Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Reversed aims

Resting for a while after Youko was exorcised, she revived and was able to stand up by herself.

「Sensei, are you okay now?」

With her clothes already fixed, Hironobu checks the condition of her body.

Then she nodded.

「I’m fine now thanks to you」

As Youko say that, she used a light magic to test.

A small fireball appeared on top of her palm.

「At least, we can fight the ghosts with this. Still, to think that I’d be possessed…」

The situation was explained while Youko is resting.

When she heard about it, she felt that something crossed in front of her and then her consciousness has already lost.

「I’m worried about Firana’s wherabouts so please come with me」

「Sure, leave me the rear. I won’t let my guard down again」

Saying that, she raised several magic.

All of them are automatic defense magic, thus they won’t be able to receive a surprise attack this time.

Since the ghost itself isn’t that strong, if there’s a mana shield then the damage would be blocked.

「Let’s look around the first floor for the time being. If they’re not here then let’s go to the upper floor」

Hironobu grips his sword and loads it with mana.

The reinforcement of the sword has thinned as time passed so it’s revived with mana.

「Then, let’s go」
They searched the first floor and copes with a ghost appear from somewhere.

They’ve defeated several ghosts on the way but it’s been quiet other than that.

「Firana and the others doesn’t seem to be in this floor」

Hironobu agreed with Youko.

They confirmed the underground doorway just in case but there’s no marks of someone passing after Hironobu.

The two of them climbed the stairs they found from during the search.

They strain their ears when they reached the second floor.

Because there should be nothing other than the ghosts, if there’s a sound then their companions are there.

「…! Sensei, I heard something!」

Hironobu’s ears heard something falling.

The two of them went to the source of the sound while being cautious.

「Where’s this?」

They arrived on one of the guest rooms.

Among of the similar rooms, there’s one opened halfway.

「Sensei, please look at my back. I’ll be going in」

「Take care, Ozawa-kun」

He approached without making a sound and peeped inside the room.

Then, something moved inside. Also, it’s a lot.

「I’m going in」

Hironobu opens the door after telling Youko.
When they enter inside, there’s Ayaka and Fairy.

「Are you okay…doesn’t seem so」

Hironobu sighed and holds his sword up.

Their glance clearly has no consciousness in it as they walk unsteadily.

「That’s a human possessed by a ghost」

Youko felt fear from seeing it for the first time.

Fairy noticed Hironobu entering the room.

Then, she looked at him like a prey and pointed her sword to him.

「Ah, ugaaaa」


Fairy approached while raising a low groan voice.

「Hey hey, are you pointing your sword to me?!」

He pulls out his sword while saying.

Speed is the heart of battle1 First, the enemy is Fairy.

The aim is obviously the weapon of the enemy, knock it off or cut it.

But, Fairy has seen it and reacted.

「Kuu, kyau!」

She raised a scream on impact of the sword taking defense.

It seems that the reflex is better than how she moves.

「Shit, this is hard…I’ll lose my confidence when I don’t attack with all of my power」

Saying as he take a step back, he warded of Ayaka’s attack from the side.

Though it seems to be a sharp attack from her, the aim was considerably weak.

However, Hironobu should be able to ward as he can see though her attack but his hand turned numb.

It was a simple swordsmanship used by those who originally don’t handle swords but the power is a threat.

Furthermore, the opponent are two people.

He thought that it’s possible they might do friendly fire because of their dull moves, but they’re cooperating strangely that they don’t hurt each other.

It was a thought of relief but it was a threat for Hironobu.

But, their movements are slow.

Hironobu’s somehow able to dodge them somehow.

「Ozawa-kun, I’ll be using magic」

Unable to watch Hironobu having a hard time, Youko who’s standing from the back told her.

But, Hironobu stopped it.

「Wait, it’s narrow here! If you don’t measure the timing well…」

Youko won’t use attack magic for her companions either.

She must know several magic which won’t hurt but capture the enemy.

「Sensei, I’ll give you the signal. Then you can do it!」

「Got it, take care!」

Hironobu measures the timing the use of magic while ascertaining the movement of the two.


「Uaaaaa, fuu!」

Though they’re stabbing violently, it seems that they’re not aiming for the vital parts like the head or the heart.

Just like when he’s dealing with Youko, they only intend to attack until you’re immobilized.

「Therefore, it’s not just okay to not die!」

Hironobu’s warding off and fighting against a real sword.

In addition, both of them have superhuman strength that even if they hit your hands and feet, it would be a serious injury.

He can’t relax himself as he’s being attacked by the pressure of the stabs from his companions.

He’s feeling cold sweat from his back as he waits for the chance.

How many seconds, minutes has passed? The moment he has desperately endured came.



The two of them swing their swords together and Hironobu wards of the swords.

Then, the body of the two tangled with force.

The swords they swung clashed with each other and it made a high pitched sound.

Then, the tip slipped and pierced the floor.

The two of them tried to pull it off but it doesn’t come off easily because they swung the sword down powerfully.

「Sensei, now’s the time!」

Hironobu moved backwards and opened a line of fire.

This is the time Youko’s been waiting for, so she worked out on her mana instantly.

「Behave yourselves!」

Aiming at their arms, a vegetable vine began to spread.

The vine stretches and restricts the two people lightly.

They’d be able to tear it off if it’s a normal vine but it’s’ specially made from Youko’s mana.

They can’t cut it of with just ordinary force.

「Haahaa, that was dangerous…」

Looking at the restrained Fairy and Ayaka, Hironobu holds his waist.

His hand holding the sword is dripping wet with his sweat.

Passing his side, Youko approached the two.

「I’ll confiscate dangerous stuff from the two of you」

Saying that, the sword is taken from the struggling hand of the two.

Then, she breathed out deeply in relief.

But they must still be exorcised from the ghost.

And that’s Hironobu’s duty.

「…Okay, let’s do this」
After taking a short break, he breathed calmly and get up.

He looked down as he stand in front of Fairy and Ayaka.

「I really want to take my time but it can’t be helped」

Saying that, he made the restricted girls stand up.

The destination is the bed in the guest room.

Was it a double room? The bed’s quite big.

He rolled Fairy and Ayaka on top of it.

It’s slightly reckless but Hironobu’s irritated from their serious attacks from earlier.

「It was my bad on stepping on the floor at the beginning but, it’s fine for me to be a bit angry.」
He made a move on the two while having a bad smile floating on his face.


  1. The raws say “ 先手必勝。” which basically means that the one who takes the initiative will lead to victory, I just want to put Dark Seer’s line there. lol