Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Maou 1

「You, release me! I’ll annihilate you!」

Though her limbs are restrained, Maou Nafin still tries to struggle.

It seems that she also had noticed that Hironobu is approaching her.

「You, don’t think I’ll let you go easily?! I’ll definitely take my revenge!」

She can’t escape now that she’s restrained perfectly, she can’t use magic either.

Her useless resistance is stopped and it seems that she’s waiting for an opportunity to retaliate.

Having no one exceeding her status, Hironobu and the girls has no way of killing her.

She was defenseless 1000 years ago but Nafin had used a defensive magic on the orb this time.

What’s remaining is to wait for the tension to cut and counterattack quickly.

「If these women holding my limbs relax even for a moment, I’ll shake them off and cut your head」

Her tenacity is considerable when you know the matter about Hikari.
She might even go to the other world just to kill Hironobu.

He was overwhelmed by her for a moment but he pulled himself together and stand before Nafin.

「Don’t glare at me so much, I don’t intend to take so much time」

「Oh…You have a method to go through my defense? As long as my own magic isn’t used, it’s impossible」

Of course, she doesn’t intend to commit suicide.

Though there’s a thing called brainwashing, she had used various magic on her body as much as the orb.

Thanks to that, she can catch Fairy’s magic sword bare handed

As expected of her, she’s flawless even exposed.

「No, I wont use violence. I have another method」

「Could it be…You intend to disgrace me further? You vulgar human…」

There’s no way she doesn’t know about the dark orb.

She realized immediately that the method would be giving her pleasure to take out the orb.

「I don’t want to be told by someone who’s one-sidedly destroying humanity」
「Hm, do as you like. There’s no way a human could make me cum」

However, her dignified attitude isn’t destroyed.

「You’re quite calm from someone that’s going to be raped」

「I just made Youko cry over it a minute ago after all」

Hearing that she knocked down Youko though sex, Hironobu is a bit surprised.

However, that’s no reason for him to stop.

「Well, your technique is unrelated now though」

Saying that, he rode the groin of Nafin that’s lying down

「Getting on top of me…Ah, what are you doing?」

Before she was able to say something, Hironobu tore her dress.

Her clothes originally have high exposure but with this there’s completely nothing to cover Nafin.

Then, the prided size of her breasts under the dress spilled out.

「Oh, you’ve got quite a good one here. It’s unbearable if you sandwich it so should we use this one?」

He massaged the shaking breasts from both sides.

The soft breasts flexibly changed shape and a deep valley was made in the center.
「Ku, doing as you like with my breasts…!」

「If you have to say then now’s the time. Because I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll go crazy」

Saying that, he massaged it strongly that the shape changes.

Because of Nafin’s status, she won’t feel pain from this.

However, harmless pleasure is brought to her body one after another.

「Do you think that you’ll make me scream with something like this?」

However, she doesn’t seem to be feeling it from Hironobu’s caress.

She’s been staring with belligerent eyes.

He’s violating the existence that’s stronger than himself.

Furthermore, she’s strongly gazing at Hironobu like she’s going to kill him.

The desire to conquest her is being fully satisfied.

(I want to look at it carefully but I have to advance)

Though he feels regret inside his mind, he moved to the next stage.

First, Hironobu took out his penis.


Seeing that, Maou’s breath was caught from the size that’s growing because of her.

She was shocked because the size is something considerable compared to the one she uses herself.

Of course, the standard size of this world isn’t a match of this otherworlder.

「What? You’re scared?」

「T-There’s no way I would!」

「Hmm, well fine」

It’s already hard enough even before the act, he inserted it between Nafin’s breast.

Her big tits wrapped Hironobu’s thing between.

A soft touch of meat attacked his penis from all directions.

「The massage is quite intolerable, it’s really a lewd breast…」

He raised his voice of admiration.

The penis that was softly wrapped by her breasts is giving Hironobu enough pleasure even there’s no lotion.

Getting aroused by the feeling, he immediately began to move his waist.

He moves his waist violently to nail the big breast, Miyuki and the girls’ breath are taken away while they restrain Nafin.

Hironobu also had to take care of the scene when it comes to girls but it seems that it’s not necessary this time.

Using her like a thing, he brutally attacked her like an animal.

「U, guu…Nn…」

As expected Nafin feels suffocated as her breasts are pressed, she leaked out a voice.

However, it wasn’t a lovely voice at all.

She herself is doubtful if Hironobu’s thinks of her breast as a target.

She may be the Maou but her body is of a woman’s.

If you stimulate her sexual feeling, that part must be the most efficient.

Still, even he knows that it’s easy to attack the sensitive nipples, he continued to stroke is own penis using her breast.

He’s just giving himself to the lust.

However, she remembered one of the report given by Youko.

「Y-You…Do you intend to use aphrodisiac to me?」

That’s right, the talk about Hironobu having a strong effect aphrodisiac.

it’s something that Youko wasn’t able to seize with her ability to nullify abnormal state.

With this, she might not be able to endure even how high her status is.

It’s a special ability that has a power that’s literally beyond magic, Even Nafin can’t stop it.

She who felt a sense of crisis for the first time began to rage wilder than before.

「Don’t joke with me, Move!」

「Oops, just wait a bit more. It would be cruel if you act violently」

Hironobu makes an eyes signal and Valeria who’s free kept Nafin’s head suppressed.

She’s now exactly seeing her own breast being captured, a penis is going in and out of her cleavage.

Every time the penis wet goes forward, a slightly obscene sound is emitted.

Then, there’s a change in Nafin’s body.

「Uu, what’s this…My body’s getting hot?」

She’s not moving much but her whole body began to sweat damply.

Somehow, she thinks that the touch of the penis in her breast is making her sensitive.

「It seems that it’s beginning to take effect.」

「Beginning to take effect? You haven’t…」

「Actually, the forward has a slight effect. Also, it’s penetrating your skin」

「What!? Then…Ku!」

She became aware when she was told so that she felt her body becoming even more sensitive.

「I’m about to cum to so…I’ll splash your face!」

「Stop it! Don’t let out that dirty thing!」

If it’s a normal person, they might not be able to stand from the strong pressure of her eyes.

But, Hironobu laughed fearlessly.

「Those eyes looks good. Thinking how it will collapse makes me fill the chill」

Swinging his waist even more intense than this, he even tried to gain even more pleasure.

The penis shows Nafin the convulsions that’s it’s about to ejaculate.

Her expression gradually grows to fear.

Just how will she be if she took the ejaculation.

Those thoughts gradually grows inside her.

「Cumming, take it all!?」

Hironobu who reached his limit, thrust his waist with all his might and released his lust.

He ejaculated with the power of a water gun and made Nafin’s face wet with semen.

「Uguu! N, nnnn! Haa…u!」

Of course, even though Nafin shut her mouth to not let it go in, the thick smell of semen is smelled when she tries to breath.

If the semen is an aphrodisiac, it surely has the same effect on the smell too.

It was absorbed in a flash and the effect of the aphrodisiac shows as her body relaxes.

Even though her lips that are tightened firmly loosened, thus Hironobu gave her an order.

「We can’t get careless so swallow it and don’t leave a drop」

Fairy and Hikari scooped the semen thrown into Maou’s face and put it in her mouth.

「Youuuuuuu, I won’t just kill you…guu, nnuuu, muuu!」

They continued to suppress who’s making a useless resistance and she was made to swallow every last drop of semen.