with you properly」

Then, Maou stood up from her seat.

「It seems that the sneaky talk has ended. Then should we go violently now?

「Everyone, it’s coming. I’ll talk the plan when there’s a chance but let’s investigate Maou’s ability first」

Hironobu tells that and the vanguard Miyuki went ahead.

「Take this for a warm up first. Black Ball!」

Maou produced a black sphere from her hands and shot it at Hironobu and the girls.

「Don’t intercept, avoid that!」

Hikari who saw that technique warned them.

They jumped according to her voice calmly.

The sphere hits the floor and caused a black whirlpool there.

When it settled, there’s a created of approximately 1 meter on the place where Hironobu was a while ago.

It’s as if it eliminates anything it hits, Miyuki and Ayaka held their breath.

「That’s Maou’s special magic, no matter how big your defensive magic is, it’ll swallow everything. Be careful as she uses it consecutively」

「Certainly…we can stop one or two but it’s more difficult if there’s more」

「There’s also limit even for Firana, we can’t take even a blow」

They understood that the strengthened uniform is likely to be swallowed if it hits.

「Hey hey, it’s not interesting if you just run away」

Maou said, then she recite a magic and summoned a sword in her hand.

It’s a longsword that has an ominous decoration that’s indeed loved by her.

「Let me have more fun!」

Then, she rushed towards Hironobu instantly.

He can’t respond to her speed that’s like a bullet train.

However, Ayaka was somehow able to react in time and interrupt.

「I won’t let you have Master!」

Even so, Maou’s sword has a different reach and weight than Ayaka’s sword.

Adding the difference in status, the best she could do is to warp the curve somehow.

But, Maou didn’t fly vigorously, she changed her orbit and lost the balance of the body.

Fairy rushed during the moment she tries to stand up again then assaulted with her sword.

「Eat thiiss!!」

The sword that was firmly improved with magic can cut an iron armor like butter.

「Hmm, naïve! Do you think I would be damaged by something trivial?」

Still, Maou’s ability is overwhelming.

She let go one of her arm from the sword and caught Fairy’s attack bare-handed.

「No way!?」

「Yes way. Rather than that, you’re filled with gaps」

Maou threw a strong kick on the shocked Fairy.


She took the attack head on and was blown off ten meters.

「Firana secure Fairy, I’ll buy you time. 」 Flame pillar!」

Hironobu called a pillar of flames and obstructs Maou’s vision.

「It’s clever but I won’t be scalded with this fire!」

When Maou crosses the flame, he aimed at Firana that’s treating Fairy.

「With this it’s two…tsk!」

「As expected, it seems that your eyes aren’t strengthened」

Maou who tried to advance felt a presence aiming at her and she immediately defended her face.

After a moment, an arrow directly hit the part where she averted her eyes.

「Eiiii, you’re troublesome! Black Lance!」

She created a javelin that’s the same as the black sphere and was going to skewer Valeria.

However, that elf is a master of bow and arrow. She can cope and dodge the long distance attack of an enemy.

Fairy who had received treatment has returned in front.

「Push her with numbers and don’t give her time to rest!」

Maou may have overwhelming status but no matter how her brain things, the feet and hands can’t move.

She can deal with numbers using magic to some extent but it’s impossible to deal with all seven of them.

It’s even more if their aim and movements are all over the place.

「Don’t move restlessly humans!」

Though Maou fires magic in irritation, she’s not charging like the beginning.

It’s because she noticed Hikari aiming at her back.

She doesn’t attack aggressively but when Maou tries to approach someone, the position adjusts so she can be attacked from the back.

She’s holding Miyuki’s spare sword, and Maou’s neck would be cut immediately if she became careless.

She can’t lower her guard instinctively on someone who caused her to receive a fatal wound once.

(And then, I tell everyone my strategy between that…)

While Hironobu closes up to the girls that are spread out one by one, he passed on the strategy that wasn’t told earlier.

When he finished talking to all members, Maou shot a magic on the center of the room and spoke in an angry voice.

「Aah, this is troublesome. I’m not having fun with this at all!」

Then, she held the sword underhand and pierced the floor with it.

It created a cobweb of cracks from the floor and a black flame welled up from there.

「Shit, everyone, get away!」

They were able to evade in time due to Valeria’s warning but they all had taken distance from each other.

They kept moderate distance to surround Maou but it’s broken now.

「First would be ou Hikariii!」

Maou who destroyed the cooperation of the group had charged towards Hikari who’s the most obstructive.

「Ku, guu!」

Hikari was able to defend somehow but she’s on the loosing ground in terms of ability.

Though she was able to match on the second and third clash, her weapon flew away on the fourth.

「First would be you. Let me clear my vengeance from 1000 years ago!」

Maou brandished the longsword with a haughty attitude and lowered it to cut down Hikari who’s unarmed.


  1. The throne is hers so why are you saying that author?