Dragged into the class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Youko-sensei 1

「A-are you seriously saying that…?」

Hironobu asked Youko to make sure he hadn’t misheard.

She smiled and,

「Isn’t that obvious? I won’t tell this kind of joke」

Hironobu’s crotch made a reaction to that bewitching smile.

(I’m going to…have sex with Youko-sensei right now…? S-Seriously!?)

This beautiful teacher that was used as a fap material multiple times. He kept looking at Youko’s breast since a while ago.

「Ozawa-kun, you kept looking at Sensei’s brests」

「Well, Sensei’s breast is seriously big. Of course, pubescent man would」

「Want to touch?」


Hironobu drank his saliva.

He wants to massage that breast without minding anything but he’s conflicted.

(Uu…I want to touch it without reserve but, it would be troublesome if someone’s looking…Still, Youko sensei’s breasts…if I let this go I’ll definitely regret this…!)

Hironobu has made up his mind.



Once decided, he moved. Hironobu grabbed Youko’s explosive tits.

「Wai, Nn! Doing it suddenly is no good」

「Sensei invited me」

「Y-You’re really young… I don’t hate that you’re being rough with sensei, but…」

「Since I won’t tear up your clothes, don’t worry. But, I’m going to rub Sensei’s breasts」


Putting his hand inside the suit, the soft meat was massaged on top of the blouse.

Even if it’s massaged on top of the bra, the softness of Youko’s chest can be felt and it’s pleasurable.

「Sensei’s breast is really big」

「Do you hate…Ahn~, Nu, hate big breasts…?」

「I love it」

「Haahaa…if you massage it that violently…n, ah, ah, Sensei would be aroused too」

「You have experience don’t you?」

「Isn’t that obvious?1 I’m at my age after all…」

「Please teach me the adult techniques!」


HIronobu unbuttoned the blouse and the bra is exposed.

Youko wears a mature black underwear.

The center of the chest is already projected, it seems to be luring Hironobu.

(Ah, I can’t Endure it anymore…!)

Removing the front hook, Youko’s big breast is exposed.

Purun~ Two fruits jumped left and right, it’s jiggling fast.

The nipple is colored beautiful pink, the areola is small compared to the size of the chest.

Hironobu can’t suppress his arousal on the breast that overflows involuntarily.

「Sensei’s body…is really beautiful」

「D-don’t praise me, It’s embarrassing」

「A-after this…what should I do?」

「Then, lick my nipples…roll it with your tongue gently first」

「Roger. Then, Itadakimasu!」

Hironobu bit Youko’s bud.

When he sank his face, he feels that his face is gradually sinking on the softness of her cleavage.

It’s different from the softness of meat, also, it’s understood that the bud is getting harder.

Hironobu gently rolls the tip of his tongue just like Youko said.

「Rero…rero rero rero rero…How’s it?」

「Aun, it’s good. It’s ticklish and it feels good」

「Sensei’s nipples got hard」

「Don’t say that!」

Youko had her cheeks blush in embarrassment.

It’s thought that she’s a docile and reliable teacher but the disordered appearance of her is lovely too.

Hironobu asked what to do next.

「Sensei, I licked it」

「S-suck it!」

「Can I go strongly?」

「Go on!」

Youko lost her composure.

Her breathing is rough and her body is reacting twitchingly.

Is her pussy getting impatient? Her thighs can be seen fidgeting.

(What a sexy teacher…)

Seeing the appearance of her moving her waist, Hironobu felt that he wants her to feel even more pleasure.

He sucked it strongly just like what Youko said.



Raising her waist, she made an arc as she tremble.

Clinging to Hironobu’s body, she gripped the blazer firmly.


Thinking that he’s making an adult woman feel it gives him more pleasure.

HIronobu bit her nipples.

「S-Stop! Ahn, Nn, Ah, Aaaaa, Biting…Ahn is a no go!」

「You’re weak on your nipples aren’t you?」

「T-That’s right! That’s why, Ahn, don’t do it that strongly…Ahn, n, N!」

「I love this form of Sensei. I’ll make you feel more then」

「Ah, Aaaaaa, N, Ah, Ah!」

Caressing only one breast will worsen the balance.

Hironobu drew both breast to the middle and sucked both nipples.

「Kyaaaun! T-that’s amazing! Doing both…Ahn~Nnn!」

「Like this?」

「I-It’s my first time2 so it feels good…!」

「Sensei’s nipples is sweet and delicious」

「Ahn~ N! Y-You don’t have to say your impressions!」

Saying it is embarrassing so she doesn’t want him to say it.

Also, he’s caressing her one-sidedly, since he’s not worrying about it ending, he attacks her confidently.

(The experience with Firana inside the dream is also great)

If he hadn’t embraced FIrana, he’d probably panic like a virgin right now.

Anyway, Hironobu keeps attacking both of Youko’s breasts obstinately.

「N, Nnaaaaa! No more…! Don’t tease…haaaahaahaa…just my breasts…」

「Giving up?」

「I do. It’s impatient down under so…touch there too…」

Speaking of under, it would be her genital.

Hironobu answered her request and had his hand put inside her thighs.

「Hau! There…I’m sensitive there」

「You love being caressed?」

「Ah, N, n, n, don’t just stimulate it…Ahn~」

「I know」

Hironobu put his hand inside the skirt.

Then, it’s already hot and it feels that it has gotten damp somewhere.

(Sensei is already this wet…?)

Hironobu applied his finger on the crotch to confirm it.

「…Aren’t you already drenched?」

「It’s because Ozawa-kun is so violent」

「Are you easy to get wet? Well, I’m glad that I’m able to make you feel good」

「Take off your underwear already…I want your thing」

Looking at him with wet eyes, Hironobu has to answer.

「Haahaahaa…Ozawa-kun, put it in…」

Youko raised her legs.


  1. Sadly we can’t take Sensei’s virginity
  2. Having both nipples sucked