Elf Chapter 33: Filming the Female Knight, Part 2

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Aisha, standing in front of the magic tool, seemed somewhat unsteady, her hands dangling and wobbling around on the spot for no reason.

While filming this scene,


“Well then, introduce yourself”, Keith said.

Aisha responds, “Whaat? You know my name…. “

“No that’s not what I mean. It’s…”

“It’s…. Aisha”


He sighed at how bluntly she said it.

Deciding that now would be a good time to change the pace, Keith approached Aisha and suddenly took her lips.


“Huh! …… mmm, chu…… pecho, chu, chu, chupa……”


Aisha was surprised at first, but as her tongue got entangled, she moved her mouth and swirled her tongue in response.

While using the magical tool to capture the flickering of their tongues, Keith guided Aisha to the bed.

He actually wanted to go with a prostitute schoolgirl flavor, but since Aisha wasn’t on board, he decided to change it to a couple’s sex scene.

Spontaneity is important in many things.

After sitting Aisha down on the bed, Keith began to rub her breasts through her clothes.


As he filmed Aisha exhaling “fua”, he felt her breasts and unbuttoned them. From the dexterously removed button, out popped her two large brown breasts, wrapped in a leopard-print bra.


He had Kikii Mora make these for him, along with the panties. After all, gyaru’s gotta wear leopard print.

As he gently touched her tits over her bra, he could clearly see her nipples growing hard and pointed.


“Aisha, your nipples are getting hard.”


As he said this, he put his hand inside her bra and touched her nipples directly.


“Ah …… aoohn! ……”


He kissed her again, listening to her breathe. It was fun to watch her body jerk when he pinched her nipples while kissing her. They kissed over and over again until Keith figured it was a suitable time and said,


“Spread your legs please.”


When he asked her to do so, Aisha obeyed his words.

In the meantime, he removes her bra and lets her tits pop out. He starts licking her nipples and caressing her pussy.

When he was stroking the skin on her clitoris, he played with her chestnut nipples,


“a~tsu…… n! A ~a~ann, n n ~tsu…… ~tsu!”


Aisha started leaking out a pitiable sound. As he removed his mouth from her nipple and took a picture of her erect nipples, he found Aisha glaring at him.

So, he smiled and kissed her,


“Please lick me….”


He whispered.


Aisha didn’t say anything, but she removed his pants and took out his cock. It was still semi-erect, but as he lay down on the bed, Aisha placed her body between Keith’s spread legs and grabbed his cock, bringing her face close to it and sucking it into her mouth.




She put it in her soft, wet mouth and smeared her saliva all over it, and then licked it with her tongue.


“Ji ~ero~o,ji, lick~yorororo, chi kup~yuro, chi ~yupochupochu”


Groaning at the feeling of her tongue caressing his cock, Keith struggled to record the scene.


“Ah … oh, oh, oh … Aisha, look over here. Squeeze your cheeks … yes. It’s really erotic.”


Keith, who had put a pillow behind his back, took pictures of his crotch and Aisha, her cheeks scrunched up, as she was bobbing her head up and down while looking at the magic tool.


She puts her finger on the base of his cock and supports it while licking the tip with a “Shlurpp!”. Keith’s penis was about to melt from the vulgar look on her face and the gentle use of her tongue.


“Aisha … Wow …!! Wow, oh !!”

“Nghh…. jyupu…. drool…jyupp!!”


The saliva overflowing from Aisha’s mouth was running down the rod and soaking Keith’s crotch. The sensation of being sucked up by the high-speed vacuum blowjob and the lasciviousness of Aisha’s beautiful face being distorted by the blowjob had his cock overflowing with cowper, begging for a swift squirt of his dirty juices into her mouth.




The moment Aisha’s oral technique increased in intensity, Keith lost the itchy feeling in his legs and his cum gushed out. Even so, to capture the moment of ejaculation he endured and did his best to not shake.


“Ugh! ……! Ohhhhhh, ……! Here it cums, feels so good!”



Aisha sucks it all up while catching the suddenly launched white cloudiness in the back of her throat.

Then, pulling along a string of semen and saliva, she removes her mouth from the cock and spits out the filth in her mouth onto her palm.

Aisha tries to wipe away the trembling liquid with some paper and throw it away; Keith interrupts,


“The other day, you promised to drink it… didn’t you?”

“… I’ve taken it out of my mouth already!!”

“Promise! Promise!!”


While glaring at the happy-looking Keith, Aisha once again drank what she had spit out in her hand, “chuuzu”.


“Ngu! … Gee … Ngoho… Swallow !!”


While filming her drinking his semen,


“How is it?”


When asked, Aisha replied,


“If it wasn’t …… Keith’s, I wouldn’t …… drink it even if I died.”


She turned her head to the side with a “poi”.


Keith found it too cute and pushed Aisha down on the bed.


“Now it’s my turn.”


Then he began to trace his fingers over the leopard print panties in her skirt.


Once he touched them, he found that they were slightly damp and had a sweet-smelling aroma to them.


Keith took off her panties and took a close-up picture of her pussy.


The pantyhose of a shaved adult cunt with the pubic mound swirling around it is always indecent and erotic.


When he remembers that it belongs to Aisha, who looks like a beautiful girl, the gap between the two makes him even more excited.


While plucking and rubbing the clit on her pussy,


“Which do you prefer, your clit or your vagina?”


When Aisha was asked this, she realized the magic tool was filming her face and turned to the side.


“Answer me. Which do you prefer?”


Keith rubbed her clit with a touch so weak it left Aisha with a discontent, lonesome feeling,


“I don’t care …… which one it is, just make …… it a little stronger …….”

“You have to tell me which one. Look at the Magic Tool properly now.”

“Don’t be …… mean to me, you …… idiot.”

“Which is it?”


Aisha still endured for a while, but eventually,


“C…. l… clit…”

“Yes? Look at the Magic Tool and say it properly”

“Gusu… bakaaa…. Die you pervert…”

“If you say it, I’ll tease you. At that place.”


Goosebumps broke out on Aisha’s body. She stared at the magic tool.


“C…li…to…ris…. touch me there…harder…”


She pleaded with tears in her eyes. When Keith heard this, he said,


“As you wish, my Queen!”


He said with a laugh and rubbed Aisha’s clitoris hard with the middle of his finger.


“Fuuuck! Huh! Aaah!”


Aisha’s clit was in a state of frustration after being tormented for so long.

In this state, the sudden attack made Aisha’s clitoris feel like it was being tortured, and the sensation was amplified many times and transmitted to her brain.


Keith kneaded her clit with his fingers, tracing the occasional flood of love juice onto his fingers to wet them, and then abused them again.


He kneaded it again and again with his middle finger.


“Aisha really likes clit play, doesn’t she? It’s going to get big, isn’t it?”

“Ugh! Ugh!… Aaaahh! I looove it! I loooove it! You’re going to be so big! Oh, my God!”

“After all, you’ve been masturbating twice a week for 40 years right.”

“Akyuu! YeaAaa…. B-bbut…Aauauuu!!!”

“But what?”

“Aaah! I love… when Keith does it…even more!!”


Aisha smiled happily, and her hips began to buck and spasm. When Keith felt that she was about to come, he stopped his clit torture and asked,


“Aisha, can I put my cock in you?”


I asked that while capturing her debauched face with the magic tool.

Aisha gave a small nod, but when she realized that wouldn’t get Keith to respond,


“….. Keith, I want… it…. Insert it… in me…”


Keith laughed and captured the statement, then moved his body between Aisha’s legs.

Of course, he can’t take off her school uniform.

He pulled up her skirt and pulled up the front of her shirt to expose her breasts.

He took a full picture of the brown-skinned girl spreading her legs, and then lightly touched her twitching cunt hole with his finger.


“It’s a brown elf pussy that has already been opened. It has a nice swell to it.”


He whispered only to the magic tool, then hefted his cock, which had returned to sufficient hardness after seeing Aisha’s lasciviousness, and pressed the tip against the honey-filled hole.


“Hah … ah …”


Aisha exhaled in anticipation of him coming in. Wanting to tease her, Keith was tantalizingly tickling, “chuku…chuku”, the entrance of her hole with the tip of his cock. Then Aisha said with a painful expression,


“No, you’re teasing me! Why are you being so mean to me? You idiot! Drop dead, maybe!”

“It’s your punishment for not letting me take pictures right awayyyy!!”


The moment he thrusts his hips out, his cock plunges in.

It scrapes the vaginal walls and pushes open the honey-filled pussy hole.

At the feel of it,


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! A~a ā a~tsu, hiu ~u~u~uuuu~tsu!!!!”


Aisha screamed, biting her teeth.

The folds of her vaginal cavity were deliciously moist from the clit torture and gently welcomed the cock.

While enjoying the wet warmth and soaking of the flesh vault, Keith continued to shoot pictures of Aisha’s disheveled face.

As he began to grind his hips, Aisha’s face was changing its expression with each stroke.

Aisha’s face changed each time as he began to grind his hips, her mouth opening in agony, wistfulness, and pleasure.


“Fue! Huh! Ahhhhh! Whoa! Keezuuuu! Penis, gentle, gentle! I love it! I loooove it! I like it! I like it! I love it!”


It seemed to be best for Aisha that he couldn’t be too violent because he was holding the magic tool, and sometimes Aisha’s neck would bend and her face would slump as if she was melting.


“Aisha! Mmm! You really like it when I’m being gentle with you right!”

“Yes! Ooooh!!! I like you, you’re so kind, Keith! Aaah! Aaah!! I love it when my tummy gets all tingly and fuzzy!!!”


Keith reached up with one hand and squeezed her tits while he moved his hips.

He was grinding the tip of his cock into Aisha’s tender spot, listening to the creaking of the bed as he did so,


“Fuck! Aahhh! Keith! I’m coming!!! It feels so good! It feels SOOO good!!! Keith!!! It’s so good!!!!”

“Aisha!! Please! I want you to look at the magic tool and make a peace sign. Peace while you cum! Okay? Please!!”


Keith’s hips are moving faster and faster, and Aisha’s face is flushed with embarrassment.


“Kyuhaa! Ungh! Like this? Is this what you want?”


Aisha asks as she puts the peace sign close to her flushed and disheveled face.


“Yes! And, oooh! Smile! I like it when you smile, Aisha! Smile!”

“Yes! Aaah! Okay! If you like it! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Aaaaah! Naah!”


The vaginal folds around his cock began to undulate, twitching and pulsing as it twined tighter around his cock. Her hips bucked repeatedly, indicating that she was close to climaxing.

Keith pinched her nipples and moved his hips in a stirring motion as he pounded her harder.


“Unnngh! Ughhh! Kishu! No! No! I’ll come! I’m coming! Can I come now?”

“Yes! Aisha! Come! Let me see you cum!”

“Ooh! Oh, my God! Uaahh! Coming!!!! … Kyaaaaa………!”


Aisha came with a face racked with ecstasy, doing the peace sign exactly as Keith had ordered her to.

Her vagina squeaked, “Kyuuuu! Kyuuuu!”, telling him so.


After Keith paused to breathe and removed his raging stiff cock out of Aisha, he put down the Magic Tool and took off her uniform which was now crumpled from the aftermath of her climax.

That said, it was only the jacket, and he even took off the ribbon and put it back around her neck.

The brown elf was heaving, wearing only her skirt and a ribbon around her neck.


And the way her cheeks were flushed from having just come, and the way her pussy was bloodshot, was just too erotic.

Keith made Aisha lie on her stomach and placed the magic tool by her head.

Then he made her raise her ass up,


“Aisha, it’s my turn.”


He said and jammed his fully erect cock into the soft juicy flesh of her pussy hole.


“Fuu…… fugiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!”


Aisha’s face contorted and she squealed as the furious assault penetrated her sensitive vaginal cavity just after her orgasm.

The magic tool captures Aisha’s face and the sight of her being penetrated from behind directly from the front.

Keith places his hands on the sides of Aisha’s body and now begins to swing his hips as hard as he can for his own pleasure.

The feeling of the cock ravaging her vagina, scraping the flesh, and clinging to the undulating folds of her flesh, made Aisha cry out,


“Kishu! Stop! Stop it! Oh, my God! Twuu stwong! Twwong! You’re breaking me! Oh, you’re breaking my pussy!”


Even the vulgar words are captured by the magic tool without missing a single word.

With a runny nose, drooling face, and tears spilling down her face, she pleads with Keith.


“Kii-shuu! Kii-shuuh! Stop pounding my vagina! It’s so hard! Aaahhh!”

“”Whoa, baby, whoa, aah! Oh, wow! Aisha’s insides are tightening! She’s squeezing me! Ooooh!”


Bang! Bang! Hips slamming into hips as hard as they can! Pan! The sound of his hips slamming into her ass with all their might echoed in the air.

Along with that sound came the sensation of ejaculation.

Keith’s cock, which had already been up to a pretty good level earlier, quickly gave up due to the juicy wet vaginal walls of Aisha’s pussy right after she came.

Feeling the second twitch of cum, Keith thrust his hips further into Aisha’s depths.

Clang! Thud! Such a sensation was transmitted to Aisha’s brain. She,


“Whoo-hoo! Ahhhh! Mata i gū ~u~u!! Chi ~yuyoinoniii! It’s so good!!! My pussy feels so good! Oh my god! I’m cumming again!!”


With goosebumps all over her body and even peeing herself, she was forced to climax for the second time together with him.


“Oohhh! Mmm! And, cuuu.. ahhh! Aisha! An erotic school uniform Aisha! Aisha! uguuuaahh!”

“uguuuaahh!”, “aaahhhh?!!!! …… ah, ah omg aAhuahaaa!”


Aisha fainted as her womb opening was sprayed and doused with cum.


Keith was trembling as he diligently finished pumping all of his seed into Aisha and then slowly pulled his cock out.

He hurriedly grabbed the magic tool and took a close-up of Aisha’s passed-out baby hole before the gaping vaginal canal closed.

As he took a close-up of Aisha’s baby hole, he used his fingers to pull out her erotic fluid from her vagina, which was a mixture of semen and thick love juice frothing white from the pounding and pistoning of his cock.


“The female knight, uh, …… how many times? I don’t remember exactly, but I’m seeding her. As expected, it’s a great pleasure to fuck her erotic cunt.”


He narrated and completed the video dedicated to fapping.

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