Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Firana and Henriette 2

Hironobu perceived that Firana has returned from the smile directed at himself.

「Firana…are you Firana?」

「Yes, Hironobu-sama. But, Henriette-san’s border is somewhat vague…Ehoeho!」

She nods and then immediately drops her eyebrows.

Hironobu panicked and rubbed her back as something might be stuck in her throat

「Firana! Are you okay?」

He looked at her anxiously and she returned a sharp glance.

He thinks that Firana’s consciousness had returned deep again.

「Uu…What have you made me drink?!」

It seems that she feels repulsive of from having it clogged up.

「It’s bitter, sticky, you can’t chew it…and yet, I drank it steadily when I noticed!」

Henriette’s in tears unlikely to understand the meaning.

But, Hironobu was secretly happy to hear it.

Just how long he has thought that Firana’s normally drinking it with a smile even though she doesn’t like it.

Thanks to Henriette, he was able to reconfirm his feelings.

「Geez, what are you smiling for?」

「I’m pleased, I feel like I’ve renewed my thinking about Firana.」

「…I still don’t get it」

Did some still remain in her mouth? She’s looking displeased again.

Seeing that, Hironobu lifts her head.

Then he kissed Henriette.

Of course it’s not the normal one, its a French Kiss where they coil each other’s tongue.

「Nuuu!? N, Hafu, hyau! Amu, njurururu!」

Henriette was surprised for a moment but she accepted Hironobu’s tongue without interrupting.

Being led by him, she twined her tongue while making a loud sound.

After several seconds, the two finally separated and a silver bridge spans between that.

They were connected deeply that her expressions turned feverish.

「Haa, haa…this is also different from normal. Also, Hironobu-san just ejaculated inside my mouth!」

「Is that so? Rather than that, there’s no weird taste anymore, right?」

「Well that’s right but …」

Even though she just swallowed, she thought of what’s piled up from the act of kissing.

It’s gotten stronger now that she had known the taste.

「As expected, I still can’t understand…」

She shook her head and he had a wry smile.

「Well, I don’t think you’ll understand all of it. Feel the strength of my feelings and if by any change you return Firana’s body, I’d be glad」

Hironbu says it gently trying not to make her afraid, but she’s not nodding yet.

「I strongly don’t want to return her」

「That’s troubling…Then there’s no other way but to continue」
Saying that, he grips both of Henriette’s legs.

Then he spread those legs and exposed her genital.

「Kyaa, please don’t look!」

「Even if you tell me that, I won’t be able to aim if I don’t look」

「Aim, what?」

She asks while her face dyed red in shame.

「T-That’s! It should be soft after letting out semen!」

「Such an erotic body is in front of me so it’s strange not to be determined」

Saying that, he undresses Henriette.

Knowing the clothes worn by the girl he met for the first time very well, she got naked in just ten seconds.

「Ya, yaa! I’ll die from this much embarrassment!」

「This is going to be much more amazing so it’s a waste to not get naked.」

He pushed his lewd stick on Henriette’s secret place.

Then, it slowly went in.

「Hyaaau! This, something’s coming in?! Hiin, Why it doesn’t stop?」

She became teary eyed due to the foreign object entering her body.

Furthermore, she’s puzzled by the movement that seems to accept pleasure more.

「This isn’t your real body but I’ll be taking your virginity」

「That’s! I’m taking in Hironobu-san! He’s my first time!」

「Do you hate me being your first?」

Being asked so, Henriette was unable to answer.

She certainly met Hironobu today but her body surely feels good.

It’s going to be painful for the first time according to her knowledge but she felt glad that it wasn’t.

「I don’t hate it, I think」

Hironobu smiles wryly from her answer.

「Then, I must say that I’m glad that I’m your first」

Then he began to move his waist.

Since it’s already melting from the caress and climax, the movement is smooth.

Hironobu attacks her vagina as he likes.

First he attacks the depths of the vagina where it feels the best.

「Ihi, hafu! That feels too good, my head’s; melting, Ooooh!?」

Henriette trembles in pleasure.

But, her vagina tightens hard the next moment.

It completely changed it’s state and it’s twining itself to squeeze the semen to the depths.

He swings his waist unintentionally from the usual sensation of the vagina.

「N, haa…That’s no good, Hironobu-sama. It’s still her first time」

「Firana? Right, I might’ve overdid it a bit」

Henriette’s heart is still a virgin but the body is Firana’s, which is developed.

When he attacks with all his effort, she’ll definitely faint from the pleasure exceeding her tollerance.

Then, it seems that Firana’s completely appearing while Henriette’s unconscious.

「Then, I can be with Firana if she continues to cum?」

「Don’t be cruel. Please make her feel good properly」

It seems that Firana’s thinking of Henriette.

When she says that, he can’t do but cherish her too.

「Got it, I’ll do that」

When Hironobu said that, Firana closed her eyes feeling relieved.

Then, it changed to Henriette waking up next.

「Haa, fuu…Hironobu-san, you’re too intense」

「Then, I’ll play with you a bit slow this time」

Saying that, he slowly moved his waist.

For someone used to it, it’ll feel ticklish but it seems that it feels just right for Henriette.

「Nuu, haahaa…Hironobu-san」

She’s raising a charming voice while grasping the sheet.

「You want more?」

While attacking with his waist slowly, he caressed her breasts with his free hand.

Then, the lovely voice gradually grows louder.
「I-I’m going to cum again! This time I can feel the hotness there…Hahi!」

Showing her own climaxing appearance increases the arousal further.

「I’ll be watching you so just feel good」

「Ah, aaah! Cum, cumcumcumcum!!」

Henriette reached climax and her whole body convulsed.

The huge breasts on Hironobu’s hand rages every time she convulses and her vagina tightened.

「Kuh…This feels great」

The pleasure given by the vagina developed by oneself has the best pleasure.

「I’ll really become strange with this…」

The woman looks up while breathing roughly.


「Haahaa…what is it?」

「Want to feel even more?」

「…Yes, please do. I want Hironobu-sama to do it」

The girl’s eyes turned to pure pleasure.
Seeing that, Hironobu smiled.