Dragged into the class transfer Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hironobu’s ability.

《Sex Reward》
Explanation is unnecessary.


The vice commander turned silent.

The girls/

「Puhahahaha! It’s not a contingency fee but sex reward! The Kanji is wrong!」1

「Since it’s eronobu, isn’t that matching with him?」

「Furthermore, it’s self-explanatory…you’re already abandoned already」

「Huh!? What!」

He’s mad as expected, a schoolgirl draw closer to Hironobu.


「W-why haven’t you died!?」


「A good for nothing like you should’ve died…yet…why…!」


The girl cried, tattered.

There’s a lot of things to retort.

It would be a lie to say that he’s not hurt when he’s told that he should be dead.

He’s mad.

But, Hironobu didn’t say anything.

「Disappear…you’re useless anyway…at least go away!」


「Hurry up!」

With the repeated bashing of that student, the other girls began to bash Hironobu.

He’s surrounded.

Hironobu don’t want this atmosphere.

(Certainly it’s regrettable for them to die but…there are things that you shouldn’t say…!)

Hironobu clenched his fist and turned his heel.

「W-wait! Where are you going!」

「Sorry, vice commander. I don’t think I belong here」


「I’ll live in this world my way. You shouldn’t be with a good for nothing like me, you should be there with the girls with promising future」

Saying that, Hironobu left the castle.

◆     ◆

「…that said, what should I do?…」

He went out because of the momentum but this is an otherworld.

There’s nowhere to do.

(Let’s eat first.… Well, it looks like the river is near, so if I find nuts it would be fine for the time being)

Thinking that, he doesn’t know what he has.

(Somehow I hope I find a place where I can trouble)

It would be nice if he had skill to work but Hironobu doesn’t have such special skill.

Furthermore It’s an otherworld with special abilities.

They probably use status screen to distinguish appropriateness, it’s quite difficult.

「Ah! Let’s stop thinking!」

The answer won’t come out no matter what you think.

Fortunately the temperature is high that you won’t have problems sleeping as it is on the field.

Think after the morning and you might be able to return.

For the time being, Hironobu lied down and closed his eyes.

「Are you sleeping alredy?」

Hearing a familiar voice, Hironobu raised his body.


「It’s no good, going out without permission…」

「Why did you come here?」

「If a student goes alone at night, I’d be worried」

「It’s a different world you know? Also, I’m responsible for my own」

「Don’t act like you’re a grown up. Let’s all live and return in our former world」

Youko seems that she wants to go home with everyone.

「Sensei seems to act teacher like in this situation」

「Even I am scared. But, you can’t return alive if you’re not calm」

「That’s not about logic」


「Even though you’re afraid you’re doing your best」

Hironobu is curious about that.

Certainly Youko is an adult but the difference in age isn’t that much.

Even she confessed that she’s scared, so how does she keep her mentality?

「Sensei has a dream of becoming a teacher. Not just becoming a teacher, but also a dream of coming back to the girl class as a homeroom teacher」

「Coming back…?」

「Yes. Sensei is the first graduate of that girl class… The number of people was still small back then…」

「Is that so?」

That’s an extraordinary thought.

He thought that it’s a misfortune for this to happen.

(Well, the most unfortunate is me…)

Caught up with the class transfer, status is on big deal, made fool of, it’s really the worst, he thought.

「But, Ozawa-kun, you did well」

「What’s going on, so suddenly?」

「While everyone is panicking, you were the only one calm」

「It’s because the surroundings is confused. It’s not great at all. Didn’t sensei see it too? my ability」


「By the way, what’s sensei’s status?」

「W-want to see?」

「Isn’t that fine? Please let me see it, it’s not that I would feel grumpy about it」

「Got it」

Name:Nakusa Youko



Power: 40

Defensive Power:37


Mana: 40
《Omnipotent Isolation》
It’s possible to protect oneself from all abnormal states.
In addition, the abnormal state can be grasped.

「Isn’t that high?」

「It’s also because of the age」

「Your special ability seems to be good too」

「It’s not an attack type, but it’s an ability to protect oneself. By the way, did you see the next thing about your special ability?」


「It’s not a big deal but basically, the special abilities are only we otherworlder have. It only has a 100:1 ratio for people in this world. 」

「I see. High status, having special abilities…I understand the reason why the people in this world summons. Well, I’m useless though」

Youko shook her head.

「That’s not true. You’d surely grow from now on」


「I heard it, you get experience value when you defeat demons and your ability would go up. It’s really a game like world」

「But, it’s reality」

「That’s right. That’s why, Sensei doesn’t want anyone to die anymore, I thought of surviving and going back to the former world」

「Do your best. I’m going to support you secretly」

「No. Ozawa-kun isn’t decided to appear as a war potential yet」

「Even if you say that…」

He’s glad that he can rely on Youko but, his status is really low, his special ability is also unknown, for some reason it doesn’t serve any purpose.

If possible, he could be a logistic support.

「Why does it not need explanation? The characters seems to be wrong too」

「…Is such a thing possible?」


「This is a real world…In the case of someone making a game, it’s thought that making a mistake is impossible」

「In short, it’s a physical phenomenon? As long as there’s gravity, no human can jump more than ten meters」

「Yes. Also, I think that says the explanation is unnecessary. Then it’s incoherent?」

「Well, that’s true. Thinking literally, it would be accepting a reward by having sex…something like that?」

「Or, you can give it…probably. We won’t know the effect in this area」

「Even if you say effect」

There’s no women who would have sex with him in this world.

Hironobu has already been left out already so his ability is a useless teasure.

「Hey, Ozawa-kun」

「What’s wrong? Closing up to me」

Youko’s face comes closer.

Hironobu has leaned back instinctively.
「Do you want to test it with sensei whether that ability is true or not?」


  1. Contingency fee and sex reward reads the same