Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Possessed Youko 2

Youko was possessed by the ghost but it’s understood that her consciousness returned by satisfying her sexually somehow.

The reasons are unknown but it seems that they get sexually aroused when they get possessed by a ghost.

It’s put into practice afterwarads.

「Ozawa-kun, I can’t endure it anymore…」

Youko kisses the penis that just ejaculated while talking.

After that, she licks it and cleans out the remaining sperm

But still, it was enough stimulation for Hironobu who’s sensitive after climax.

The penis given pleasure regains it’s power.

Youko looks at the erect penis with envy.

「Sensei, please stand up」

「Got it…N, huh?」

She tries to stand up as Hironobu told her but, Youko can’t move.

She seems to be trying to stand but her foot trembled like a newborn fawn.

「Haahaa, N… I’m sorry, it seems that I’m unable to stand up」

Youko explains while her cheeks reddens in arousal.

She wants to have sex right now, she’s too aroused that she can’t stand up.

Then, the desire boiling in her thickens gradually.

「Sensei, did you cum from just doing paizuri? What lewdness」

「Please don’t say that…because, when I noticed I’m doing Ozawa-kun, then I came the next mooment」

「Hee, you don’t remember?…」

When Hironobu says so, Youko reacts sensitively.

「Did Sensei do something else while unconscious?」

“Just what have I done?” Youko looks uneasy.

Looking at it, Hironobu laughs sadistically.

「No, it’s not something big. Really」

「S-Somehow that makes me feel extremely worried…」

You became even more uneasy but Hironobu seems to be satisfied looking at her expression.

Pushing his back against the wall isn’t something that big.

But, it’s fun to look at the face of the fueled anxiousness of his teacher.

Hironobu was just being a bit mean but Youko can’t endure it.

In addition, the burning sensation of lust began to spread n her whole body.

「I’ll apologize if I do something bad but hurry up and embrace me!」

Hironobu’s sadistic heart is stimulated by her plea.

He’s being aroused by the current condition of the girl who he can rely on always.

「I get it. I’ll make you cum for real once again」

Saying that, he turns his waist on Youko.

Then he raised her up.

「Kya, nu!」

Youko who’s lifted, wrapped her hands and arm to Hironobu so she won’t fall down.

「Then I’ll ravish you like this, Sensei」

「But, this position is…」

「No one’s looking, how about there?」

He inserts his hand under her skirt then caresses Youko’s genital.

Then, the fingers feels her panty is wet.

「There’s no need for foreplay with this. Let’s begin immediately」

Saying that, the skirt was turned over without waiting for answer.

Then, the penis invaded the vagina after the panty was moved.

「Hyaan! Doing deep suddenly!!」

Youko’s holding Hironobu so the weight that can’t be supported by her hands and feet all goes to her genital.

As a result, when the penis pierced it, it reached the depths immediately.

「Haahaahaa, My inside is filled with Ozawa-kun…」

Youko in estrus said while breathing roughly .

The vagina that’s captured with deep with the first pierce tightens around the penis thoroughly.

Furthermore, it’s tightening condition is stronger than usual.

「Sensei, if you tighten that much, I’ll ejaculate immediately!」

「D-Don’t! Please, make me cum! If you let out your semen right now, I’ll just get more aroused!」

If she didn’t cum, it’ll just add fuel on the fire, said Youko.

If she who came back to consciousness said so, it must be true.

「Then, I have to make you cum quickly…!」

Hironobu gripped her waist firmly and began to move his penis.

Swinging Youko’s waist, and piercing her vagina.

「Hyaaun!! N, nn!!」

The hard penis pokes Youko without stopping.

The penis moves freely as it pleases and stimulates her vagina.

However, it’s impossible to move vigorously because of her body clinging to him.

She’s enduring the pleasure given by Hironobu with all her might.

「This is no good! I’ll cum immediately!!」

「Isn’t that great? Just cum! I’ll be looking at Sensei cumming slovenly!」

When Hironobu spoke it plainly, she blushed in shame.

Since she usually keeps her front as a teacher, she’s ashamed to have her climax face seen by a student.

Still, if she completely leaves her body to pleasure, the haziness might disappear, those words made her aware.

When it comes to this, it can’t be helped if Hironobu looked at her uneasy.

「Ahn, ahi! Please don’t stare that much…Aahn!」

「I’ll see you no matter what in this distance you know」

Hironobu embraced her even stronger while swinging his waist.

His fingers sinks in her plump ass, the breasts gives him different pleasure too.

In addition, looking a bit lower and Youko’s enormous breasts can be seen.

The arousal just raises when seeing the space between the two distorts every time he swings his waist.

「Haahaa, Nn?! Y-Your penis got bigger again?!」

Youko screams as the penis goes erect inside her vagina to the limit.

However, Hironobu has no intention to stop after coming this far.

「Sensei, I’ll make you cum!」

He persuades Youko whos drowning in pleasure.

Then, he began a piston to nail her waist.

A big banging sound echoes due to the even more violent movement.

Love nectar overflows from Youko’s vagina and supports the penis’ movement.

「Higu, ,ahn! Haa, haa…」

Youko who’s aroused too much she can’t make any conversation just clings to Hironobu hard.

Her hands and feet tremble in pleasure and she’s using all her might to cling.

He realized that Youko’s climax is near from her state.

「Sensei, you’re going to cum aren’t you?」

「There’s no way I would be able to endure it with this big cock of yours!」

Youko speaks in a trembling voice as her whole body convulses.

(This kind of desperate sensei looks erotic in a sense but, I have to return her to sanity soon)

Hironobu suppresses his feeling of wanting to tease her more and attacks her violently to let her climax.

With her waist firmly held, the penis goes to the depths.

The glans pierces the uterus and Youko raised her voice.

「C-Cumming! I’m going to cum!」

Youko’s feet who’s weak from the climax earlier is firmly twining with Hironobu’s body.

「Sensei, let’s cum together」

He also whispers that he’s close to climax .

Hironobu keeps putting in his penis on her first class vagina so his limit is coming too.

「Come in deep! Pour in Ozawa-kun’s thick semen deep in my womb!」


「Hiiyaaaaaaa! Cumcum, I’m cumiiiiiiing!!!」

Youko climaxed and tempts Hironobu to ejaculate too.

The ejaculation piercing her womb dyed it up white in an instant.

「Ah, aaaah…Hii, hafuu」

Youko enjoyed the pleasure of being cummed inside while clinging to Hironobu firmly.

Then, there’s a semitransparent haze coming out of her back.

Then, it went up towards the ceiling and disappeared.

(There’s no way that the possessing ghost entered nirvana?)

Hironobu who had a very mysterious experience of exorcism via sex decided to wait for Youko’s come-back on that place.