Dragged into the class transfer Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Talk with Valeria.

「I thank you for what you did earlier」

It seems like she’s a military-type, Valeria bowed.

Hironobu admires that appearance.

「Then, what on bread is your business?」

「You see…」

Firana explained

「…I see. I thought that it was an unusual name but Hironobu is an otherworlder?」


「Fumu. They’ll likely to show if it’s a document」

Saying that, Valeria blew through her fingers.

Piiii, as soon as it made a shrilling sound, an eagle came from the depths of the forest.

「Take this one along」

「Thanks. Then, Firana. Could you go there?」

「Huh? Hironobu-sama won’t go?」

「I’ll look into Valeria’s state a bit more. Also, something like documents is difficult to understand」


Hironobu who confirmed Valeria’s safety again sent Firana off.

「Still, it’s unfortunate. Were you attacked by a demon?」

「Yes. But, the wounds have healed. I’m thankful」


Hironobu is feeling uneasy somewhere.

(Elves are stronger and wiser than humans. Could they lose against a demon so easily?)

He thinks that there’s no strong demon in the area.

Hironobu has reached the elf forest without any big injuries either.

「Fuu, it seems that you have noticed」

Valeria seems to have noticed Hironobu’s behavior and spoke.

「…I’m not that strong」

「You’re an elf though?」

「Should I say that I’m a weak elf?」

「I wonder. As long as there’s nothing great happening, you’ll keep getting strong in this world right?」


Valeria lost her words.

She asked Hironobu to change the subject.

「Coming from the otherworld, what do you think of this world?」

「Well, it’s not that different from our world」

The nature of human is the same in any world.

「Fuu, an interesting answer」


「You said it a while ago, ‘Keep getting stronger’」


「That doesn’t work well as expected」

Valeria said it with somewhat distant eyes.

Hironobu can understand that feelings.

「I know, me too」

「Is that so?」

「Things don’t go well for me」

「…That’s surprising」

Valeria has an expression of ‘That’s the first’

「You’re surprising too」

「Being weak?」

「Making a surprised expression」

「E-Even I have emotions… Ah, that’s right!」

Valeria clapped her hands as if she remembered something.

「I have to give my gratitude for healing my wounds」

「You already did that a while ago. You let us in the elf forest」

「That’s my thanks to Firana. I haven’t given you one yet」

「No, It’s fine」

When Hironobu tried to decline, she approached him suddenly.

The sweet smell and the big breast seen on her clothes, Hironobu was taken aback.

(As expected, elves are beauties~)

If she stays like this then his ero switch might flip.

「Don’t hold back, speak up」

「I told you it’s okay」

「There’s no way it is」

「Then, you’ll do anything?」

「I will」

It’s like she’s speaking a provocation, Hironobu said it in a teasing manner.

「Then, let me fuck you. I want to embrace a good woman like you」
Valeria’s face reddened instantly.

「Wha!? What are you saying…b-but…I did say ‘Anything’…」

「No, I was joking」

As expected, he can’t make fun of her more than this.

「G-got it…G-go on…!」

「Ah, okay okay…then…Eeee!?」

Hironobu raised his voice as the answer was unexpected.

「There’s a hut nobody uses near here. I think there’s no one coming there」

「Wait, are you saying that seriously?」

「Wasn’t Hironobu Serious?」

An ultimate selection.1

He can deny it here.

But, for Hironobu that won’t lose to anyone when it comes to passion in ero, he’ll never let this opportunity pass.

(Dammiiit! I was so cool earlier!? Let’s show off until the end…no but the partner is an elf…!)

Hironobu can’t win against his desire.

「Okay, Valeria…Let’s go to the hut!」

「Don’t get so motivated so suddenly. You surprise me」

「No, let’s strike while the iron is hot!」2

「Seriously… But, I don’t hate aggressive men like you」

The two of them began to walk towards the hut.

Meanwhile, Hironobu recalls his own ability.

(Could it be that my ability is…)

He might be able to raise her status.

「Hey, Valeria」

Hironobu explained his own ability.
「Is that true?!」

「Yeah. I think there won’t be any problems with elf either」

「That’s good news. Well, even without that ability, I would still have sex with Hironobu」

「Ah, I want to ask another thing」


「You see I’m tired from the long journey. Valeria has recovered from the medicine from a while ago but…」

「I-I see… So I have more stamina…」

「That’s why」

Hironobu said it boldly.

「Would you shake your waist on top of me?」
Saying that, Valeria’s face has dyed red again


  1. We need the ERABE voice
  2.  Let’s strike while my dick is hot