Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A phantom castle on the border

People riding horses advances through the quiet scenery.

There are four people and among them is one person rushing to battle with the horse.

「Then, Firana. Is the castle where the demon comes out near?」

「Yes, that is right. Recently, something like a ghost comes out from the castle and attacks humans」

The girl had an unpleasant expression from the words of the boy.

Firana who’s having a short light blue hair, is the princess of this country.

「I see, then we have to get rid of it faster」

Ozawa Hironobu is the name of the boy who answered. He’s summoned in an otherworld of swords and magic to exterminate demons.

The people riding the horses following them are Hironobu’s companions.

「Ozawa-kun, isn’t that a castle at 10 o’clock?」

Youko, the teacher and magician, informed them.

She’s the oldest in the group and the calmest.

When Hironobu looked at the direction she told, there’s a big castle that’s built there.

However, it’s considerably worn out from combat, and it can be seen that a long time has passed.
「Uwaaー, that’s terrible. We’re going in there? Fairy doesn’t want that~!」

The cute twintails Kisaragi Fairy said feeling fed up.

She looks easy because she calls herself fairy, but she’s outside expectations.

「We’ve come this far so what are you saying this late? I’ll knock you off the horse」

Ashibi Ayaka angrily told Fairy.

With her typical ojou-sama feel, her sense of responsibility is strong but also haughty.

All of the members have been trained through a special method and are stronger than a general soldier.

The enemy’s power is unknown and they can’t move a large scale army, it was best for this matter.

「Sorry for coming with me」

「Don’t mind it. Also, we can take anyone better than the demon king」

He answered Firana’s words and hurried to the castle with the horse.

The demon king’s forces collapsed because of the achievements of the Hironobu until now but there are still remnants remaining

Thinking that there might still be remnants staying in the castle, he rushed there.

They continued to advance for a while, then they arrived at the castle.

Getting down from the horses, they approached the tattered castle.

Then, Hironobu and the others erased their presence and carefully advanced.

「…There’s not much movement. It doesn’t seem to be a big demon」

He checked the area first then turned around.

「Then, Firana. Could you tell the details of the demon who comes out of this castle?」

She nods.
「I already spoke about it a while ago but the demon that comes out of this castle is something like a ghost. When this castle was burned from the previous war, I think the deep grudge from the demons who died transformed」

「That ghost doesn’t have an entity?」

「It seems so, I think that swords and spears just pass through them」

「It’s just…that means that there’s a method」

Firana nods firmly to those words.

Hironobu felt relieved when he saw that

There’s no problem for Firana and Youko who fights with magic but Ayaka is a pure swordsman.

It’s important to know if all members can fight.

「Yes, it seems that mana induced attack on an insubstantial ghost enemy is possible」


Hironobu turned to Fairy due to Firana’s words.

「If I recall, Fairy can put mana on her sword right?」

「Of course~ I always fought like that」

She says as she pulls out her sword and put power on it on the spot.

Then the handle is wrapped by mana gradually.

Finally, the sword entered the state where the entire sword emits light.

「For the time being, that’s how the basic looks like, If I do better I can make it wrapped on fire magic」

Is she pleased that her skilled area is noticed? She’s in a better mood than usual.

She has an all around ability where she can use magic and sword but, she’s good at fighting strengthened sword.

「Then, should Ayaka and I be participating?」

Hironobu’s power isn’t suitable for fighting as it’s a support system but, his physical ability is still higher than soldiers.

While he can’t be a vanguard, he doesn’t intend to be just protected.

「I think you can. Could you to hand me your swords?」

Being told so, Hironobu and Ayaka put out their swords.

Then, Fairy applied her hand on it and loaded it with power the same way.

After a few seconds, Hironobu’s sword is strengthened with magic just like her sword.

「There you go! After that Ozawa and Ayaka can just put their mana on the sword~」

「Thanks, should we go in then?」

Hironobu said as their equipment is set.

Then, Ayaka stepped forward.

「Please leave the vanguard to me」

Ayaka looks like she should be looking in the rear but she’s the one who’s most used to fighting at short distances.

Holding the sword in alertness, the door of the castle is opened and they went inside.
The inside of the castle is just as tattered as seen outside.

The carpet spread is torn up and there’s holes on the strong firm stone wall.

The banner on the ceiling is burnt mercilessly and fell.

It’s thought to be considerably luxurious before but the current condition is miserable.

「We don’t see enemies for the time being. Please come in」

Ayaka who precedes and confirmed the danger says so.

Hearing her words, Hironobu who’s standing by entered too.

「Somehow, the atmosphere really feels like a ghost would pop out」

Youko says as she holds her body.

The air in the castle feels cold.

「Hey, even Sensei is weak in this kind of place?」

「Hey, Ozawa-kun, what do you think of Sensei?」

Youko glares at Hironobu as she said that but the feeling of nervousness disappeared from the conversation even a little.

「I can’t see the ghost anywhere. Could it still be hiding because it’s daytime?」

Fairy opens doors around in random after she enters the castle.

But there’s still no contact with ghosts yet.

When it comes to this, the atmosphere has become where it’s harder to find it than fight it.

「I give up, I want to finish this up sooner though…」

Hironobu is lost in his thoughts.

They didn’t bring a lot of food this time.

Suppose it’ll take several days, they have to return.

「Let’s advance a bit more. It’ll take some time if we look for every corner of this big castle」

「Understood, then I’ll be leading the way」

Just like earlier, Ayaka rises in combat and advanced.

「Be careful as we don’t know if this might collapse」

Hironobu says while looking at the cracks on the ceiling

But, that’s not the only danger.

When he entered one room to investigate, the step suddenly collapsed.


Any human would fall down if there’s nothing to step on.

Hironobu fell down on the on the hole in the room just like that.


But, Firana gripped his hand at the last moment.


Hironobu said while breaking out in cold sweat.

「Please don’t move! N, kuu」

「I’ll help you!」

Ayaka lends a hand and it became easier to raise him.

At the moment when the consciousness of everyone is concentrated on Hironobu, A suspicious light appeared in the room.

The light gradually changes shaped and became a vague human shape.

The ghost of the demon appeared.

「There’s some light…?!」

The ghost attacks Youko who noticed the light at the very beginning.

Because it’s a complete surprise attack, she received the hurling of the ghost without being able to counterattack.

Then, the ghost shines greatly by the moment it touched Youko’s body and it entered her.

Youko convulsed greatly and fell down on the floor.

「W-What is going on! Kyau!」

「Kisaragi-san?! This!」

Fairy was attacked next and Ayaka attacks the ghosts that appeared one after another.

Lastly, it reached Firana who’s holding Hironobu’s hand.


「Firana!? Dammit!」

Firana who took the attack falls down on the floor and her hand separates from Hironobu.
Unable to defy gravity because he lost his support, he fell in the darkness.