Chapter 35: Princess in Love

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Watching his cock grow as it spilled the remains of his semen from its tip.


“Keith-sama. Your cock is getting bigger again!”


Naia reported to me.
Keith’s face contorted.


“Oh no! It looks like the elixir has built up too much …… for just one time!”
“What should I do? Again, using the magic tool …… but!”


He was in so much pain, she couldn’t ask him to do it again.
But even normal mouth-sucking and hand-stroking should cause some pain.
Is it really okay to do that after all that torture?
Naia was perplexed and flustered.
She was an innocent princess who didn’t know that Keith’s voice was that of a disgusting man pleasuring himself.
Keith told Naia.


“I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I’ve just realized something.”
“An……. idea?”


With a sober look on his face, Keith looked at Naia.


“When the princess told my penis to hang in there, it eased my pain considerably. It occurred to me that perhaps this magical tool, the penis, could have its aggression toward me weakened by speaking sweetly to it!”

“Is that so?”

“I told you that a penis is a willful instrument, didn’t I? And when something has a will, it means it has a personality! I mean, it’s like a person. You just have to be kind to it.”
“So, your dick is getting gentler!”


Naia’s eyes lit up at the great discovery that she and Keith had made.
Keith grabbed Naia gently by the shoulders and said with a serious face.


“I have a favor to ask you! Please talk gently to my penis!”
“Yes, yes! Leave it to me!”


Exhaling with a “hmmph!” through her nose and with flames burning in her eyes, Naia made a fist and nodded.
Keith hugged Naia and was very touched by her.


He made Naia strip naked because the elixir was “not compatible” with her clothing.
Keith then laid himself down naked on the tarpaulin and put a pillow under his back to make his crotch more visible.


“Princess, please.”


Keith’s expression is serious as if he is telling Naia that this is an experiment.
Naia nodded nervously and flopped down between Keith’s legs.
She bent down and grabbed his cock.


“Um, Keith-sama.”
“Princess, talk to my cock now and tell it you love it!”
“Ok. Yes, sir.”


Naia stared again at his cock, which she always licked and sucked and rubbed all the time.


“Thank you, …… Mr. Penis, for always giving me my medicine.”


Rubbing it gently with both hands.


“Also, it feels so good when you release the medicine into my crotch or my butt. Thank you for that too.”


His cock began to swell.
Naia nervously swallowed her spit.


“Um, well, at first I thought you were a little scary shaped. But lately, I think it’s pretty cute.”


His cock is half erect and getting thicker.
She loves it. So tenderly.
Naia wondered desperately what she should do, and came up with an idea to do what she would like Keith to do to her.
First, she petted and stroked it.
With one hand she gently grasped his cock and with the other, she rubbed the top of his glans.
Keith almost screamed when he felt his sensitive post-ejaculation glans being caressed in a circular motion, but he held his ground.


“Good boy, good boy …….”


She stroked the tip of his cock, and soon his penis was completely erect.

Naia notices this.


“Keith-sama …… that.”


Keith had a startled look on his face.


“Princess …… I don’t feel any pain. …… Maybe it’s as I thought.”


What a ridiculous thing to insinuate.

But Naia believed him, and she smiled and said, “Aha.”


“Oh, Mr. Penis, you’re a good boy, aren’t you? Chuu.”


She kissed him lightly around his bell-shaped penis glans.

That’s another thing that she’s happy to do to Keith.

I felt my cock shudder.




“Ha-ha-ha, your cock is embarrassed to be kissed by the princess.”

“Fufufu, you’re a shy little guy, aren’t you?”


What a stupid conversation.
After that, Naia went from a sitting position to lying face down with her legs stretched out on the seat too, and propped herself up on her elbows to touch his cock.
Then she bent her knees and flapped her legs, alternating between left and right, as if she was enjoying it.


“Penis-san. You’re so cute, chu. You’re a good boy, chu. You’re a good boy, chu-chu-chu.”


She was kissing up a storm while talking to him.
Keith’s breathing became more and more ragged at the sight of the slutty Hime-Bitch.
Finally, Keith couldn’t take it anymore.


“Hi, Princess, …… that…”


“Huh? What is it?”


Removing her lips from his cock, Naia looked up at Keith.


“I’d like to try it out with my magic supply eventually, so I need to build up the princess’s magic as well.”
“Then I’ll play with my crotch myself!”
“No, I’ll do that.”
“But then I wouldn’t be able to touch your cock while you did that…….”
“I’ve thought of a way we can do it together.”


Keith told Nia to get on top of him and turn her hips toward his face.
They got into a 69 position.
Naia was embarrassed by the idea of riding on top of Keith and having her crotch exposed near his face.


“This way, I can lick your pussy and also get you to touch my cock, right?”


For Naia, who was convinced that Keith was the only one in the world with a magical device called a penis between his legs, she thought that Keith was a genius for coming up with such a revolutionary method.


“Come on, let’s try it.”


Naia tried to make love to his cock as usual.


Putting the pillow under his head, Keith lifted his head and took a closer look at Naia’s peachy pink pussy, which was spread out before his eyes.
Lately, he’s only been enjoying her ass, so it’s been a while since he’s seen her pussy, but it’s still stunning.
Her labia were beginning to protrude a little bit, and she had a thick bank of flesh. Her clitoris was still small, but it was showing signs of growth.
Just looking at it increased the degree of his erection.
Keith felt like playing a prank and blew on her pussy.




Naia screamed cutely. She turned back around.


“No pranks! Keith-sama!”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but the Princess’ pussy was so cute.”
“I won’t play any more tricks on you. I’ll just give you lots of licks instead.”
“What? Ukyaaaa!”


Keith pecked at her labia and teased out the wrinkles with his tongue.
Naia’s sensitive cunt soon begins to release a faint scent of honey.
So, while slowly sucking and mouth caressing a little bit of the labia, he eventually let his tongue touch the clitoris.




Naia arched her back at the clit torture after being teased.
Even so, she tried her best to make love to his cock.


“Iii …… good boy, Ochinpo Sha, N Hyaa!! I, Fe!! Fuee !!”


She tried her best, but it didn’t go well versus Keith’s attack on her pussy.
So, Keith said.


“Princess, lick, lick, lick my cock lovingly! Mmm! Licking is the greatest expression of affection for any living thing! Suck it, chuu, chuu, chuu, chuu!”


“Aaah! Akuku…… understood…… mmm!”


Naia’s body was twitching from the pleasure, but she still tried her best,


“Oh, dick… -san, thank you for …Ukyuu Thank you for not hurting him…”


While saying that she crawled her tongue. Naia’s first 69 was less of a skillful lick as the pleasure given to her was more than she gave to Keith.
However, Naia’s vigorous sucking and praising of his cock was more than a good enough blowjob to satisfy Keith.
He made up his mind that from now on he would do 69 sessions more frequently.
While making up his mind, Keith dug his tongue into Naia’s vagina, scraping the folds of her flesh.


“Ugyu!! Fuhe, Fuheee!! Nhyo !!”


It was interesting how whenever she moaned, her vagina would tighten up around his tongue.
So, he let his tongue flail around in her vagina. When his tongue got tired, he would suck up the whole vagina with a “chugoo”.


“Hyah! Mwy pwuusyy is gwetting sucked wup! pwuigii!”


The faint taste of urine lingered in Keith’s mouth, along with the taste of her love juices.
Feeling the wet, softness of her vagina, Keith said,


“Princess, let’s try to supply some magic power then.”
“Hawa……, hahi…….”


The erotic princess, who was still tongue-tied to his cock with her debauched eyes, nodded as her tongue dripped.
Keith turned Naia over on her back and grabbed her slender ankles to open them up.
Naia’s wet vagina was wriggling and itching to welcome Keith.
Her clit was also erect and eager to welcome Keith, letting him know that she was ready for him.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a princess’ tight pussy ……! Time to feast!”


Muttering in a small voice, Keith thrust his cock into Naia’s tight cunt hole.




Naia screamed out.

It was the first time in a long time that a cock had attacked her vagina, and she came slightly.


“Ugh ku …… hiiiiuuu …… ah.”


In contrast to the writhing Naia, Keith was blown away by the feel of the moist and tender folds of flesh within her pussy.


“Aaa …… knight pussy is good, but princess pussy is also delicious. …… It has a different degree of tenderness than a toy.”


As he said this, he gyrated his hips vigorously against her.


“Kisu-sama …… ngg! How is your penis ……?”


Naia asked in a worried voice.
Even at a time like this, Naia is purely thinking about Keith first.
Trembling from this, Keith made up his mind to go ahead with the seed-pressing session today.


“Yes. I’m getting a lot better as I’m receiving more magic power, …… princess, please give my cock another call now, …… so that I can.”
“Yes, …… I understand …….”
“Okay, then.”


Keith began to slide his waist back and forth as he explained this.


“Haaaaugh! Heee! Ugh! Nghhhh!”


As he watched Naia’s face writhe in agony, he noticed the vaginal area that was getting nice and tense, so he lifted her up and placed all of his weight on top of her, moving his hips up and down on top of her, covering her and holding her in place.


“Higyu! Higuyu! I’m gonna brweaak. I’m being smashed! Tummy! My tummy is being hit so hard! It’s so big! Keith, sir! Aghhh!”
“Princess! Hold on to me! Cling to me with all your might!”


ZUNZUNZUN! The shock of his piston presses drilling straight into her depths reverberated through her womb as Naia clung desperately to Keith’s body. Holding on for dear life with her slender strength, Naia could feel his cock pounding against her cervix.


“Hiheeh! Heehee!!! Kisyu-sama! It’s so hard! So deep! Penis! In my tummy! So big!”
“My princess! Talk to my cock! Oohhh! It’s tightening! …… talk to it!”


As Keith crushed Naia’s fragile body amidst the thunderous banging, Naia gritted her teeth as she heard his words.


“Agh! Aghhh! I love you, Mr. Penis. I laaave it. Heeeeah! sukiii!”
“Oh, mwista Penis! I LOVE you! Rhank you for making me feel so good, Kyaah!”
“Unh! Oh-ho! Do you like cock, Princess?”
“I love it! I adore it! I looove your penis! Aaah! Aaaah ahh!”


For Naia, it was just a way to praise and love his dick, but for Keith, who made her say it, she looked like a bitch elf princess getting a seeding press and declaring that she loves his dick.


“The best… …… Royal Bitch, Seriously the best… ugh!”
“Penis! So deep! I’m coming! I’m cumminggggggggggggg! HUGHYAAA!!!”


Keith put his mouth to Naia’s ear.


“Princess! Aah! Oh! It’s amazing! When you talk to my cock and give me magic power, it makes me feel so good too!”
“Huh? Foua! Aaah! Ahh! Really? Kiii-shu-sama, you really fweel good?”
“Yes! Like this! Aah! I can’t believe my dick feels so good!”
“Phew! Whoo! Mmmmmmm!”


Naia hugged Keith tightly.


“Dick! Come on! Penis! You’re doing great! Penis! Penis! Harder!”
“Oh, my God, that’s so hot! Oh, no, ugh. UGH!”


The crunchy texture of the cervix on the tip of his cock.
And the twisting and undulating folds of her flesh when you pull out. The resistance of her soft and tender meat when you thrust into her.
Naia’s cunt was fully functioning in its role to make a man ejaculate, and she was making his cock melt in her pussy.
That combined with Naia’s declaration of “cock” made his balls surge up to erupt a second time.
Sensing that he was about to cum, Keith held Naia’s head in his arms as he said,


“Oh, Princess! It feels so good! Princess! This is amazing! This is incredible!!!”


Keith was telling her it felt good.
Naia was overjoyed to hear that.
That feeling of happiness made her uterus ready for insemination, which of course was not a problem since her ovulation day was a long way off.
Keith knew this from his physical examination, so he didn’t hesitate to move into position to shoot his semen into her opened cervix.


“Whoa! Ungh! I’ It’s, uh…! Princess!! The medicine is coming out! I’ll pump it all into your tummy! It’s going to be full!”
“Oooh ……! Ukyuu…. “Medyshin? ……”


Naia was so exhausted by the intensity of the seeding press that she couldn’t even pant anymore, just clinging to Keith with the last of her strength.
In such a state, she still,


“Penis… Medyshin, good boy… good boy… good cock… Fugioooo!”


She continued to obey Keith’s words.
Into such an innocent princess.


“Whoa! Oh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Ooh-ooh! Phuutsu!!!”


Zun Zun! He thrust his hips forward and threw his head back, and Keith came in an awkward position.
A torrent of cum rushed into Naia’s baby room. And it was pumped deep inside her.
Keith, who had goosebumps from yelling “Whoo……” at the pleasure of it, finished pumping it all in, then sloppily pulled his cock out of Naia and slowly pulled away from her body.
Naia was passed out with her eyes slightly open.
As usual, she was drenched in drool, snot, and tears.
He stared contentedly at her face, checking his own juices flowing out of her red, bloodshot vagina hole in the middle of her spread-eagle legs.


“Fucking and seeding a noble elf really is the best.”


He said this, glad that Naia was not listening to him. And then.


“But it’s a cunt that feels so much better than a sex toy. …… Elves are a force to be reckoned with!”


He then began to take care of Naia.


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