Elf Chapter 34: Assaulting the Princess

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Late at night, an anguished voice echoed in the mage’s room.

“Stick to ……! It’s not like this! It’s not like this!”

Keith yelled and threw the thing he was holding to the floor.
And then he held his head.

“Why? Why can’t I do this? ……”

He flipped through the various arcane texts and alchemical books on his desk, as well as his notepad full of sticky notes and inscriptions, over and over again.

“The materials and synthesis methods must be right. If that’s the case, then the shape …… No, I’ll start again with the materials and go back to …….”

Grumbling, Keith began to rewrite the synthesis equation.
The only sound in the dimly lit room was the scratching of his pen.
In the morning, when the birds were singing and the night was coming to an end.

“It’s done……”

A small murmur escaped Keith’s lips.
He clutched the finished product with a face full of fatigue and fell asleep in his chair.

That afternoon, Keith stifled a yawn as he made his way to Naia’s room.
Today was a long-overdue day of class.
Lately, he had fewer classes with Naia than before, because singing lessons and teaching etiquette at dinner parties took priority.
As a result, he’s been able to enjoy his time with Aisha a lot more, but…
Naia was overjoyed to see Keith for the first time in such a long time and embraced him.
In the past, when it was just the two of them, hugging was an everyday occurrence, but this was the first time when Aisha and Verna were present.
Keith was surprised by this, but more than that, Aisha was astonished.

“What, What, what are you doing?!!!!”

Her face turned bright red and she yelled at them angrily.

“Get away from him! You will get sullied!”

Who was the one clinging to this filthy body and moaning away?
Keith couldn’t help but look at Aisha with a scowl.
But Aisha didn’t care and tried to pull Naia away from Keith.
Naia yelped, “Ah”, as she was reluctantly pulled away by Aisha.
She puffed out her cheeks and glared at Aisha, but then decided to give Keith a big hug when they were alone later on!
She thought about it and smiled slyly at Keith.
When Aisha saw this, she glared at Keith with an ogre-like face and showed great craftiness, nearly crying for a moment and then hurriedly turning back into the ogre she was.

“It’s time to study! Aisha and Berna, hurry up! We’re running out of time!”

As Naia rushed them out of the room, Aisha told Keith.

“If you don’t keep your …… promise, you’ll …… be executed!”

She whispered that in his ear and left with Berna.
Keith was slightly relieved to see that the death sentence was not the same as the declaration that he would be skinned alive the first time.
After confirming that the two had left, Naia hugged Keith once again.
Keith hurriedly activated his warding magic and sound-muffling magic tools. And then.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked, a little puzzled by her bold behavior.
Then Naia raised her twinkling face and spoke.

“Keith-sama! Thank you so very much. Keith-sama!”

Then she buried her face in Keith’s chest again.

“What? What do you mean, thank you?”
“The song!”
“The song?”

Keith pondered and remembered that he had enjoyed the pseudo-exposure play in the last class, using the reason that it would make her less embarrassed to sing.
But I didn’t expect her to thank me for that, he thought …….

“I learned to sing better after that! My teacher even praised me! It was all, all of it, It’s all thanks to you, Keith-sama!”

What? Seriously? Seriously? From something like that?
Keith was surprised, but his face didn’t show a millimeter of agitation.

“I was able to help the princess. That’s more than enough for me.”

Naia was shaken by his coolness and the fact that he was thinking of her, and she laid her cheek against Keith’s chest, careful not to be heard.

“Keith-sama …… I love you…”

She whispered shyly.

“Yes? What did you say?”
“No! It’s nothing! It’s nothing! I want to thank you for what you did!”
“A thank you?”
“Yes! I want to thank you for making me a better singer!”

In Naia’s mind, there was a sense of remorse that she had doubted Keith’s actions, if only for a moment.
The fact that she had doubted Keith, who was thinking only of her, made her small heart ache.
She was determined to thank him on the next day of class.
And Keith…

“I was just doing what I was supposed to. To be thanked for that…”

So, he says.

“Please don’t say that. I’m …… I’m ……”

Keith met Nia’s gaze as she stared at him.

“In that case, I’d like to ask you to help me with something, Princess…….”
“Can I help …… you?”
“Yes. Yes, it would be a great help……”

This proposal brought a huge smile to Naia’s face.
To be able to thank Keith and to be able to help him in whatever he wanted. How wonderful it would be!

“Of course, I will! I’ll do it! I’ll help you!”

Seeing the red-faced and enthusiastic Naia, Keith, who was at a loss as to how to approach the matter, was overcome with emotion as he realized that the princess truly was an Ero Elf, given to him by God.

“So, what can I do for you?”

Hearing these words, Keith came to his senses.

“Yes. In fact, for the past few days, I have not been able to see the princess and have not received any magic power, so my penis is a little …….”

Of course, Naia didn’t know that he was shoving his cock into Aisha repeatedly at night.

“What’s wrong with your dick?!!
“No, thanks to the high purity of the princess’s magic power, it has not become a serious problem, but sometimes at night it can go out of control …….”

“No way… What can I do about it?”

When Naia’s face turned pale and she muttered something seriously, Keith continued, almost laughing at his own idiotic words.

“But I’m also a mage. As a result of my research, I finally succeeded in developing a magical tool that can rival a penis!”
“That’s…… incredible! Amazing, that sounds amazing! Keith-sama you’re incredible!”

Naia jumped up and down with joy.
I can’t believe he can create something that can compete with the legendary evil magic tools!
She was convinced that Keith was a legendary mage after all, and she was unbelievably excited about it.
To this Naia, Keith said.

“This is all because the princess allowed me to photograph her channeling her magic power. It really helped me a lot.”

“Oh, really?”

Naia felt embarrassed when she was told that she had saved him.
The words alone made her feel that it was worth enduring all that embarrassment.
To Naia, who was squirming.

“This is the magic tool that has been created…… let me show you the real thing for now.”

He took out a package from his bag. And when he opened it…

“Princess, this is the magic tool I made.”
“Here! This is it?”

It was a pink, pudgy tube. There was a small hole at the bottom.
It was a masturbator. No matter how you looked at it, it was an Ona-hole masturbator.
It was a masturbator that Keith had painstakingly made in the middle of the night.
At that time, Keith was checking the condition of the masturbator over and over again.
His lower half was bare, and he did it again and again. When he thought about it and recalled the scene of his agony, he felt miserable.
But the pure-hearted princess, who couldn’t possibly have known about such a thing, looked at it curiously.
Keith held out the masturbator to Naia.

“It’s okay to touch it.”

Naia smiled at him and took it fearfully.

“It’s fluffy …… and chunky. It’s soft and ……? There’s a hole in it.”

The teenage-looking Elf Princess was playing with a masturbator.
This sight naturally concentrated all the blood into Keith’s cock.
With his dick in mind, Keith began to explain to Naia.

“Yes, I’m going to put my penis in that hole. Then squeeze out the medicine! Although it cannot supply magic, it can still keep the elixir from building up inside my penis!”
“This, this way you can squeeze the medicine out of your penis!? …… Isn’t it painful?”
“It will probably cause a lot of pain. But I will endure it! No, I must endure it!”

Keith grabbed Naia’s hand as she held the masturbator.

“In order to be able to be together with the princess for even one more day earlier, ……”

These words made Naia’s maidenly passions flutter.
He is a hero who is willing to go through any kind of pain for her, just like a hero in a fantasy about a princess.
She was about to drool over how cool he was.

“Keith-sama …… is so cool. ……”

To Naia going head over heels in love with himself,

Keith said, “No, it’s good that I have created such a ……, but I haven’t actually used it yet because of my fear of the pain… to be saying such cool things is pathetic.”

Keith’s eyes were downcast as he said this.

“No! No, no, no! You’re not pathetic, Keith-sama! You’re very noble!”
“It’s very comforting to hear you say that, Princess.”

Naia happily clutched the masturbator as he patted her head.

“So, so! What can I do for you?”

Keith looked at Naia with a serious face.

“I can’t get up the courage to use that magic tool by myself. That’s why I wanted the princess to help me. Could you, Princess, …… squeeze the elixir out of my cock with that magic tool?”


“Yes! If the princess will do it, I am confident that this Keith will be able to endure any kind of pain!”

Naia looked at the magic tool in her hand and at Keith.
I should do it to help Keith, but I can’t do that, I can’t inflict pain on him.
But if I don’t do it …….
She was bewildered, not knowing what to do,

“Princess ……, you’re the only one who can help …… me! Please… help me…”

 I’ll help him! The same way Keith helped me to sing!

I’ll help Keith myself!!

“……I understand. Leave it to me!”

Naia said that and grabbed Keith’s hand.
With an expression of determination. With a serious glint in her eye. She declared that she would give him a masturbation job.
Keith got a massive erection.

Keith, with his lower half fully exposed, sat there on the usual tarpaulin chair.
His cock was already hard and erect.
The anticipation of what Naia was going to do to him was one thing, but the exhaustion from the all-nighter was another.
Naia put her body between Keith’s legs and looked at it.

“Keith-sama! Your cock is already huge!”

When she reported back to him.

“Yes. That’s how much elixir has built up inside……”

“Oh my God! I have to get it out!”

That said, Naia was having trouble figuring out how to use the magic tool.

When Keith saw this, he said

“Princess, first of all, let’s put some saliva inside that magic tool.”
“Yes. Yes, to alleviate some of the pain. Can you do it?”
“No, no! I can do it! I can do it!”
“Good. Now, spread that hole with your finger.”
“…… Um, like this? …… Wow! It spreads so wide! Wow, it’s so soft.”

The princess’s pussy is even softer.
As Keith mentally whispered this, he adored the sight of her with a warm gaze.

“Now, put some saliva in there, please.”

“Oh, yes. Hmm… Rero~~ …”

Naia’s sweet and delicious saliva dripped into the masturbator.
In fact, lube would have been better, but he had decided that Naia’s saliva would be the best for his first time.
A man has got to be particular.
The clear saliva flowing from her mouth into the masturbator in a continuous stream eventually moistened the inside of the Ona-hole.

“That’s enough, princess. Now it’s time.”

Naia mistook Keith’s expectant face for one of fighting fear.

“Don’t worry, Keith-sama! I’m with you!”
“Princess ……”

Keith almost laughed, but he bit his lip and held it back.

“What reassuring words. I can feel courage welling up! Please, princess!”

Naia nodded her head and put the tip of his cock onto the masturbator hole and thrust it in with all her might.
As his cock was enveloped in the saliva-wet contents, he let out a cry of pleasure.

“Oh, my gosh! Ohhhh, …… this is it!!”
“Keith-sama! Are you okay??”
“Ugh. …… Oooh! It’s okay…….”

The inside of the masturbator was made to resemble Naia’s vagina as much as possible, but with the addition of a rough component that gave his dick a completely different feel.
When it was half-buried, Naia stopped her hand but he urged her to go further.
Nyuruzubo! and his cock went numb from being fully immersed in the onahole.

“Yabe, …… this is bad …….”

Keith looked up and muttered to himself.

“Keith-sama, what do you want me to do after this?”

Keith swallowed his drool at Naia’s words.

“Just squeeze and rub them together like you always do with medicine.”
“Yes, ……, but let me know if it hurts, okay?”

Naia took a deep breath and started rubbing the onaho up and down.
The inside of the masturbator, slick with saliva, has an inorganic feel that is different from flesh, but its softness and unique shape envelop the cock.
There, Naia, who doesn’t know how to adjust her grip, squeezes and wrings it, which gives Keith a painful stimulation.

“Huh! Uho! Princess! Ohh!”


“No, no, no, don’t stop!”

“Yes, yes! Good luck, Keith-sama!”

Every time Naia moved the masturbator, it made a vulgar “guchuniboguchuniboguchu” sound.

“Oh! Himesa, ma. Please give me more support. …… Oh my god! I feel like I’m going to collapse.”

“Yes! Well, well, well! Good luck, Keith-sama! Don’t lose! Let’s get all this medicine out of your dick! Penis, hang in there too!”

She cheered for him as she scrubbed and stroked and worked it.
When you look at her, you’ll see that the royal noble elf is jerking him off with a masturbator.
And she’s doing it without knowing how to control it.

“Aah! Aah! Aah! Ugh… Princess …… The Breathing Technique! Please do it! Please.”

Hearing the words “Breathing Technique”, Naia quickly stood up.

Keith is asking me to take the pain away! I have to!

“Keith-sama, I’m going to ease you up right now. …… nchu, buchu, lechu lebelochu ……”

Naia was so eager to help that she took Keith’s lips and entwined her tongue with his own.
It was a result of the psychological modification done by Keith, so she became a slutty princess who would sit a man on a chair and tongue kiss him while giving him an onahole hand job.

“Rero, bero-chu…… churo-o, himeshama…… ah, Princess.”

He tried desperately to hold back the cum that was about to spurt out of him from the euphoric feeling and enjoyed the sensation of the tongue and the masturbator.

But there was a limit to that.

“Plop, plop! Slip, slurp, zuppu, zuppu, usbo suboo!!!”

Naia sped up, wanting to ease him up as quickly as possible.

“Ugh!!! Whoa! Princess! So fast! How fast! Uwaa!”

“Keith-sama! Your medicine is almost out! Hold on!”

“Whoa! What a Dominatrix princess! Oh, no! Whoa!”

“Hold on! Almost there!”

Keith finally relaxed his power in his buttocks due to the irresistible feeling of ejaculation. At that moment.

“Oh. Ohhhh! Uguiiiiii!”


The masturbator trembled. The masturbator continued to shake and shudder as he rhythmically pumped his cum into it.
It’s a non-penetrating device, so the overflowing white slime started to break free. It was a huge amount.

“Aaa~~~~……, that was amazing…….”

As Keith basks in the afterglow, Naia…

“I’m sorry! I know I was too aggressive! I’m sorry! But…”
“What? Oh, I know the princess was just trying to help me. Thank you, Princess. It felt good… I mean I feel much better now that the medicine is out.”

Naia was relieved that Keith had forgiven her.

“I’m going to remove the magic tool then.”

With that, he pulled out the masturbator.

When the masturbator was pulled out, Keith let out a moan at the stimulation of his sensitive cock. Keith said as he looked at the sloppy semen in the masturbator,

“Here’s your medicine, Princess. Please drink it.”

When Keith told her to do so while patting her head, Naia nodded yes, put the masturbator in her mouth like a cup, looked up as she sucked out and swallowed the contents.

“Jizz! Mmmmn… choro…… puhhhh.”

Naia smiled at the fact that she drank it all down, leaving her lips shiny with cum.
Keith’s lust swelled again at the indecent sight of the slutty young woman who drank his filthy cum from his masturbator and smiled while doing so.

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