Dragged into the class transfer Volume 6 Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Maou 3

Hironobu creampied Nafin and the aphrodisiac has began to take effect inside her body.

She was originally made to drink from her mouth and now she’s been ejaculated inside the vagina.

The aphrodisiac that’s part of his special ability makes the partner get sexually aroused disregarding the structure of the inside of the body.

In short, getting creampied has a higher effect in absorption than drinking it.


Leaking out a hot breath, Nafin gradually loses power.

Hironobu saw that and he began to move his hardened penis inside her vagina again.

「Fuuuuuuu!? Wait, if you move right now…!」

「Oh, I wonder?」

「I-I won’t be able to endure it!」

He grinned when he heard those words.

「Then that’s great. Get into disorder sooner」

Gripping Nafin’s ass firmly, he moved his waist violently.

「Hiiii! That feels gooood!」

She’s not trying to cover it anymore and raised a panting voice.
「Where’s the good one? Tell me?」

「Deep, my deepest part feels good!」

「I see, this one’s good」

「Ii, aah, afuuun! Ihiiiii!」

When Hironobu emphasizes piercing the depths of her vagina, Nafin’s back curved as she tremble.
「If you like it on the deepest then support your own body. If you do then I’ll pierce you even more intense」

「I’ll stand! I’ll stand by myself! So please pierce me more!」

However, her feet trembles in pleasure.

Her body can’t support herserf.

He looked at the throne thinking it was still there but it’s shattered by the aftermath of the combat.

Doing it like this, he can only keep her by the wall.

「It can’t be helped,. can you hold it?」

Spreading Nafin’s legs, her thighs are lifted just like that.

Her body turned like an M character and her intimate place is boldly exposed.

The shame remaining in her moved.

「Sto, this is embarrassing! Lower me!」

「Shut up for a moment!」

「Hahi! Nkuuuu!」

However, Hironobu’s taking quite the burden in this situation.

He pushed his waist up three times in that state, that made her shut up.

The twitching Nafin finally reached the wall and then stick her hand to it to support her body.

With this, he can finally move his waist with all high might.

「Just as you wished, I’ll pierce you with all of my power」

「Come, come, come! Make a mess out of me!」
Finally able to stand, she moved her waist lewdly to invite him

Unable to endure, he thrust his waist in.

「It came! The pleasant thing is! Amaziiiiiing!」

Maou pants as her hair dishevels.

Her haughty attitude from before is no longer existing.

What’s there is just a girl that coquets the penis and pleasure that she had fallen for.

「Just like this, Maou is already ruined」

「Uu, youuu…Ah, aaahn~!」

「Not ‘you’, my name’s Hironobu. At least remember that」

She who’s almost deprived is being disciplined by Hironobu’s penis thoroughly driving in.

Her tight vagina is already charmed enough and swallowed his thing without difficulty.

The exploited vagina convulses and releases love nectar every time he pierce it.

「Ahiii, aheeeeee!」

「Hora, Say my name」

「Hironobu…Hironobu-sama! Hironobu-sama’s penis feels goooooood!」1

「Hahaha, she completely fell」

Laughing, he swing his waist and covets pleasure.

The vagina Hironobu exploits move to make him feel pleasure no matter how much he moves.

The more he move his waist the more pleasure is collected.

「It’s impossible already, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!」

Nafin says that while turning around, she has been completely charmed.

Her expression is completely in heat and her mouth leaks out hot breaths.

「What a good face, Nafin」

「W-What? Hironobu-sama’s the one who did it to me!」

「Are you aware of what you’re turning to be?」
「I’m already at my ruin if you see my appearance. I’ll be laughed at even by a small fry demon…」

Then, she continued to press her waist against Hironobu.

「But, I’m already no good without this penis. My body can’t live without this thing anymore」

She can no longer be satisfied with the men from this world anymore

Thinking that, her desire to monopolize it filled her mind instantly.

「Please, ejaculate once more! Together with me this time!」

「Very well. I’ll give you pleasure that’s stronger than your honor」

Saying that, he began to move his waist violently and she raised a lovely voice instantly.

「Cumcumcum! Amazing! Hironobu-sama’s amazing!」

While her feet trembles, Nafin tries to press her waist hard with all her might.

「Aaaa, hyaaaannn, auuuu! Penis, it’s grinding me!」

「Me too, Nafin’s inside feels good」

「Ahiiii, I’m glaaaad!」

She no longer reacts hateful when she’s being called by her name but rather she gets obedient.

That’s how dependent she is to Hironobu.

If Youko’s in the place, she might’ve already fainted because of the impact.

Even Firana and the girls, they look at Nafin with eyes of fear and envy.
The thoughts of freight thinking how much pleasure can change one’s mind, they’re pulled by the feeling of wanting to taste it.

Of course, the jealousy to Nafin who wants to monopolize Hironobu is included.

Hironobu had noticed the glance but he continued not minding it.

She’s feeling satisfied that they’re being jealous.

But then, he wants to be spared from being tangled in jealousy.

Meanwhile, he felt that his third ejaculation is about to approach.

「Hironobu-sama’s penis is twitching!?」

Nafin felt it and pressed her ass more aggressive than before.

「Match with me and Cum with me okay, Nafin?」

「U-Understood! I’ll definitely tighten to squeeze out your semen!」

Instead of falling, her body has recovered it’s freedom instead? She demonstrates her original techniques.

The folds presses the penis already and the glans is focused on the attack.

With this, he’s unable to endure it.

「C-Cumming, where do you want it?」

「Inside, creampie me! Please thrust it inside with all your might!」
Doing exactly like her immediate reply, Hironobu penetrated her vagina.

With that power, half of his glans buried in her uterus.

「Cumcumcumcumcum, cumming, I’m also cumiiiiing!」

Hironobu ejaculated while Nafin curves her back in climax.
Her womb is dyed pure white and those that weren’t able to settle overflowed outside.

「Aaaaaaa…aa, ah…」

Something light up in her breast as she twitch in her climax.

When Hironobu pulled Nafin to hold her, the front of her body caught his eye.

In the cleavage of her rich chest is the dark orb pushing out.

He grasped it and draw power to pull out the remaining.

Then, all of it came off and fell and is put in his hand.

Nafin who’s tired leaned to Hironobu.

「You finally got it?」

Looking at the orb in front of her, she stared at it carefully.

The dark orb that absorbs all the light pulls him in just by looking at it.

(I see, it really smells like danger)

Firana and the girls approached it with that atmosphere.

「Hironobu-sama, You got the orb right? Then I should…」

While Firana was trying to say something, a change happened in the orb.

Suddenly, the ominous orb began to emit light.


  1. You’re goddam right