Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Fairy and Ayaka 1

Fairy and Ayaka rolled in the bed as Hironobu stretches his hand.

Then, he looked back at Youko.

「Sensei, can you watch over outside?」

Youko smiles to that

「Oh my, are you thinking that it’s bad if Sensei’s watching?」

「Please spare me…I won’t do anything cruel」

「Fufu…right, I entrust you my students」

She says and withdraws, then come out of the door.

Looking that, Hironobu felt relieved.

As expected, it’s embarrassing to be seen having sex with calm eyes.

He won’t mind if Youko would participate but it’s obvious that one has to be the lookout.

Hirononbu’s real intention is to avoid starting over again after coming this far.

Then, he turned back to Fairy in bed.

「Now then, what should we do?」

The two of them are still wrapped around by the vines.

They’re facing each other that it it doesn’t go well, they’ll kiss each other.

They look up at Hironobu while trying to get away.

Those eyes are wet in lust just like Youko earlier.

「I was thinking that I would die while the two of you are just filled with lust」

Even though he knows that it’s the result of possession, Hironobu can’t help to push his feelings towards Fairy and Ayaka.

Those eyes turned to the body of the two tightened up by the vine.

Beacuse the vine is digging a bit, the plumpness of their thighs are emphasized.

「Since both of you are restrained, I’ll do as I like」
He enters the bed and comes to the side of the two.

Then he stretched his hand towards their bodies.

First, he caressed their feet.

「Both of you have good feel. It would look like a fake form the men in our world」

He massaged Fairy’s plump seductive thighs that attracts men and caressed Ayaka’s silk like smooth skin.



Both of them looked at Hironobu with feverish eyes.

But, he’s not touching their genitals.

He’s caressing their body while avoiding the erogenous zone.

After the legs, his hand moved towards their asses.

It would lose against Youko but Hironobu enjoys the moderate flesh of the two.

As he caress it, he massages the ass flesh occasionally.


「Kyaa, kun!」

It’s not their direct erogenous zone but their bodies are in heat that the whole body’s sensitive.

Every time Hironobu caresses their whole body, their breathing roughens gradually.

「Now then, what about here?」

This time his aim is the soft chests of the two.

The breasts of the two is enough to be called a huge breast but it’s pressing each other because of the restraint right now.

Hironobu’s hand creeped in between the deep valley made of four soft meat.

He began to taste the two people when his hand stabbed the valley of chest.

(This is…when I rub it, the other breast hits form the other side, it feels good from all directions)

Hironobu chuckles from the unexpected pleasure.

Naturally, he shouldn’t stimulate the nipple which is the most sensitive but he touched it because he wants to fully enjoy it by all means.

Then, the excitement warmed by the weak stimulation rises instantly.

「Haahaahaa, nfuuuuuu!」

「Ku, afu, nn!!」

They move their body like a caterpillar and draw their waist close to Hironobu.

He noticed it naturally but accepts them judging that it’s already a good time.

「Do you really want this much?」

Saying that, he took out his penis from his pants.1

He’s been enjoying the body by himself until now so it’s already hard.

Then, when Fairy and Ayaka saw that, they approached even more and buried their head between the crotch.

They took out their tongue and suck it like a traveler finding an oasis in a desert.

「Hamuu! Njururururu!!」

「Rero, rerorero! Jyupupupu!」

It’s not even ten seconds and yet the untouched penis became sticky with saliva.

Of course, the pleasure obtained from it is great.

But, it wasn’t something Hironobu can’t endure.

「It’s good that you’re both doing it with all your effort but I can’t ejaculate if you don’t do it well」

He says while looking down interestingly on the two doing fellatio.

It’s such a powerful fellatio as if they want to melt the penis but their technique is poor as expected.

Furthermore, there’s no movement of taking it in other than licking the penis from both sides.

(It’s the same with their swings from a while ago but it seems that I’m recognized as an ally for the time being)

The two of them licking the penis as their possessed by the ghost but this won’t do good if this continues.

No matter how wholehearted they service Hironobu, it’s done when he gets used to it.

But, it seems that they don’t understand why Hironobu doesn’t ejaculate.

They just move their tongues with vigor randomly.

「Ha, ha, ha,, Jupo, juzuzuzu」

「Juuuuuuuuu! jyururu! Haahaahaa」

After several minutes, Fairy and Ayaka’s breathing turned rougher.

But, it seems that the rough breathing is not from arousal but from the fatigue piled up this time.

Their mouths are already stained with saliva and the stains are on the sheet.

But, there’s no more expectations from them.

Hironobu moved as he thought so.

「Remember how to make me feel pleasure by licking」

Hironobu first gripped Fairy’s head and stick out his penis in front of her eyes.

When she tried to lick it, he pushed his waist forward and made his penis enter her mouth..

「Nbu?! Ngu, jururu…」

「That’s right, fellatio feels good when it’s hold in deep inside the mouth」

He pats her head saying that she did well.

Then, it seems that she understood what to do now so Fairy began to service him by holding it in her mouth assertively.

The big penis goes in deep to her throat and then the tepid mouth stimulates it.

「Fuu, your turn Ayaka. Learn from what Fairy did」

Saying that, he pulled out his penis from Fairy.

Then, pressed it in Ayaka’s lips.

「N, Hamooo! Ngu, jibyuu!」

Did she understood it from looking at Fairy’s service? Ayaka holds the penis deep in her mouth.

It’s licking clean the penis inside her mouth then sucks it like vacuum.

Then, she serviced it as if she’s holding a penis in her mouth for the first time.

Hironobu got aroused from the fresh look.

「Hey, the two of you do it this time」

Saying that as he present his penis to the two, the began to serve it in turns this time.

When Fairy holds the penis in her mouth, Ayaka licks Hironobu’s balls.

When Ayaka does the fellatio in return, Fairy caresses Hironobu’s body.

Their movements suddenly advanced as if they remembered their original techniques, so he gradually became unable to endure it anymore.

「I’m cumming」

Saying that, the two of them bring their face together.

Then, they stick out their tongue like the first time and serviced at the same time.

But, the simply honest pleasure isn’t halved anymore.

They licked and stimulated the penis with good share.

「Jururururu! Rero, reroo」

「Jyubu, juuuuuu! Hami, nmuuuu!!」

Hironobu reached his limit from the cooperation of the two.

The two of them sucked the glans of the trembling penis.

That becomes the trigger and semen gushed out,

N?! Afu, haaa!

「Haa, hafu! Rero」

Fairy and Ayaka’s faces got covered with white liquid and their faces had ecstasy floating in it.

At the same time, the light of consciousness returned to their eyes.

「This should be okay for the time being…」

Seeing that, Hironobu sighed.

He felt relieved that the same method worked on Fairy and Ayaka.
What’s left is to ravish them thoroughly until the ghost parts from them just like earlier.


  1. No, it’s not a detachable dick