Dragged into the class transfer Volume 7 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Farewell

(As expected, I can’t resist it…It’s regrettable that this is the last)

Hironobu was thinking of that while licking the laid down body of Firana.

Her chest that grew up abundantly compared with the female class, it’s possible to tightly constrict it as if a round charming ass.

Looking at it again, it’s quite a charming body.

Furthermore, he swallows his saliva when he thought that there’s still room for growth.

「Hironobu-sama, it’s embarrassing if you look that much…」

She says while moving her arm to hide her body.

The two had repeatedly piled their bodies without anything to hide but this this case brings up a different shame.

「I want to see it more thoroughly…」

「U, uu…」

He said regrettably then Firana moved her arm while blushing.

Then, he began to take off her clothes.

Since it’s the usual clothes, it doesn’t even take one minute for her to be naked.

「I-It’s really embarrassing…」

「That’s not true, I even wanted to take a picture of it」

「Picture, you mean that? T-That’s no good!」

She probably remembered the time when I took out my phone to take pictures of her.

She refused with all her might.

「It’s fine, the power supply is already cut」

No matter how efficient it is, there’s no such battery that would last for a year.

「Please don’t make fun of me. Also, I can’t endure it anymore」

When Firana said that, she slowly opened her legs.

Then, her intimate place is shining with love nectar even though it’s not touched yet.

(She’s really grown lewdly in this past year)

Compared to the first time they had sex, her lewdness has risen a lot of steps.

Thinking that it was a result of living with Hironobu, he can’t help but get aroused.

「N, ngu…Hironobu-sama!?」

Kissing the shy Firana, he slid his body between her legs.

「I can’t endure it, I’m putting it in」

「Yes, please do as you like Hironobu-sama, Iiii!?」

Hironobu went in even before she was able to finish speaking.

The penis that’s fully erect was swallowed by the wet vagina.

「Uoo, it went in quickly」

Just as it looks like, the inside is already wet with love nectar.

He got even more aroused thinking that Firana’s being this aroused towards himself.

「Aah, my insides are filled…I’m happy」

「I want to be connected with you forever too」

The two people’s body stick together tells each other how hot they are from the arousal.,

Furthermore, Firana’s big tits is crushed by Hironobu and the softness is more than enough.

「There’s no one but me who can play with this」

Remembering the breasts that I raised myself, I stretched my hand and massaged the breast.

The shape changes by my hand, it’s like an extra large rice cake.

「I have to properly stimulate this too…」

「Hyaa, auuu!」

When he stimulated the hard nipples on top of the breast with his finger, Firana can’t suppress it and leaked her coice.

「Right, let me hear more of Firana’s voice」

「Hii, nn, haaaaa! If you massage that strongly, it might not return to it’s former shape!」

「It’s fine, it has a beautiful shape no matter how much I massage it. Also, I felt that this is bigger than the beginning」

Unlike Hironobu who doesn’t grow because he’s an otherworlder, Firana is a resident of this world.

He thinks that her breasts had grew slightly bigger this past year.

「Geez, isn’t it because Hironobu-sama’s fondling it with all his power?」

Returning words of affirmation, he felt pleased.

Then he reluctantly parted from it and moved his hand to her waist.

「Then, I have to confirm your growth here too」

He then began to swing his waist to his heart’s desire.

「Aaaa! Doing it violent so suddenly!」

Firana’s body shook from the powerful piston.

However, in spite of the violent movement, her vagina’s firmly capturing the penis.

The meat folds twines around the penis and presses against it.

「Amazing, your insides are moving like crazy」

「Does Hironobu-sama feel good? Are you feeling good with my insides?」

「Yeah, it feels so good that I want to ejaculate already!」

「I’m glad, I’m going to tighten it even more to make you ejaculate pleasantly!」

Saying that, Firana put power on her waist and tightened her vagina.

「Uu, shit…!」

The sudden tightening stimulates his penis as if wanting to squeeze semen.

Hironobu was unable to endure that surprise stimulation.

He poured his semen inside Firana’s vagina.

「Ah, ahahaha. My stomach is warm. It’s my first time making Hironobu-sama cum」

Feeling the ejaculation, it seems that she began to squeeze his semen along with his stamina.

「Haa, haa, you’ve done it」

Firana gently holds the head of the man who’s breathing roughly while bending forward.

「I’ve been always made to cum by Hironobu-sama so…But I’ve already exhausted myself…」

「Then, it’s my turn now?」
「Yes, please violate my hard and carve my body…」

Hironobu began to move his waist again just as she wished.

「Fua, nguuu! Haahaa…Uu!」

Her lovely voice blows his ears directly increases her arousal and his movement become even more violent.

It made a banging sound first but it’s becoming indecent powerfully.

The wet sound of the love nectar secreted affects the entire room.

「I-It feelsh too good! Crashee, I’m going crasheeeeee!!」

「Very well, get even more disordered. Feel good and break!」

「Hi, ihiiiiiiiiiii! The penis is piercing me deeep!」

「You like it deep? This one’s good!?」

Without holding back, Hironobu strongly swing his waist to attack her.

Firana twined her legs around his waist and it just fell off from the intensity of pleasure.

「Agii!? There, thereeeeeeeee! Cum, cum cumming!」

Having her womb pierced, Firana’s body convulsed.

She now easily climaxes wherever she’s attacked.

However, Hironobu still has some reserve remaining.

Reaching to that place, Firana’s body stiffened for a moment.

「That’s! higii!」

The place Hironobu touched is her clitoris.

He’s not touching it so far so it’s feeling impatient, when it was stimulated after long wait, it sent Firana with a huge amount of pleasure.

Thanks to that, she climaxed on top of a violent blow.

「Your face is getting loose, Firana」

「Fuee, Uuu, Hironobu-sama’s a bully…」

「I can’t leave it alone right? This cute child is inviting me」

「M-Me too, I can’t think of other men apart from Hironobu-sama. Even if you return to your former world, I’ll sill yearn for you!」


Hironobu’s feelings has reached the peak to those words and he moved his body even more violently.

「Aaaaaaaa! It’s too stroooong, I’m really breaaakiiing!」

「Firana, me too!」

「Hironobu-samaaa! Come, together with me, higu!」

He stabs his penis inside her vagina for his last spurt to make Firana reach climax.

「Cum, cum, Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Cumiiiiiinggg!」

「Ah, C-cumming!」

Her vagina swallowed his penis, Hironobu ejaculated as he can’t endure it anymore.

The semen pours inside her womb and it was instantly filled.

The two embraces to confirm each other’s existence and let some time pass.

Afterwards, the two fixed their clothing and went to the meeting place.

The members who finished preparing are already waiting there.

「Since there’s a guard, we’d escape from the window. Is there a person that we should be afraid of now?」

Miyuki says that, then a wry smile leaks from the surroundings.

「Then, come with Sensei. Let’s go」

Saying that, Youko jumped out of the window.

Then the girls followed one after another.

「Uhm, Hironobu-sama…」

Then Firana spoke to him.

She holds Hironobu’s hand that’s still hot from the earlier act.

「I believe That we’ll surely be meeting again」

「Yeah, I think so too. Please tell my regards to Valeria and Margrit too」

「Yes, understood」

He’s the only one remaining in the room and he put his feet on the window frame.

「Then, later」
Saying that in the end, he disappeared in the darkness of the night.